apocalyptic playland: Fun for the whole family

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  1. Hai >.>

    right ok i has permission from the person running this Rp to advertise it here ie just say get your butts in if you like big guns zombies and super powers, oh and a weird cross breed of zombie vampires <.< yeah theri much more gruesome thant the traditional ones, lot more fun too 8D

    Still i'm popping this up if your interested here's the link,

    and yeah there sonly one super slot, four nos/vamp slots, and 1 hybrid slot open, so far as humans go theres an asston of slots open for those as the number of humies is infinate :p

    Also the ooc info might be a lil heavy reading but i assure you it's straight forwards and easy to understand, and the storys pretty good too :D

    So i'd like it if ya came along to have a join up most of you i havent had the pleassure nor honour of Rping with beforeso i'd like to extend the invitationary chance :D.

    Also your GM for this is schatten, any questions ask her

    I'm just the messanger


    * flees*

    Liro Tractatori
  2. Well, maybe not the whole family y'know, little too gorey for the kiddies! :D Veiwer digression and attendence advised not to join if a lil queezy to the stomach. Of course once I get the IC up!