Apocalyptic/Human Extinction Movies?

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  1. Though I really dislike reading and writing it, I have been loving apocalyptic movies lately! Not the zombie type but more aliens, monsters, infectious diseases, etc. I am looking for some good movie recommendations in this genre, or something similar!

    Movies I have seen and enjoyed:
    • War of the Worlds
    • Outbreak / Contagion
    • Cloverfield / 10 Cloverfield Lane
    • Independence Day
    • The Happening
    • Planet of the Apes

    I'd love to hear your suggestions!
  2. End of Evangelion if you want your apocalypses really freaky.
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    • Book of Eli
    • The Road
    • STALKER film if you can find it
    Off top of my head. It's a big genre.

    Also, 10 Cloverfield lane? Did the first get a sequel and I'm just hearing of it?
  3. It just came out a few months ago. It's supposed to be in the same "family" of movies, but it isn't directly related and you can tell. It isn't a similar story at all. However it was a very a good movie and it's filmed in third person, so we don't get so dizzy!

    I have heard about The Road - I may have to try that one tonight!
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  4. I'm hesitant to put Cell on the list. (It's not going to be released in theaters till July 10th, but you can watch it on some VoD services like Amazon and Youtube. I wouldn't waste the $10 on it though.) It's good in the sense that it's a human extinction that doesn't follow the whole virus/zombie formula. It's hard to explain without giving too much away.

    Not exactly an apocalypse movie, but a pre-apocalypse movie, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. It's sweet and depressing all at the same time. =/

    I don't really watch these types of movies if I can help it, so I don't know that many.
  5. Snowpiercer is the only one I've seen lately. Just know that it is a very strange movie. xD
  6. Does this count? :/ I love this movie!

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  7. That's actually one of my favorite genres, be it in film or books! :D

    Hmm, lesse, there's Mad Max: Fury Road (no aliens, but there are War Boys 8D), Pandorum (which is relatively older but still amazing. I REALLY recommend this), Ender's Game (not exactly apocalyptic but has something to do with aliens), Oblivion, etc.

    Also, Cloverfield is a classic. The fact that it was shot in first-person POV made it more dramatic and engaging. Not sure about 10 Cloverfield Lane though. I haven't watched it yet, but judging from the trailer, it doesn't actually seem to be a sequel to the original movie, which is kinda misleading given its title.
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  8. It definitely made it more interesting and different from all the others! watching it on anything larger than a computer screen makes me super dizzy though!

    Thanks all for the recommendations! I'm definitely going to check a few out and see if they appeal to me.

    Looking forward to the new Independence Day coming out!
  9. The Stand might qualify. It was a six part mini-series that aired in the mid 90s, but is a video production of the Stephen King book of the same name.

    28 Days Later might also qualify, although it's more of a zombie film than it is a 'human extinction' or 'apocalypse' film.
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  10. Hmm how about the Mist? It sure felt like the end of the world there.

    Hella depressing ending though.
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  11. Ugh.....that ending sucked ass. The story ending was at least hopeful.

    And The Stand is pretty good. I'd consider it both apocalyptic and human extinction.

    Oh, and 9. It's a sad one, but it's still pretty good. I forgot all about that one.
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  12. Knowing with Nicholas Cage, yeah, its Nick Cage but isnt so over the top as he usually is. The movie its kinda good, the ending its a bit meh, at least to me.
  13. Watching this tonight!
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  14. - Stuffs away zombie collection -

    You should watch I am Legend (Will Smith, Alice Braga) if you haven't already. Also there's This is the end for some lighthearted apocalyptic epicness.
  15. I'm not totally against zombie movies... Just haven't walked one before!
  16. Well if you want a good zombie movie, then Dawn of the Dead was pretty good in my opinion. :3
  17. Snowpiercer was an interesting find. Post-apoc science fiction. Overall I thought it was pretty good.

    If you want to watch a cult classic, Repo! The Genetic Opera could be considered post-apoc, I think. It's about the world after a pandemic of mass organ failure and the subsequent financing of organs by big corporations (and the men they send to "repossess" your body parts if you can't make the monthly payments). It's also a rock/metal musical, though. So there's that.

    Mad Max: Fury Road (or any of the others, really) is post-apoc mixed with dieselpunk.
  18. The kind of apocalypse passing aliens see and wonder why there is a gigantic pale being spilling out of the Earth, head decapitated and it's blood (or LCL) spraying across the face of the moon.

    But I haven't seen anyone mention Dr. Strangelove or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.
    Though not your typical apocalyptic movie, it is ended by the total annihilation of mankind. That and Skyline, which I enjoyed quite a bit (even if it was a little campy) it's pieces were all put together respectfully and made for a great alien apocalypse scenario.
  19. Just watched The Mist... added ending to a movie I've seen in a long, long time. :( Good movie, but wow... I need to go watch something before I sleep now!
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