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  1. I know Apocalyptic roleplays aren't much in style anymore, but for those who still enjoy the classics, I'm making this.

    IC THREAD: OPEN SIGNUPS - A New Life(Zombie Apoc RP)

    apocalyptic world.jpg
    Intro: The world had long ago been ravaged by corrupt politicians, wars, and crime, when it was a 'thriving' planet. Now, sixty years after the world went to hell and brought back souvenirs, plenty of survivors still strive to live in this dead world, and plenty of the undead have come from the underworld to claim the rest of humanity.

    If that weren't enough, some have mutated from loads of various situations, in order to better catch their victims. The survivors, living in what is now a shell, far from its former self, have never had to say that the undead were a worse threat than mankind itself, until now. Do they have what it takes to survive in this hellish, unforgiving world, or will they add to the count of lifeless corpses, roaming the Earth forever?


    Appearance:(Picture, or description)





    Skills:(No more than three-four)

    Brief History:(Describe a brief amount of background on your character. Take off the 'brief' if you intend to insert their entire life story, pretty please)

    Inventory/Equipment:(You know the drill, nothing overpowered, no over the top weapons, no abundance of supplies)

    Companion(s)[if any]:(Only two companions maximum, and only you can control them)



    !!Iwaku Rules Apply!!

    No metagaming or godmodding, no controlling others characters or deciding when they die on your own accord.

    No powerful weaponry or loads of food, ammo, supplies, etc.

    No overly-sexual scenes(hints are okay), and NO sexual themes between age groups. CHECK/ASK THE TARGET PLAYER, BEFORE PROCEEDING!!!!! ASK AN ADMIN IF NEED BE!

    All 18+ sexual happenings/sexy times should be done in PMs, and NOT in the IC or here in the OOC.

    Over all, HAVE FUN

    Mutated zombies/undead/zeds/etc.:
    Lurker: These nasty looking creatures have perfected the art of hiding in the shadows, waiting for unsuspecting victims. Upon leaping onto said victim, they unleash a blood curdling, ear deafening scream, distorted and twisted, resembling something of an unholy nightmarish dubstep, only ten times worse. They can be heard for miles, attracting undead from miles and miles away. They have developed hooks for fingers, so when they grab their prey, their fingers sink in, and lock their victim in for good. If the survivor is lucky enough to kill them, their hooked finger will leave a nasty gash, if they're able to grab them.

    Crawler: These are crawlers. They've mutated from canines, and now have a much more rounded skull. They've also lost the ability to see, but have instead gained unparalleled hearing, making them some of the worse foes to come across. Not much else to be said about them.

    Runner: Runners are zombies/undead who after many years of chasing their victims, have gained more power in their legs to move faster. Much faster than a normal, everyday zed, these guys can chase their victims down in minutes, or if their target is fit, chase them out of stamina and breath, leaving their victim unable to even scream.

    NOTE: If you've actually read this far, these enemies aren't meant to be unstoppable. You can evade them, kill them, or look for clues to avoid them entirely. Lurkers are masters of hiding, but that doesn't mean survivors can't be masters of seeking, so with the right know how, they aren't always hidden well enough.

    Runners have great speed, but are like the ghouls of fallout when attacking. They lunge at their targets, and being that their strength is in their legs, they tend to not catch their target on the first swipe. This leaves them vulnerable as it's slightly a challenge to get on their feet again.

    Crawlers are the worst in some cases, given their long claws, as they can grip into most surfaces to allow walking/ climbing on walls. Unlike Resident Evil, however, in this world, they do not have any armor, or protective covering, as they're meant for agility and speed, leaving them very vulnerable.

    I hope those who check this out happen to like it, and decide to join in!
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  2. Appearance:

    Name: Mani Cortez

    Age: 22

    Likes: Surviving, drawing, reading

    Dislikes: Undead, bandits, dishonest people

    Skills: Climbing, searching, scouting

    Brief History: Mani was brought up in the world known today. She learned to survive very early on in life, and became the group scout, and runner, finding more supplies than anyone else in the group. Now, with her parents gone, she roams around as a lone wolf, with her companion

    Inventory/Equipment: Katana, Backpack, revolver, small amount of food and water

    Companion: Kane, an Alaskan Husky
  3. Reserving a spot.
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  4. image source

    Name: Kimber Lawson

    Age: 26

    Likes: Working, Tinkering, Machines, Cars, Racing, Antiques, Bright Colors, Diesel Smoke

    Dislikes: Cooking, Being Lady Like, Dull Colors, Silence, Green Running Machinery

    Skills: Mechanical skills, Driving, Good with melee weapons

    Brief History: Kimber was a single lady going to school to get her Bachelor's Degree in Automobile Maintenance Technology. She worked part time as a mechanic. She owned a motorcycle that she built herself from scrap. Both parents passed away from disease not too long before the apocalypse.

    Inventory/Equipment: Large monkey wrench, a Taurus Raging Judge revolver, two boxes of ammo, some water and food for about three days, a backpack, welding goggles, leather gloves, a blanket, steel toed boots, and the clothes on her back.

    Companion: A German Shepherd-Labrador Retriever mix named Jonah

    image source

    Name: Cecilia Wallace

    Age: 20

    Likes: Helping People, Sunny Days, Music, Flowers, Nature, Reading, Mothering

    Dislikes: Loud Noises, Biters, Darkness, Dreary Days, Childish Adults

    Skills: Gardening, Cooking, Medical training

    Brief History: Cecilia is twins with Cameron. They were still living with their parents while going to the community college. When the apocalypse hit, they were in the college. Their parents are assumed dead. Cecilia was going to school to become a nurse.

    Inventory/Equipment: A spear made from a broken mop handle, duct tape, and the sharpened end of a spade. Snowboarding goggles, three energy drinks, a roll of toilet paper, backpack, notebooks, pens, pencils, highlighters, some vending machine snacks and drinks, medical supplies (bandages, gauze, and rubbing alcohol).

    Companion: none

    image source

    Name: Cameron Wallace

    Age: 20

    Likes: Video Games, Anime, Surfing, Skating, Running, Climbing, Being Active

    Dislikes: Sitting Still, Being Bored, Reading, Mentally Challenging Tasks

    Skills: Electrical skills, Good Aim, Good hand-eye coordination, Pickpocketing

    Brief History: Twin of Cecilia, Cameron was with her in the college when they were attacked. He was able to help her escape and they now wander, trying to find others. Has mild ADHD.

    Inventory/Equipment: An aluminum baseball bat, a long handled hammer, running shoes, some drinks and snacks from the vending machines, backpack, writing utensils, notebooks, paper, and a dead cell phone.

    Companion: None

    image source

    Name: Maddock "Mad Dog" Mullins

    Age: 37

    Likes: Fire, Loyalty, Dogs, Guns, Weapons in General, Kids, Whiskey, Military

    Dislikes: Dishonesty, Cats, Whiny Brats, Conspiracy Theorists, Religious Nuts, Atheists

    Skills: Military training, Basic construction skills, Street smarts

    Brief History: Grew up poor, became a gang member, redeemed himself by joining the Marines. Married a lovely woman and had a beautiful daughter who was 6 during the attack. Unfortunately, they were turned. He still hasn't put them down.

    Inventory/Equipment: A rifle with no more ammo, a hunting machete, a shield made out of a stop sign, a tactical vest, a pack of beef jerky, some peanut butter cheese cracker sandwiches, a few packs of fruit snacks, some Nutella To Go! packs, a canteen of water, a flask of whiskey, sunglasses, and steel toed combat boots.

    Companion: Sadie, a Weimaraner
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  5. Edit: this is the wrong ooc for that message
  6. @Travelor, okay, please tag me when you post your character(s)

    @Tarieles, I like them all, just don't go too overboard on inventory ^-^ Accepted. When we get a few more I'll make the IC
  7. Appearance:

    Name: Pyrrha Alonzo

    Age: 30

    Likes: the color red, blood, killing, dismemberment

    Dislikes: heroic types, survivors living peacefully

    Skills: sneaking, martial arts, cooking, playing guitar(provided she ever finds one)

    Brief History: Pyrrha was born into a very dark gang of bandits. their methods of execution were anything torturous under the sun, even dating back to medieval ages. if it was a torture technique, they read about it, and knew how to use it. She joined with two other groups, the first being wiped out, and the second being her current home. Pyrrha has never dropped her bandit ways, and has encountered Mani on a few occasions, none of which were friendly.

    Inventory/Equipment: Pyrrha dresses in a tattered firefighters suit and wears a gas mask, and wields a hatchet, as well as a machete and .45 revolver. She has a backpack mostly filled with food and water, but a few boxes of ammunition, and some bandages are kept in it as well. She carries a necklace around her neck with a picture of her long gone mother inside.

    Companion: None
  8. Appearance:
    Gear/Face (open)
    Ashes.PNG Ashes2.PNG

    Name: Grover "Ashes" Mok

    Age: 21

    Likes: Warmth, Fire, Paintball

    Dislikes: Heavy Rain, Quietness, Classical anything

    Skills: Strong back, Agile, Thick Skined

    Flaws: Slow Healer, Disorganized, Weak Stomach
    (I put some pretty strong Skills, so I hope that these flaws balance them out.)

    Brief History: Grover spent his days within the fire station mostly training and learning how to lift the gear. When at home he changed his firefighting gear to paintball, and took out most people on the field. He was at the station when the infection started and managed to grab some nice gear before bugging out.

    Inventory/Equipment: 2h axe, Gas Mask + 2 spare filters, Expendable Gas Mask (See Gear Picture), Match Book, 9mm Pistol with 1 extra mag, simple hiking backpack, Nearly perfect fire resistant coat (See Gear Picture)

    Companion(s): N/A
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  9. @Crysodic, I like him. +10 points for an awesome cosplay pic. I tend to not use real pictures simply because I can't seem to find what I'm looking for, as well as that I can't buy/make my own costumes, or take a good picture of it. One thing I would like to point out though, is that it's been around 50-60 years since infection. So a twenty-one year old learning the ropes of firefighting and whatnot in an already dead world would be rather hard, unless the case is that he was doing it alone simply to keep his sanity.

    (Side Note: in the middle of typing this, I've thought of a work-around. Seeing as the years being so many since the initial outbreak, we could assume that it was rather slow to infect, and only sprang up her and there. Also, as to your PM, I do plan to have a bit more info added before the IC is posted. I'll update the OOC initial post with more info as soon as I can.)
  10. I could change it, it would take a bit more time obviously but I could. It would not bother me, but the slow infection does kinda set it apart from other roleplays and general scenarios. To my knowledge, I don't know anything else that has like a slow infection rate.

    (Also, the guy in the picture is named Sam from CorridorDigital the video is a promotion of a game that more or less is an infection also. They make good shit also, 10/10 would recommend.)
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  11. @Crysodic, CorridorDigital!! No, it's fine. If you feel you need to change it, you're welcome to, just let me know when it is if you do. I didn't think about a 'slow infection rate' until after I had stated it was sixty years into it. I'll think of more specific things relating to that later, and add them in when I can.
  12. @Travelor, @Tarieles, @Crysodic, The IC thread is up. I've edited it into the initial post of this thread, at the top.
    Travelor, do you still intend to make a character(s)?
  13. I feel like we need some sort of official name. Like, "The Infection" or "The Fallout". Just names I can think at the moment. :P

    Edit: Possibly "The Roamers" Like some sort of wandering group. Last idea I have.
  14. The name is already there. It's titled 'A New Life'
  15. Weeeird. I never saw it, or for some reason I thought it was Apocalypse Roleplay.
  16. Yep, working on a post, but likely won't post until tomorrow morning.
  17. Okay, I'll hold off on replying for now. I think I'm gonna get some sleep now. See you all tomorrow!
  18. I would like to apologize but I will be dropping before it can get started. I am actually working on my own Zombie Apocalypse RP. But I wish you the best of journey's in yours. ^__^
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