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    Random Match-Ups

    Night is near Lyth

    Ethos is north of Mali

    Mali is just a little north of #626

    Johan is close south of #626

    Tye is inbetween Johan and Lenros but not near enough to make contact quickly.

    Lenros is close to Ines, near the Forsaken Fort

    Ines is in the Forsaken Fort

    (Expect to interact with these characters somewhat immediately, if you do not wish to, then do not do so- this is a very wide spread of land you're all on, choose your own path. Characters can not interact with other characters that are far away unless you decide to make most of your posts travel. Also, before posting more, wait for everyone to post in first. :p Please, and thankyou. You'll all get to meet eachother at one point or another. ALSO. I may be giving descriptions of areas and directions, but if you don't find any diretion plausible, simply choose a different route. If you also pay close attention to other peoples parts/areas, you'll get an idea as to what you'll also be meeting/facing/dealing with if its something bad or something good.)


    To the south lays a decrepit building, its walls appear to be slightly caving inwards and blood stained from past zombie attempted invasions, skulls, bones, flesh and muck surround the area in a different array of many sizes. Black birds circle over head above the seemingly abandoned looking pocket fort, to its east a tall ghost city rises up and above, the once glass windowed skycrapers now broken and the city falling apart into a ruin of rubbling dribble and rabble of zombie hoardes wandering about with sightless eyes and sensitive ears. To the north however, another fortification seems to be peeping out from the forests trees a little to the east, flags waving tall and proud for all apocalypse survivers and travellers to see for safety, comfort, hope. On the other hand, the ghost fort had an aura of promise, to suprise all that travelled to in search of treasures and yet more. The gates looked still very much intact, in fact, maybe they were still working as well? But who would be silly enough to go near the plagued populations.



    The monster was mad, it was pissed, angry, and all friggin ugly as they get if not even more so. The zombies upper body was a grotesquely enlarged mass of muscle and pure natural armor, fists the size of basketballs and arms twice as large as they should be, three times as thick as well. Whilst its lower body was completely torn off, skin hung off the monsters torso, it should have been bleeding really, dead, but no- in place of the body it seemed to have been burned over without the black crisp of what one would call being burned alive. It's bowels however were no exception, completely burst open from the past amount of flesh it had consumed and rehealed over and over again. The head was still intact and thickly hardened over with large ear holes dipping inwards for better hearing, but its lower jaw was hanging off, just barely kept on by strings of hardened, parasitic flesh. Eyes rolled back and rotted out, the monster growled and screamed through its almost nonexistant mouth, it walked fowards on its fists towards the Nosferian woman, each fist pounding on the ground and sending vibrations for miles around. The hoarde has been alerted and is making its way towards Mali.


    A peaceful yet shabby looking two storied farmhouse, possibly from ancient days when the Apocalypse had not happened and everything was lazy in nature. Near the farmhouse, a little ways south of it is a barn, on the opposite end a chicken coop with chickens scratching at the ground, clucking away like nothing could happen to them. A scraggy dog with its ribs slightly showing was napping on the front porch, a rocking chair next to the ol' hound. A tree was in the front of the driveway, an old tire swing layed on the ground as grass and flowers grew around it. The subtle hint of cows mooing and sheep bawing could be heard from the fields and the barn, while a man whistled humbly away, a wifes washing of dishes were in the kitchen, two small children were playing in the yard close to the house. Peaceful indeed was one way to describe this outside human settlement. What was their secret in the first place, surely they could not have survived on their own during the beginning of the end nor the start of a new era with zombies roaming about. However, a Pocket Fortification lay to the north, heavy artillery equipped to the walls were visible even at a distance. Maybe the small settlement was funded and supported by such a system?


    The smell of gas was thick in the air, a gas station was most likely nearby or perhaps a leaking tanker that had somehow managed to stay pretty intact and pretty full after 100 years. Which wasn't so believable anyways, seeing as Bandits may have looted every salvageable item there was. Lyth is pretty much surrounded by grassland and hills, weathered away roads and a farm house peaking out from a hill at a small distance away, its painted wood pretty much chipped and worn away. The sound of a cow mooing or a sheep bawing can be heard ever so lightly on the breeze, why was a farm so dangerously close to a zombie infested area? Let alone to have noisy animals nearby. The freeway which seemed to turn in from the east towards the north was falling apart, the concrete slabs in chunks around the area and covered in zombies and abandoned, rusted up cars. However, a Fortification is to the north, perhaps the farmstead was an outside source being protected by the said Pocket, but why... Infection could have spreaded into the small time crops and animal watering system, it wasn't a logical thing to do.


    Rubble and garbage littered the area with past destruction, cars were rusting over, broken, even the road was cracking and slowly disintergrating after a hundred years lack of repair. It didn't seem likely that there were any people trudging along, but no one could ever be too sure with the abandoned writh wraths called Bandits sneaking along areas they could hide easily. Men and women deemed unfit for survival chances if they were to stay within the forts, and thus so were abandoned to their deaths; only to grow in large numbers with their street smarts. To the north east there seems to be a crumbling highway, there is currently a road that could take you towards the zombie infestation or towards the Pocket Fort a tad south east of the highway, some ways away from your area. However another Pocket Fort also pops up, it is to #626's far south east and appears to be in poorer condition compared to the farther north east one... After a few moments of blissful silence, loud crashing can be heard from the distance towards the north. On the same road, a little ways ahead of him, the slight movement of their heads bobbing from car to car as they got closer and away from the noises in the infested areas. It was a worn out looking woman, and a small child at her side whilst both hid and snuck along cars, the little girl couldn't have been more than two. The mother and child have not spotted you yet.


    The small crew was near a fortification, forest to the south of it and a desolate ruin to the north of Johan. The fort looked worn, weary and unprepared for many of the dangers that could and would befall its blood stained, gore smattered walls of previous onslaughts by the zombies. The watch towers looked sleepy, however their gaurds were alert, paranoid, watching for any sign of movement, any appearence of the dead walking as if they were alive! Around your crew, Johans men were muttering about the land they had met, the evils they had seen- the storys which had been true! What more would be seen further along still, their imminent deaths? They needed their leader to reassure them that what they were searching for was not a wild goose chase, a cure? Really? HAH! After a hundred years, the storys passed down, it seemed highly unlikely that there was one at all with such a plague terrorizing the new world. Though they were loyal to Johan at no end, not even loyalty could save a mans hide, honor, it was now dead in this world. The men cryed out a bit in suprise as the ground trembled beneath their feet, small qaukes really. They shushed as birds flew into the air, light crashwaves could be heard from the north.

    One of Johans crew members ask "What was that...?"

    Another responded "...Whatever it is..I don't want to be near it..."

    The two gave eachother vague looks and then stared at their leader, just as the other men kept their gazes to the north, the source of the noise.


    The sun is high in the sky and a nice wind is blowing, above ground everything seemed to be tranquil. You are currently on a road, a highway to be exact that goes three distinct ways, one is going straight east, while the other roads make sharp circling turns to the level ground. However, there seems to be a small fortification popping up and into the sky on the more northernly side, inbetween the two roads going east and north east. Unlike most Pockets, this one seems to have a strong dome ceiling to keep zombies from falling in or intruders trying to intentionally get in. Fine cracks repeat in that of a slice shape, acting like the positioning of an orange would be. Perhaps these supposed, symmetrical lines opened to allow air-craft in? Ah, no one outside would really know, it was almost impossible to even attempt trying to get in through violent or even normal means. Zombies quite litterally littered the ground areas, corpses and blood spatters stained the very peace of the area. How did a fortification survive when they were surrounded by so many of the afflicted? Nevermind that! There seems to be some disturbance to the south, even you can hear the light crashing noises, some bloke possibly alerted the hoarde.


    The Fortification wasn't much, but it was certainly the best home the Fosaken could ever have without help from Humans or most Supers, who, unfortuantly would attack them on sight because of their greyed Nosferian skin. The upper levels comprised of small, interconnected hallways and rooms with windows blown open from what had appeared to be explosions in the past. These small rooms served as living spaces for all Forsaken. Craters filled the area and the dome above them that would usually shelter them from most outside pestilence and bad weather was caving in and barely held together by make shift supports. Though most Nosferian had nothing to worry about, they were apart of the Parasite, they spreaded the infection with just their very presence. Yet, a marvelous discovery had been made, it seemed as if animal blood acted as an infectious neutralizer for the Forsaken, though they weren't all that tasty, the infectiousness of their bodys slowly began to not kill the cattle they were all trying to raise to nourish themselves instead of hunting humans. Thankfully, the day was sunny with not a cloud in the sky after the previous summer, muggy showers. Its rays of light peeked through the domes holes like eager children exploring new land.


    The sun rose high in the sky as the wind carressed the lands features, the autumn colors takipeacefully, as if the world hadn't been turmoil and its people chaotic anarchists outside the Fortifications pocketing small amounts of land to live in their own dystopias. To the north a green hued forest with its leaves turning orange and red could be seen from a distance, to the south however an ominus building sat next to one of the infested former living populated city. The greys and blacks a nasty mark upon the lands beauty as the infection spread through the land and tainted its resources, its scourge living off the living, litterally. If anything could be said for comfort, another fortification popped out of the land like a magnificent castle without the pretty white walls and magical feeling that would be associated with fantastical medieval settings, people were coming, they were going, but they were being heavily surveyed by many men in metal armored suits, wielding big, destructive guns in their arms, tazers to their sides at the ready to paralyze any who forced their way in. On the top of the gate of the fort, a woman sat with a small stem of hay hanging off her lower lip, the hat hiding her face quite well, there was not a weapon to be seen on her but she potrayed an air of danger about her.

    Casting his gaze out over the land his eyes swept over the many places to go but of the directions he could head two stood out, to the south of him a dilapidated building thick with blood and stinking of rotting flash from numerous attempts from zombies to break inside, to his east, the foreboding echo and towering shadow of an abandoned city. Sure the city might look like a safer option but len knew better, the city would be swarmed with a near countless amount of zombies...So instead he would head towards the dark and broken structure, the fortification might be deserted bt he might also find some supplies within. Treading over the wind picked up billowing out his long black trench-coat into the open ait, his hands firmly planed in his coat pockets, the long katana hanging on his back the handle poking out over his shoulder. his pistols hanging strapped to his waist via his belt. And tucked into the back of his belt a single sig pistol, ammunition strapped throughout his trench-coat and shirt, his black boots stepped unto the uneven earth with sure footing. The mask strapped to his face. acting to actively hide his expression even as the wind blew his hair up into the air. If the fort was empty he'd loot it for supplies, if full he would barter with them for shelter for a night.


    Hunched over Mali stared down the beast, it's hulking and grotesque figure cutting a huge silhouette into the area before her. her hands grabbed the handles of her arm blades tightly. Twisting them with the tightness of her grip they glinted in the sun. with that her full speed sprint began racing forwards. It had already alerted the hoard...Fantastic. The high carbon tungsten steel of her blade collided with thde natural armour of the beast and pierced deep into it's core, the full length of her arm sliding in easily from the initial speed of her run building momentum onto her bladed punch drilling her fist's blade clean into the beasts heart. ripping her arm to the side her blade carved a straight cut through the sidde of the monster, carving a huge hole into the side of it. Holding her arms to the side and taking a slow deep breath to slow her pounding heart her arms dropped as the blood dripped off of the blade on her left hand pooling onto the ground next to her foot. her bright flame red hair pooling over here eyes blocking them from sight, small flecks of blood spattering over her face. The pulses in the ground had alerted the hoard...And now Mali was their target...More tremors...The sound sof a million feet pounding the ground in unison. Mali had to get out fo there now but instead her lips curled into a sadistic smile. 'Sure...come to me...i'll kill you ALL!'
  3. Lyth

    A irritable growl left the young male's lips, the back of his hand pressed to the underside of his nose. God it stunk. Chemical and gasoline scents permeated the air, burning his nose with its acrid smell. It was blocking out the other smells, and a nagging headache pounded in his brain. Wherever that gas was coming from, Lyth wanted nothing to do with it. Besides, the sound of farm animals was on the wind. And where there were farm animals, there were people to take care of them. A wide grin made itself apparent on his lips. Perhaps they wouldn't mind a traveller dropping in on them? It wasn't as if he looked all that dangerous; young and thin, as of he hadn't eaten in a while. Which wasn't far from the truth, he hadn't had a decent meal in a few days. Humans were hard to find out of their pockets, and most times they were armed to the teeth, and never alone. It was rare indeed to find one that was tired, their guard lowered enough for a quick strike. Yes, he'd start at the farm, and if he found the owner was too well prepared, he could always kill a cow... The mere thought of settling for an animal made him shudder, footsteps quick and quiet on the grassy hill.


    Whatever it was that had broken the silence with its horrible crashing sounds was close. Close enough that he could feel the slight vibrations in the ground from whatever was going on. His curiosity natural pulled him towards the commotion, wanting to know what was happening, but he forced himself to ignore it as best he could. There were two pockets to his south, and he'd need to see if they needed assistance. That was what he did, offer help to those too scared to leave their own little forts. The middle man, travelling from place to place, trading food for medicine or ammunition, and vice versa. All the while killing any zombie he happened across. The noises to the north were.. enticing, but likely wouldn't end in him having food to sustain himself, and a bed for the night. His pace was quick, and he likely would have missed the pair of travellers had he not heard the little girl try to speak to her mother. His eyes landed on the two, worn down and coming out of the infected city. Carefully, quietly, he crept closer to them, the shadows beneath his feet rippling to life, ready if they were needed. Not that he expected much danger from a woman and child, but one could never be too careful. He kept a respectable distance between them but did not try to hide, not wanting to alarm the woman as he waited for her to become aware of him.
  4. Johan

    The group made little sound.... twenty-one men and women, professionals all, but still fatigue, horror, hell the mere fact that theyd been away from their ships for so long, was slowly eating away at his men... Hed seen it over the last weeks, he could feel it even now as he sat there pouring over ancient maps of the area, trying his best to make sense of the landmarks that had changed over a century. To one side he could see a pocket fort.. walls and surrounding area splattered with the blood of many battles, through his scope he could see the guards, surprisingly alert as they were, did not seem like professionals... probably some local militia. Johan grimaced, those men weren't just alert... they were wild, panicked and twitchy. Not the best of things to walk into... and the sheer amount of blood around the fort really did speak of many attacks... not a good sign at all.

    But as he looked around at his men, arranged in a ring each and every approach covered, those in the center watching the backs of those before them... not perfect but the best defense he could hope for while stopping for such a short break, he could tell that once again, the talk was flaring.. No cure.. no hope... For a moment a deep seeded rage flooded into his mind, fogging his thinking, he didnt even notice his hand going white, the circulation of blood having been cut off, until another small hand grabbed hold of his, and a much bigger one landed on his shoulder. He started, looking down into a pair of big brown eyes... Blip, woken from his short nap by the angry shaking that Johan hadnt even been aware of. The boy looked up with a worried expression, his head lifting from where he had been using Johans lap as a pillow so that he could look his captain in the eyes a frown across his face. Johan smiled inwardly," Its alright boy... im fine. Lay down for a bit more." He then turned to address the giant hand on his shoulder," You heard me Lance... im fine... just a little peeved is all."

    At that he turned to a few of the men who had been whispering and they immediately quieted down... Johan did not rule his men with fear. Each and every one of them he had made trust him gradually, over the span of years, and each of them held a deep respect for him. He knew that and so did they. But each day spent from home, each day without word of the cure, weighed on his men more but....

    THUMP........ THUMP..... THUMP

    The sudden tremors broke Johans concentration bringing his head snapping around to the north, just like every other person in the group. Something BIG.... not good... or maybe... The captain listened closely, raising a hand to shush his men... such a loud noise so far off... it might give them some time... A noise like that would draw the undead from miles.. but then a horde would be gathered not too far from their current position.... Dammit..

    And the whispers started up again, Lance nudged him, and tilted his head to the men, the signal was clear, Johan's old mentor was reminding him he needed to address the men... not that he really needed the nudge, but he was grateful for it all the same. It meant someone was looking out for him as well. Johan cleared his throat loudly, his men immediately quieted down, knowing what was coming. In the deep steady voice of one who had commanded since an early age, Johan began his speech.

    "You all know why were here... weve all heard the stories, the legends... hopes and dreams that, for a hundred years, have not been realized... You scoff at the idea that we could have gone that long without finding something... But for the last hundred years what have our people done?" He let the silence stretch out for a time before continuing in the exact same tone," We have buried ourselves... sealed ourselves in gilded tombs." With a contemptuous gesture he pointed his men to the pocket fort nearby and handed them the small telescope he always had with him," Look at those mens faces... SAFE behind their walls arnt they? Then why the fear? Why the frantic shifts of their eyes as they scan the horizon?" As his men passed around the spyglass each of their faces set, grimace after grimace," Yes... look at them. They are afraid. Afraid of infection. They know it. We know it. No matter how safe you think you are... a single infected. Just one little bite... could mean a death sentence for an entire fort..... For a hundred years our ancestors have lived the same way, floating around the oceans, trying to avoid the roving masses upon the shore, only landing at one of the coastal forts when supplies run low or when we can extort them for a few months of shore time... But even with our 'safe' lifestyle we loose more people every few years... soon the fleet will not even be able to support itself.. the ships will split up.. go their separate ways... and how will they survive?"

    He stared each member of his crew down individually, holding their gaze until they looked away in shame," You all are the best of a veritable army, trained specifically to fight and kill those things out there. Youve each faced horrors many of those in the forts have never even seen in their worst nightmares. Youve faced the hordes... and you know what? Youve survived. You are the best. You are those that I trust with my life.. and possibly the future of our very people. Think long and hard on this.... we have passed through dangerous lands already, weve fought and killed many undead. Will you turn away just as weve reached the first chance for clues weve found?"

    He looked at his men and saw in their faces the answer.... they would continue on..." Good... form up boys and girls. Those tremors are our cue to head out. Every Z within miles will be headed for that racket, hopefully well make the fort before we run into anything nasty.." He watched intently as each of his people got into position, guns trained outwards covering all avenues of approach... such precision was hard with so many people but hed drilled them hard before heading out.. hopefully it would keep some of them alive... With a grin he lited Ping to his feet and handed the boy his rifle," Time to head out little brother." The boy smiled and moved into his spot in the formation without question as Johan turned to his second in command," Well said boy... maybe youll put a little backbone into this lot." Johan's one time mentor and adviser grinned down at him," Maybe but a heavily armed giant does good thing for moral as well. Speaking of which... arnt you out of position?" The young captains grin was roguish as the older man gave a mock salute and walked off..... Maybe theyd make it to the fort without too much trouble?


    The rising sun... a pleasant breeze.. the grasses swaying to the beat of the world.. completely oblivious of the once great ruin they covered. Ethos smiled a knowing smile as he glanced around, his eyes passing over and noting every possible detail.. the once busy road he crossed, now pitted and broken by a hundred years of mother earths reclamation, old buildings devoured by trees and bush, the smell of blooming greenery... with the smell of death hidden beneath...

    Ethos smiled, the dead were near.... good. He could use a little entertainment. He breathed a pleasant sigh as he unlimbered his muscles, stretching his legs for a little run... It started with a slow jog.. then a run.. then he was sprinting... and then he was moving faster than any human would be insane enough to even attempt, his muscles bulged, pumped, propelling him forward at inhuman speeds... With each galloping step he was closer to the source of the stench, closer to death, and his smile widened..

    He only slowed as the smell of death began to permeate the air.. wouldnt do to step on one of the bastards... at least not by accident. His smile didnt even waver as he looked over the field of the dead, sleepers.. zombies resting to conserve what little energy they had... hundreds of them... how grand! Ethos barely covered the giggle welling up inside him. Itd been days since his last good fight.

    But then something else registered.. the building the sleepers were surrounding. It was a dome... how odd. In a single look he took in the blood streaks, the piles of truly dead mixed in with sleepers.... a fort? He did a quick inspection, circling the building just out of range of the sleepers hearing, moving as silently as possible just in case, and found something even more unusual. The building had no entrances, no exits. No breaks in its metal skin whatsoever. Or maybe it did... on the top of the dome he could see cracks.. uniform... perfect... a HANGER?! He hadnt seen a setup like that since hed left the safe zone..

    An exceptionally secure pocket fort, here, the zombies surrounding it obviously indicating life... well damn. His curiosity was slowly overriding his lust for a good fight.. but still there was a thumping in his head the beat of his heart uncomfortably loud.... or not.. Ethos slowly realized that the thumping was not his heart but some sound far off, a sound loud enough to bring the undead from miles... and wake the sleepers..

    Well..... maybe hed get a fight anyways. He giggled uncontrollably as he stepped forward, his Pata sword glinting golden in the sunlight, its blade sinking deeply into the skull of the nearest corpse that twitched. Even as he moved forwards his lower body changed, his image shifting, swirling, disintegrating into a fine mist, he passed through the now writhing piles of corpses with ease, his blade slicing into skulls, piercing hearts, breaking spines... all too easy... but still. Even he could get bored with slaughter...

    Ethos's eyes continually drifted back to the dome, the hanger... dammit.. it was too tempting. He couldnt concentrate on the killing... with a slight sigh of frustration he rested his open palm on the dome, feeling it, then passing through it.... A ghostly laugh was all that he left outside, his body passing straight through with ease.
  5. Tye was sitting on a rock looking out at the wasteland. This was one of the nicer parts of the wastes. He looked at the contraption on his wrist and pressed a button, which in turn pulled up his good ol' A.I. This A.I. has been around with him for about a year now and he constantly talks to him. It helps keep his sanity.

    Tye was resting for now since there had been a break in the action and he was tired. He had encoutered a small group of zombies a couple minutes ago. It was a very close call. He was cornered into a small shack. Luckily, as he was about to become zombie food an unbalanced shelf on them and incapacitated them. He had used that oppurtunity to jump over them and escape quickly. He had ran for a bit until he was sure that he had put distance between them. Now, he's talking to Torch while regaining his stamina. "Hello again, Torch. What do you think of today?"

    "Hey Tye. I saw your close call earlier. You were very lucky. And when you die, I can't get reactivated and even if someone were to come across your wristband, they still wouldn't be able to summon me. Your the only one who can do that, I'm genetically locked to you. Bottom line is: Be careful. I wouldn't want to lose a friend like you"

    "Yeah, Yeah, you gave me this talk hundreds of times. Look I'll be fine, I can handle myself. And thank you for calling me your friend. Anyway, can you do a quick scan on that nearby pocket? There's a woman on top of there and even from this distance she gives me the creeps. She might be a super human, but I'm not sure. I haven't seen many superhumans that stay inside the pockets."

    "Sorry Tye, no can do. I'm too far to get any vitals on her. We should probably walk up to that fort if you're so interested."

    "Alriht, fine. I'm running low on supplies anyway. I should do some trading." Tye got off the rock and started walking casually to the pocket fort, hoping to trade for supplies.
  6. Ines straightened her back, which popped satisfyingly as the muscles and bones decompressed. She'd been working since the dawn on the ongoing project of repairing and fortifying their dwelling, as it was constantly in need of improvement. They were hardy people, as Nosferians, but they still needed the security and protection of a well-fortified shelter. Wiping the sweat from her brow before it could trickle down and sting her eyes, Ines called a break.

    "Thirty minute break! Get some lunch!" she called, her voice husky like a smoker's.

    Honestly, the others could probably have gone on working, but Ines was not as strong as the rest of them. She could lift much more than a human, but her Super blood made her weaker than her Nosferian brethren. She could have just taken a break on her own, but knew it wouldn't appear right for her as their leader to rest while they continued breaking their backs for the good of their colony. This was an issue that she'd had to deal with frequently. Most of her people were happy to follow her; she was still strong and could really take a hit, and most importantly she was an active and competent leader. Ines had an innate mothering quality, and she applied it to making the best life possible for her people.

    There were some, however, that took a dislike to her leadership. They didn't want to be represented by a half-breed, or didn't want to engage in the diplomacy with other races that Ines was trying to establish. Sighing, she shook the thoughts from her mind and absently nibbled some discarded concrete. The texture of it was crunchy and satisfying.

    She was interrupted by a call from the lookouts; there was a figure approaching their settlement.

    "Shit!" she swore, tossing her snack to the ground and rising to her feet. She had to take twice as many strides to keep up with the sentry that had come to alert her as she mad her way to the gate. Besides being lesser in physical strength, Ines was also much slower than the others. For much of her life she had cursed her mixed blood, but now that she was older she'd learned to appreciate the abilities it had given her. On the way to meet the stranger she consumed several pieces of scrap metal that had been gathered just for this purpose; she waited to use their effects however. No need to show her cards so quickly.

    Pointing to several Forsaken men, she signaled for them to swing around behind the approaching man (he was close enough now that she could tell, from the shoulders and stride) just in case. Taking a deep, calming breath, Ines stepped outside the safety of their fort and the gate screeched shut behind her; now she waited.
  7. {I apologize for a late response as I forgot to post and didn't get a reminder from schattens post in the ooc. Sorry if I held people up. Also, I apologize beforehand if I write a short post}

    Night had been high up in the fortifications, atop a high wall. He always sat there, guarding the farm. His sight belittled all, his vision reaching and sighting every minor detail of the farm. Always observing, watching for any zombies. He was the first line of defense. The foot soldier and scout. He was always the first to arrive, and always willing to sacrifice his life for the protection of another.

    Of in the distance, he saw one of the farm hands. A female, 34 years old. She was nice to him. Though, night could never remember her name. It always slipped his mind, no matter how many times she told him. On the porch, he could see their old dog. Buster, or he hoped it was buster, was lazy. It came with being old.

    "Grr." His stomachs rumbled. "Well, I can never argue with my hunger. Alright, food sounds best." Before he finished talking to himself, he appeared near the tire under the tree. It always freaked out, Hana that's was her name, when he appeared close to her. Closing the distance between him and the house, he knocked on the door. Hana had walked around back, so he waited for her father to answer the door.

    "Well hello son." The old farmer called out to him, seeing night through the screen while he wasn't able to see Abe, Hana's father. "Are you here for lunch?" He asked, knowing nights daily routine. "Come on in" he offered, opening the screen door. "Just remember to keep your scythe in here." He said, reminding night of the weapon fastened to his back. Reaching behind him, night grabbed the handle and pulled setting it down, blade facing up.

    After eating a nice chicken biscuit, all homemade, with gravy and grits, night patted his belly. "That was mighty good Abe. Your wife is certainly a good cook. Now, if you don't mind, I'll be off to my duties." He said, getting up and shaking the old mans hand. Walking outside, he grabbed his scythe and looked up to the pocket fortification. "I'm off." He said, teleporting to his post.

    Drawing closer to the fort len stepped nearer the fort, the broadness of his shoulders and the billowing winds causing the trench coat he wore to blow and sway in the breeze. His katana swinging on hsi back lightly as he strode towards the fort, then the sudden screech of swinging and creaking metal scratched against his ears. Lifting his head he sent out some pulses with his psychokinesis to asses the situation around nhim, light only enough to tell him what was around but not effect anything. as within his range he was god. he could feel the gates had swung open and the that there was a woman with several guards walking out. Len kept his eyes shut letting his psycho-sonar just reading the positions of those around hi as well at the physicalities of all those in his range. Drawing closer to the fort the three people became clear a woman well built but shapely instead of muscular...Flanked by two strong men, each one bearing some tell tale traits of their heritage, standing now just a few dozen feet infront of her he stopped. lifted his arms across his chest and folded them, his eyes shut tight and his mask across his face, the only discernible thing about him was the deep imperial purple/black hair.

    "I presume that you are this encampments leader, after all your the only woman out here and your incharge of four men. You can call the two you have flanking me back i'm not a threat, at least until i'm made into one. So please call them back." Len tightened his arms against his chest, he was not going to fight unless she left him no other option. " If i may i would like to come in? Perhaps discuss things civilly, not out here with you having a bunch guards. "

    Len sent out another small pulse into the air just hard enough to feel like a gentle breeze, all weapons on his person completely out of the rang eof his hands, exept the one he didnt need his hands to use, but this was a simple gesture of no ill will.

  9. Ines narrowed her eyes as the tall stranger called for her men to stand down. With a quiet hiss, she jerked her head to one side; within seconds her two guards previously hidden in the trees joined her at her side. If this man could sense their presence somehow, there was no point in hiding. Stealth and surprise were not on their side, it seemed. He was still as yet unaware of Ines'...unique attributes though, and she was banking on that element in case something went down. Her body was itching to put the properties of the scraps she'd scarfed to work, her skin crawling with heightened adrenaline.

    Without as much as a sideways glance, she made a series of quick hand signals.

    'Go inside, gather all capable fighters, be ready to defend on my mark.'

    Her four guards swiftly vanished into the compound, leaving Ines and the stranger facing each other alone. She flexed her fists, knuckles popping. She may not have had a weapon, but her body was all she needed. Let him think that she was just another Nosferian. When she stood next to pure bloods of either race, Nos or human, she tended to look like them, respectively.

    A soft breeze seemed to pulse outward from him, stirring the wisps of dark hair that had escaped her braid.

    "I'm sure you can understand, stranger. I can't just be letting any Tom, Dick, or Harry into my compound without a little...investigation first. So surely we can be civil but we're gonna do it out here until I know you aren't looking to do my people harm."
  10. LENROS

    Watching the guards filter back into the camp behind her was a slight show of a cool head as a leader not one to act brashly. A good choice on her part. Keeping his eyes fixed shut he changed his standing slightly keeping his arms folded to show he wouldn't attack.
    "That's understandable, with the amount of people that go missing, and the nosferian hunters in the area it's a good practice. Still i'm not a nos hunter, i have...an agreement with the nosferian...They don't bother me and i don't murder them. Still that is not the reason i'm here, i'm looking for food water and if possible shelter, i'm just a simple traveller, trying to keep a promise...also what's with the agitated pose ? I said i won't attack you though out here i suppose words mean s much as a pile of shit...or less."

    Len stepped forwards towards the woman still sending the gentle pulses out, just scanning her and the area for more people. Stepping a little closer again he poke a little quieter now, just trying to keep things between her and him.
    " I may have my eye's closed but i'm not blind. I saw the hand signs, i may not know what they mean but i can see your a capable leader. So about discussing things civilly, would i be granted food and water or should i just move on ? " Len stepped a little closer to her, now letting his arms fall to the sides as her lifted his shield like a rock wall half a foot infront of him should she or any of he others try anything. Holding his eye's closed her stared at her tilting his head to the side slightly and awaiting a response.