Apocalyptic Oddyssey

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  1. 12:00pm
    he was outside on the porch, trying to smoke to relax himself, kinda hard to do when you know your own apocalypse is coming. it was a good thing his moms side of the family is dead, and his fathers side was in Colorado. finishing his smoke he heads inside to make himself something to eat and watch tv.
  2. Day 1- flight from Indianapolis

    After picking up Guardian, he and I made it to Brooksville before we had to stop for some gas and to stretch our legs.
    So far there was no sign of infected down here and nobody even knew about what was going on but me and Guardian. We Knew that since this was a major intersection city it wouldn't be long before it was either occupied by infected or the military and if it was the military who had it, it would be sowed up tighter then Bastogne was in WWII. But we had to continue on to Kentucky, but before we did i reported this location back to his CO so as to at least give these people a chance of defense with a military presence.
  3. Day: 1 time: 10:30am

    When we stopped at brooksville the first thing I did before getting a bite was to look up the local telephone directory. Luckily there was a major gunshop in town with one specialty shop I think would be wise to visit, I also wrote down the location of a fireworks and hardware store. Needless to say We need to stock up here and we may be caught out unprepared. My liscense was only good for Canadian restricted weapons so chocie was limited, I took the remmington 870 12 gauge shotgun as a given the barrel was shorter then normal but for close space that would be needed, and a semi-auto AR-15 .22LR due to personal experience and the fact that the .22 LR in the AR-15 was quite silent. Now the specialty gunshop I knew may be a good idea just to see if it had anything good, and oh boy did it ever, it had the one gun I coviet the most at home a M1-Garand. I also noticed they had alot of surplus military gear so you can guess what I got also. I also got about 10 bricks of 30-06, 20 of .22LR (plus 4 mags for the AR) and 8 of 12 gauge rounds. Luckily the guy did not ask if I wanted the mags or tube pinned because of canadian law. From the hardware store I got all kinds of wrenches and screwdrivers and grinders even a small genarator the basic tools for any millwright. Then came the fireworks store, where I bought some smokeless gunpowder , I also got a flare gun and a dozen flares. I alos got some of the more tightly sealed loud fireworks.
    When I got it all loaded into Okamis truck it looked like alot less earlier but still it did not weight to much I also bought about 200 bucks of medical gear and some long lasting canned food from the local food market with 5 12 packs of water and 1 case of strongbow:3 . When I found Okami in a dinner I may have looked a little over prepared [​IMG] . I spent about $15,000, from my $40,000 personal aircraft fund I was saving up for. The only thing I can say now is bring it on.
  4. Seeing Aragon coming with the heavy load he had i immediately went to talk to him about what he bought...After seeing what all he bought, I said one thing..." Did you buy a pistol?"
  5. Okami asked if I bought a pistol , If you ever watched one of those cartoons where the guy forgot something important then remebers where his eyes pop out that was my expression. All I said was this . "fffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccc".
  6. After laughing my ass of I shove a pistol toward him and say, " Here take it... it's a good gun and shoots good...You might want to buy some ammo for it though and here"... hands him a bag with the guns case holster mags and other items including a couple of boxes of ammo.
  7. 1:30 pm: having just finished eating, he headed downstairs to check on the generator. While heading down the steps next to his old room, he heard something. Pulling out his standard issue M1911 he slowly went down the long hall only to hear a crunching sound, a soft moan followed through the doorway.....
  8. 11:35 pm:

    After having his car break down about a mile out of a town called brooksville, he walked into town and ended up wandering aimlessly looking for a repair shop or atleast a car rental dealership. After a while he notices these 2 guys by a car loaded up with guns/ammo talking about heading to Kentucky. So he heads over there to ask for a lift or atleast some help getting his own car working again.
  9. "Sure... but could you follow us down to kentucky b/c there is somethin fucked up goin on and we are tryin to get as many people as possible to head to safe area's... besides we need the bodies..." laughs heavily.
  10. No problem was just a hole in the coolant tank, seems either a stone puntured it or something chewed away at it just enough so it would leak slowy enough to not be noticeble, and also you need to replace your oil in another 10,000 km roughly. I bet your also wondering why my friend asked you to follow us, not sure why your so willing to go with a pair of strangers but I see no harm in saying this due to the shit has hit the fan we are just waiting for the shit hit us. But first and foremost the name is Aragon, now to begin with have you noticed anybody along the way here that look strange and have a slightly grey tone to there skin. (input Heine's answer here). I know this sounds like horse shit I don't blame you to disbelieve but were dealing with a blood born viral infection that causes the brains memory to fry , and enlarge certain areas that deal with anger and some how to do with the munchies. I don't know if this is some madcow dieases gone rampent or something but the infected act like your stereotypical zombies. Now you maybe thinking I'm a nutbar right about now but give it 2 weeks and you will rethink what I have said. Please for the love of god don't mention this to other people . I wanted you to know this if your going to follow us because me and my friend are going to need to trust each other, if your going to follow us into hell, I think it best to say so now before the point of no return. Though to be honest if things don't get qurantined things will get bad real fast , god help us all if this becomes water or air borne.

    Then as we got ready to set off I saw the unthinkable , it looked like a deer but with a massive bite mark on it's back drooling and stumbling toward us.

    Well were fucked.
  11. "Yeah and I'm Okami Ryu Jigoku." see's zombie dear pulls out suppressed pistol and blows it's brains out..." well i guess we better get going.
  12. Laughing a bit Heine turned around so he could go start up his car when he noticed 2 more infected deer coming from the other direction. As he took out his own silenced pistol he turned back a bit and said, "Hey umm guys i think we should get out of here and pick up this conversation later, cause it looks like that other deer wasen't alone." Then he quickly pops off 2 shots and takes down the 2 deer.
  13. Agreeing with Heine Okami and Guardian take off having him follow them down to Kentucky.
  14. The bloodstains on the road ahead of Kroy left him feeling uneasy. After just recently escaping the assault made on his primary crew he was left to rendevouz with whatever remained of the resistance. Only problem was he didn't know where the next unit would come from and, for that matter, where the next infected would come from.

    Luckily after about another five hundred feet the echo of several shots rose around the bend in the road. To Kroy's relief, the sound of a car engine approaching was all he needed to know that they were still alive.
  15. "DAM YOU GUYS CAN'T SHOOT FOR SHIT!" Okami yelled as they were getting close to a horde of infected. SSCCRREEAACCHH!!!!...THUD! "UH... guys there's a guy wounded out there I and Aragon will go get him Hiene cover our asses!" Aragon and Okami jump out of the truck and rush to the strangers aid.
  16. 1:32 whipping around the corner of the hall, he looks into the room and sees an infected turning towards him. natural training almost made him aim for the chest, but after spending a month at the small town he forced himself to aim for the head and fire. looking again, he saw the body slumped against the door, it was one of "them." quickly closing the door to his younger brothers old room and securing it. He continued his trek down the hall to the storage room, opening the door he turned the lights on to see the HHO generator sitting on its pallet with the forklift ready to go. looking up he grabbed a box of ammo for his gun, gladly thanking himself for stocking up on ammo....
  17. Day 3 time: 9 pm

    Driving down the highway shooting infected ( with AR-15 .22) and a few unlucky people who were swarmed and were more or less already dead , next thing I knew Okami's blaring away with insults one saying we could not hit shit, well this could be contributed to the speed were traveling at and the fact most of the targets were mobile, we always got the ones that counted but about 1 in 5 shoots were did shit or missed. Then we hit a clearing of nothing then wham breaks full force and out the back of the truck I almost go. Atleast everything else was tied down though thankfully or that would of been painful or letheal. I look ahead to see wtf it was and sure enough I thought it was another zombie but closer look skin was still pink in pigment and looked to be a bit battered. Sure enough okami gets out to see it, he asked one of us to cover his ass so I opted to because I'm not sure where Hiene was looking. But the one thing I made sure of was to keep my sights on him.I also kept the pistol holster clip open for quick draw.
  18. Quickly rushing back to the truck with the person over his back he signals guardian to fallback and cover him. When he gets to the truck he throws the stranger in back and gets behind the wheel of his Dodge RAM 4500 Turbo Diesel and punches the gas when guardian gets in and half an hour later they reach Anderson.
  19. Chloe’s hands were shaking as she tried to rewrite some of the information from the documents scattered across the desk, adding what she could remember from the past four years. It was ironic she was back in the building where she had first interviewed for the position. She sighed, thinking back. It didn’t make sense. It was suppose to HELP people, to be a cure. Not a doomsday device. Chloe silently cried in anguish. In four years, the top researchers had put forth an effort to find the right answer, the right solution, only to make all that worthless – no, not worthless; deadly. If they knew – if she knew! – it would have never been created.

    Her notes were nearly illegible from the quake of her hand. It was then when she had stopped to reread what she wrote did she hear shouting. Loud, crowding voices – careless. Chloe moved quickly, stuffing her notes underneath some old term papers and into a messenger bag. Her heart was pounding loudly in her ears; it seemed to echo in the room, out of the room, waiting for whoever was in the hallway to hear its thunderous beats. She pressed herself into the nearby supply closet, praying that the voices were just passing by. She wasn’t supposed to be here.
  20. "FFFUUUUCCCKKK!!!!" "Great Andersons blocked." (Got to take the back way around to the bridge I guess). " Okay Guys Hold On And Watch Pistol Boy!" Okami then turned around and sped down the nearest dirt road.