Apocalyptic Ghost Universe anyone?

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This is the age of the Supernatural. Where the phrase seeing is believing has taken a whole new level with the literal ghost towns inhabited by spectors ranging all across the continents. It's been a hundred years since the undead has taken over our cities and as always humanity has found a way to hit back. Just like the age of the Industrial Revolution Great Britain is back on top of the Apocalyptic food chain with their state of the art smelted iron swords and holy artifacts imported straight from the Vatican Church themselves. It's one of the most recovered countries in the After and is where all the up and coming Hunters are educated as well as employed.

There are three well-known branches that specialize in this field and they are the Pure, Knights, and Priests. The Pure focuses more on the purification of objects and grounds that harbor high levels of miasma which are fatal to humans if exposed for a certain degree. Knights deal with ghost infestations and the actual process of 'getting-rid' of them while Priests are trained for the sole purpose of exorcisms. You'd be surprised to find how many people get jumped by their deceased loved ones.

In the recent years the organizations have joined together to create The Hive. A corporation with power just below the current monarchy.

This is where it gets interesting.

Dear people who have made it this far I have to ask a question before I continue.

Would you like this RP to begin from freshly graduated students of the Beehive Institute, the largest and well-known academy for budding hunters supported by The Hive itself. Ready to face missions of danger and the unknown?


Do you want to start from the beginning? To walk through the halls of the Institute for the first time, determined to reach your goal and gaining companions along the way. As well as of course carrying out the occasional task the Hive sends out if you're high enough level.
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