Apocalyptic Oddyssey

“It’s a pleasure to meet the two of you.” Chloe said. “So do I follow you or…well, how do you want to do this?” Her heels scraped against the bag that was below the seat lightly, in reassurance.
"Well how close is you parents house?" Okami asked. "Because our friend is only 15 minutes down the road."
Chloe looked away, the words getting stuck in her throat. She was never very good at lying. Even as a child, she found it easier to tell the truth, and now, to save her life and a thousands of others, the woman had to lie.

"I, uh...um, a couple h-hours drive, without s-stopping." Chloe's cheeks reddened with every slight stutter.
(uh huh right.) "Well okay." Okami said before the realization hit him. (She's still looks familiar.) "Lets go then."
"I, uh, have to get my things." Chloe said, inching out of the car. She bent over and quickly made sure the bag was closed before walking behind Okami.
Okami watched her check something and then walk behind him, he quickly turned to see what she was doing before deciding to react. (Don't jump to conclusions now self.)
"Oh! I almost for got this is Kate." Okami said as Kate was glaring at him.
Chloe hugged the bag closely to her body as she nodded her head towards Kate with a small smile. "Hey." She slid in the vehicle. "So, uh, why such the rush?" She was trying to distract him with questions; she could only hope it would work and she'd make it safely to her destination.
"The fact that all hells about to set loose and we want to be in a nice good safe place when it happens." Okami said as he sized her up. "What weapons do you have by the way?" Okami asked.
"None?" She said. Chloe didn't have much for weapon training - she knew in theory, if that counted for something! But mostly she always had her nose in a book. It was then she realized that they all had weapons in their hands...maybe she should have come more prepared.
Okami started to laugh. "Alright then, I see you probably don't have much in the way of weapons training if any at all. So I guess I'll have to train you on the way down. Now by your body type I guess I'll stick you with a .40 S&W pistol and one of my 6.8 spc rifles. I'll have to do some measuring first since all my guns are custom speced and I'll have to adjust one to fit you. would that be alright?" Okami stated and asked.
Chloe just nodded along. “Sure.” She said a bit hesitantly. To be honest, she was a bit of klutz and didn’t have much faith being trusted with a pistol. She was just hoping she didn’t shoot off her own hand in the process of learning.