Apocalyptic Oddyssey

Day: 4 time: 7am

Before okami went blitzing down the road I latched my self to the truck with some Mountain climbing Carabiner (the steel ones not the flimsy aluminum ones), I also doubled checked if all the gear was secured, as well if sleeping beauty is latched down, and it seems he is not infected but I'm keeping my eye on him. I also filled the shotgun magzine but did not cock to avoid any accidents I then clipped the shotgun to my self with it's under strap. I peered around as we moved with my binoculars, I saw nothing and more nothing then I found what looked to be a few infected chassing someone down in the distance looked to be about 1.5 Km out. I asked Okami if we should do anything or if the person is a lost cause on the radio. But if infected are roaming out here .........shit I don't even want to think about that as a possiblity.
"Aw Fuck guess we got to help!" Okami pulls over so he and guardian get out he immediately grabs his .338 Lapua Mag. BA 110 Savage to help the person out while guardian gets with in 1 km of the person getting chased and commences firing on the infected killing them all in 3 shots. They then drive to the person who was running to pick them up who ever they may be.
Day: 4 time: 7am

While okami gave the infected a little bit off the top I circled around to not come in contact with okamis sights , as we approached the person she was bent over huffing and puffing as I got out she came toward us to thank us, but not knowing what her overall condition is I asked her to keep her distance holding the shotgun at a ready stance, I asked tensa to keep an eye on her and asked her if she has been bitten or scratched or had full on direct contact with the infected. I took a look around her to see if any thing was torn or looked like a mark of some kind, as far as I could see there was none. I told her to stay put, I looked at the bodies of the infected they all had large Bit marks somewhere on them in some case multiple. I'm surpised that they did not just die of blood lose.
Looking alert Okami rushed to the girl with his LWRCI 6.8 M6A2 he quickly made sure the infectesd were dead before going back to her and checking her for bite marks where the others couldn't see he gave the cleared signal to Aragon and Tensa to come in and cover them as they moved to the vehicles he quickly had tensa go back to the cars as he started to ask the Women questions. He started with, " So, What's your name ma'am?"
8:33 am
He woke with a start, hearing gunshots fired in the distance, possibly in the south. he grabbed his pistol and ran up the steps fully dressed and already prepared for the worst.
Grabbing the keys to the jeep he quickly looked outside, nothing.
"Well," he said to himself, "time to patrol the neighborhood."
The potassium chlorate spills out of its bottle and onto the floor as Zephyr drops it. She stares hard out of the window, looking at the commotion outside. She shivers at the gunshots and is reminded of her own gun, which, after a quick glnace about the room she sees lying on the table. She snatches the Dragunov sniper rifle up and the bag of explosives then strides hurriedly out of the door and down the stairs. When she reaches the bottom she pushes open the heavy metal door and curses at the slight creaking it makes. Once outside she holds the rifle up, surveying the area for any infected.
"Thank you again.. the names Cate..what may I ask..have just tried to kill me?" She looked at him, straightening up her hand went to her waist and finding only ammo.
Frowning she dropped her hand back to her side, she had managed to drop her Pistol whilst running.
"Another question. Will they be back anytime soon?"
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" Well you're welcome miss. And no they won't be back anytime soon." Okami notices she has an empty pistol holster. " Need a gun? I got a lot of 'em... What caliber by the way?" Okami just smiles as he walks her back to their vehicles.
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8:42 am
driving down the roads next to the golf courses he comes upon the remains of a small battle, a few of the zeds were kneeling over what he presumed was the bodies of the defenders.
Looking around he sees that whoever it was had been an early morning jogger who happened to had carried a weapon. There were at least 3 dead zombies on the ground, with 2 feeding on the now reanimating corpse, Kairoga got out and quickly dispatched of the 3 zombies putting them out of their misery.
The pistol reports echoing into the new morning.....
Well we should get moving the immediate area may be clear but it safe to say we do not want to be hear by night fall those things may look slow but there fast once they see something of prey and they don't stop unless you solve there lead defiency. I'm Aragon Guardian sorry about the shotgun in the face but people get a little crazy or may be infected and we do not know how this thing truly spreads, or how long it incubates so can't be to careful. I'm not sure what they are but the closet thing I would say there to is reanimated flesh. The reason being the blood in there system seems to have gone to a gel like state explaing why there not dieing from blood lose due to the huge bit marks we are finding. I also would find a way to have your weapon on a chain or leash cause they may look weak but they still seem to have a fair bit of muscle strength.
"That they do my friend and the question still stands what caliber gun do you use Cate?" He says while digging through his pistol box looking for the perfect pistol for her to use.
".50 caliber.. sorry, this is just a bit to take in." Cate shrugged the comment off about the shotgun in the face comment and smiled slightly.
"True. You have to be careful, I'm lucky I can run fast that's all or I'd be well.. basically mentally dead from what I've gathered.."
"Ah! Here we go. Modified 500 S&W for any .50 caliber pistol round." Okami hands Cate the monstrosity that he himself had modded. " Hope you like it it is a good gun and it's sights are good for 200 yards. So if you only want to pistol around you can." With that they get back in the vehicles and leave for the Aurora bridge.
It was nearly pass midnight when Chloe was able to exit the building. A relieved sigh escaped her lips as soon as she rounded the corner, a few blocks away from guilt. Or was it the danger of getting caught? Either way, she had to be careful. She was, after all, stealing federal evidence.

Chloe slid into the front seat of her car, making sure the doors were securely locked before slipping the keys into the ignition and driving towards the bridge. It was the only place she knew she’d be safe, the only hunch she had left open.
8:48 Am

In the immediate silence that followed, Kairoga got back in the jeep and drove up to the local Raymonds chinese restaurant to wait for the others to get itno town.
Driving to the bridge Okami saw some one driving to the bridge. Okami quickly got beside her and waved at her. He then put a poster up saying he was friendly and was wondering where she was going.
“Damn it!” Chloe nearly swerved off the road when a vehicle pulled along beside her. Her heart now thudding against her chest, she squinted to read what the sign read. The woman slowed down, locked the doors, and pulled over. She rolled down her windows, stuffing the bag quickly under the seat. She had to be careful – if anyone found out, if the wrong person found out, she would be in so much trouble.

The vehicle had pulled over beside her. “Sorry about that.” Chloe said, trying to remain some sort of calm. “I need to cross over the Aurora bridge. I’m, uh, looking for family.” The lie stumbled out from her lips. Her hands were still nearly shaking. Would he believe the lie?
Noticing her nervousness Okami took it for a lie but didn't let it show. "Well where's your family live?" Okami stated plainly. "We ourselves are going south to hook up with one of our really good friends and we are trying to get as many people as possible to come with us." Okami also stated. Okami also thought he knew who she was but wasn't sure he'd figure out later though it was time to find out if she was with them or not.
“Er, south as well.” Chloe squinted, taking in a better look of the man – he wasn’t no normal civilian, which made it even more dangerous for her to be even thinking about travelling with such an unlikely group…but the roads were just as dangerous – if not more so. Chloe bit her lower lip, thinking, her fingers tapping against the steering wheel.

“I…I suppose travelling in a group would be safer.” The woman finally said, still unsure. She knew she was playing a dangerous game and was going to have to keep her lips sealed about everything. “My name is,” she thought for a moment, “Irene.”
"Glad to have you on board my names Okami and this here is Aragon." Okami responded. "We go south then."