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  1. The surrounding area was quiet. There wasn't even any wind whistling through the air; the sound of nature itself seemed to be absent in this place. Dead silence always meant something was wrong. Foley learned that the hard way a while ago, back a couple miles, when he stopped walking stealthily while traveling through town because he thought silence meant emptiness. The auburn-haired male walked himself into a nest of Crazies as groups of people leaked from the buildings out onto the street, all devoid of normality. Somehow he managed to get away that time, but he wasn't willing to risk his life trying to see if he could get away again if he screwed up this time. He clipped the left side of his hair back behind his ear with two butterfly bobby pins, leaving his medium-long bangs to fall across the right side of his face, covering his right eye. The rest of his layered hair reached a bit past the end of his neck, diverging to either sides of his neck. Suddenly Foley heard the sound of movement nearby, rustling and footsteps, and started creeping towards the sound. Eventually he stopped before getting too close and hid behind a parked car, holding his breath.
  2. Malcom never expected this to happen. Never wanted this to happen. The world was full of killers and scavengers. Corrupted cops, and people you thought you could trust turned on you for money, weapons or food. People became savages with the things going on around them and were eating humans like they were actual animals. Nowhere was safe anymore. Some people magaged to find a outpost but people say thats just rumors and the places that are sucure are held down by ruthless people who wont let you in unless you do something in return. Malcom was in the middle of finding some bullet shells for his gun he pulled off an knocked out cop. Scavinging wasn't what he wanted to do but he used his last few bullets taking out a group of thugs. He turned around looking tword a car behind him but thinking nothing of it he continued looking for bandages and anything useful.
  3. "Is it safe?" Foley thought as he lied flat on the ground and crawled a teeny bit past the bumper of the car, scouting things up ahead. He noticed a boy a couple of yards in front of him and stopped to observe. "Is he dangerous or normal? I can't even spot the difference anymore..." He stopped thinking cautiously about things and began crouch-walking. It was a heck lot faster than lying down low and crawling on his arms, but stealthier than walking standing up straight. The auburn-haired male slowly followed behind the person in front of him, doing his best to make sure he wasn't spotted by hiding behind cars, walls, trash cans, etc. It wasn't until he was literally three feet behind the boy that he sort of revealed himself. He grabbed an empty soda can and intended having it lightly tap the boy before falling on the ground with only a soft crack sound. Instead, he ended up throwing it past the boy and making a huge crashing sound as it knocked a trash can's lid off. "Way to be discreet, Me. I am never playing baseball again," Foley sighed and face-palmed as he hid between two cars.
  4. Damn these shells are useless Maclom thought as he continued to check to see if their was any he could use. Luckily he found just enought and he took his time reloading the gun. he honeslty was in no rush to encounter anymore thugs or worse..the wretched savages. You could hear them from a mile away, they had this weird scream and a coughing noise. It was horrible to listen to especially at night when it woke you up constantly because you didn't know if they were near you or not. He wasn't scared at all. After seeing people die infront of him and killing savages and thugs, it made him stronger and cold hearted. Maclom was tired of watching his friends die. A few of them joined thugs and other gangs and others suicude. Just as he was about to leave a can wizzed past him making a loud noice. Quickly he stood up and pointed his gun in the direction the noise came from. Walking over he looked behind the cars to find a guy in a semi crouch position. Malcom stared at him before lowering his gun. " You know all that noise you caused is going to attracted somebody or something". And just like on cue he could hear the couching froma far distance. He sighed and then pulled the guy up. " Come on before they get here and hurry up".
  5. "Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap. You have a gun," is what Foley though he said but since he was nervous, it ended up coming out like, "Holycrapholycrapholycrapyouhaveagun". Surprisingly, since this whole end-of-the-world junk started happening, the man had actually never used a weapon. He had a baseball bat once, but didn't really use it properly and ended up losing it somehow. Now that he thought about it, he'd survived merely by running and hiding. He was damn good at that. Realizing that was probably a wimpy thing, the 21-year-old sniffled as he bid his manliness goodbye, whispering farewells pitifully. "Waitwaitwait, where are we going? Who're you?" the boy's earlier statement finally computed in his head as a sweat trickled down the side of his face, "before 'they' get here? Aww man, I knew it! Damn my pitching skills!"
  6. Malcom didn't know why he even dragged the man along he looked about in his early twenties but acted like a teenager. He knew he didn't have time for cry baby because he wasn't a damn babysitter. He knew that he couldn't just leave the man out their to get killed. He wasn't a mena person but whe it came to running from savages he was a bit tense but who wouldnt be! You were practically running from death at this point in time. Shaking his head he grabbed the mans arm and pulled him into a shed ad closing the door and locking it. Malcom was tired as hell fromall the damn running and he was only 20. OSme how he was thankful for playing sports in highschool. Turning twords the man he ran his hands through his short brown hair. " Im Malcom and you are?". Malcom stood 6'1 with well defined muscles from football ansd wreastling. The shed was where he stayed most of the time. it had a bed and a couch and a frige to store food and Maclom had did the wires so their was power. He could hear the coughing noises and he new they were really close but soon the noise faded and he knew it was safe.
  7. A shed? Eh, Foley had been in worst places, he shrugged. He looked around the little area, noticing it was well furnished. "Foley, pleased t'meetcha." Realizing that he literally had to look up to Malcom, the auburn-haired man bit his fingernails in envy, sending stabbing glares to the other male. He was only 5"5, curse his short genes! But his penis was rather large for his stature, so he smirked, thinking he had at least one thing up on the other guy. Foley sat down on the couch and kept quiet as he heard a group of Crazies pass. After they passed, he sighed in relief. "Nice base camp y'got here, how long it'd take you to settle? You do this all yourself?" The man was impressed, but only let a bit of it show so the other male wouldn't get so cocky.
  8. Maclom relaxed with ease once the noise was done and over with. he hated those people...things whatever you wanted to call it. No place was ever fuly safe thats why he was thankful for his shead because it was hidden away from corrupted cops and thugs and especiall those damn savages. He looekd at the guy he was surprised by how short he was. The dudes heada was literally up to his chest. Walking over to the fridge he pulled out two kinda cold sodas. Handing one to the guy he opended his soda and chugged it down. " It took me about a few weeks and mabe and extra few days to get everything looking the way it does but your name?". Malcom had to be greatful to ahve a place to go back to. Most people dont have anything. " Look you can stay here until you think you can habdle what going on outside, its better here than dead".
  9. Holding the soda in his hands, he looked at the person in front of him with a confused expression, "'But my name'? What about my name?" the man waited a bit before he suddenly got angry thinking that Malcom had already forgot Foley's name, "Foley! FO-LEY." He sighed, his fingers opening the soda and putting it to his mouth to take a few swigs. After the brown-haired male told him he could stay in the shed for a while, the male with the butterfly bobby pins smiled, "Thanks! You saved me from trying to find shelter! Speaking of which, why are you helping me out anyway? Anyone who wasn't one of the Crazies, that's what I like to call those coo-coo people, seemed to be more interested in leaving me alone and kicking me out of their territories. You lonely or something?" Foley's elbow nudged Malcom's arm a bit teasingly.
  10. Malcom chuckled as he could see Foley getting argravated when he asked his name again. " Relax man im just busting your balls". Finishing up his can of soda he tossed it into the trashcan before turrning back to the guy. " The reson i decided to let you stay is because i could use a little help getting some food and it's better with two people than one, trust me". Malcom chuckled at Foley's question. " Who wouldn't be? When your by yourself trying to survive you get kinda lonley". Walking over to his bed he pulled off his boots and shirt and then taking off his pants he folded the clothes on and placed then down before adjusting his boxers. " if you want a bath there's a system i hook up yesterday, should have warm water. just slid that door back by the fridge". Malcom looked around. The only thing he knew he needed was a damn tv.
  11. "Oh. Well, now I feel stupid for taking that seriously," Foley thought. He looked at Malcom suspiciously, "So you'll risk your ass for some extra help? ... Eh, sounds fair enough," after thinking about the other's response concerning loneliness, he could only come up with, "I see, well at least now I'm here". He didn't want to get all sappy and be all open with their feelings about deep things. Noticing that Malcom undressed, Foley whistled, in an attempt to parody and replay one of those scenes he'd seen, where a person/s whistled at a passing beautiful person. He intended to do it as a semi-joke, but since Foley couldn't whistle, it came out rather awkwardly as he barely made a few tiny sounds. He frowned, trying to whistle for a minute or two to no avail. "Damnit, I suck at a lot of things huh?" He laughed. "Bath? You really do have everything you need here. Except a television. I'll take one I guess. You have extra clothes? I did a lot of running in these," he tugged on his shirt and pants,"could use fresher clothing." Foley took a look behind the door by the fridge and noticed a bath/shower 'lil situation, kind of curious to see if it actually worked.
  12. Malcom nodded. " Yeah i guess so, four hands is better than two". As he sat on the bed he looked over at Foley's poor attempt to whistle. He laughed and then shook his head. " Nah you dont suck at alot of things but whistling is one of them". When Foley asked if he had extra clothes he nodded. Getting off the bed hecrouched down and pulled a box from under the bed. Pulling out a t shirt and basketball shorts he placed them on the couch. " You can use those for tonight, i took some clothes i found useful when i was getting this place together". He watched the guy open the side door by the fridge. " All you have to do is pull the string attached to it and the water will come out and then pull it again to stop it". He wondered what was going to happen tommarow. Malcom knew he'd have to head out and get some more food and drinks, they only had enough to last 2 more days.
  13. Foley took a look at the extra clothes and then placed them on the couch, nodding his thanks to the other person. Immediately and without hesitation, he undressed, throwing his clothes and shoes all over the couch, revealing his toned-but-not-too-muscular body. He used to exercise a lot in high school, but he never amped it up during college because he figured he'd look weird if he was muscular and beefy at his height. When he thought about it, maybe someone like Malcom looked good as that way?

    His bare feet ran him into the bathing area as his hands shut the door behind him and pulled the string. Water flowed out and poured over his head. "Ah, that's right, I forgot to take these off," his fingers pulled the bobby pins from his hair and opened the door to throw them at Malcom, "take care of these for me, yeah? I forgot to take 'em off."

    After a couple minutes of scrubbing and rinsing himself, he pulled the string again and squeezed the water out of his hair. Walking out of the bathing room sopping wet, he awkwardly asked, "By any chance, do you have a towel?" He didn't mind putting his clothes on while he was wet, but he hated leaving his hair completely drenched. Running towards the couch, he immediately grabbed his briefs, new shirt, and new shorts, putting them on quickly because he was getting cold.
  14. Malcom looked over right when Foley was getting undressed. Taking a moment he looked at his body. For someone who was short he sure did pack down there. Looking away he yawned and then ran shook his head. He looked over in Foley's direction catching his bobby pins. Staring at them he sighed. This dude was something else. He had never meet a grown man with bobby pins in his hair. Standing up he placed them down on his bed and then he opened the door checking outside.

    He really could use a smoke at this time. When the shower stopped he heard the guys voice and turned to see him smack dead naked and dripping with water. When he asked if he had a towel he nodded tossing him one once he was near the bed. " Hey why do you were those bobby pins?, why not just cut your hair?". Being that he was curious to know he'd thought it was a good time to ask.

    Handing the boddy pins back to Foley he got back in bed and then layed down. He wished that the place waslike his house. He had wourkout bench and other things he wish he had now. Malcom's body was well built with tattoo's on his chest and right arm and left bicep. He wish he had time to get more but ever since the world got fucked up he knew there'd be no chance in that.

  15. Grabbing the towel near the bed he began drying off his legs, arms, and feet so he wouldn't be dripping water everywhere in Malcom's shed. "I keep my hair like this because my sister said I look handsome this way. Besides, my neck gets cold and short bangs look weird with the back semi-long," he began rubbing the towel throughout his hair, "the bobby pins were a present from her on my birthday last year, she likes butterflies." Foley laughed, showing an open-mouth smile. "Speaking of interestin' things about ourselves, it looks like you've got an amazing body -no, not the way you're thinking I'm saying it- with good-looking muscles and some nice body art. What's the reason for getting those tats?" His butt sat itself on the couch as Foley pulled his knees to his chest and put on his sweater, zipping it to the top as his teeth softly chattered. The worst part about a warm shower was the coldness one felt from leaving it. His hair was decently dried, but the man kept the towel around his neck to keep his hair from dampening his clothes.
  16. Malcom looked at Foley and then nodded realizing the reason he had those bobby pins and why he didn't cut his hair. When he smiled Malcom chuckled. He was cute in a weird way. " Well i keep my hair short. I tried growing my hair out once but it was such a hassle i promised myself i would never do it again. When Foley said that he had an amazing body he smiled once he tried to correct himself. " Thanks i like to keep my body in shape, and the tattoos? I got the one on my chest and right arm when i was a senior in highschool and i just got them to have them. And the tribal one on my other arm was when i visited a small village". Walking over he sat down on the couch. " So theres and old tv store around here, im thinking we can get it tommaorw and i can hook it up, how bout it?".
  17. He looked at the brown-haired male's head and hair, "Either way, I think you look perfectly fine. Longer hair is harder to maintain, I don't blame you." Got a tattoo in his senior year of high school? Foley wondered if he was also that impulsive back in the day. God, he felt old just saying that. And when would one have the opportunity to visit a village? And get a tribal tattoo while at that? His brown eyes looked at Malcom as if he was strange. Then again, Malcom did have this whole shed set up, so he couldn't be normal. Foley chuckled. "TV? Hm... Should we go for a food run too? Popcorn and movies is something I could use right about now," Foley joked a bit about the popcorn, but figured they seriously needed to stock up on things. He remembered that he also needed some other necessities, "Oh. I need underwear dude. And I demand that we get more blankets and one more pillow," he rubbed his nose after sneezing, "I get cold easily."
  18. Malcom looked down at his tattoo's remembering his younger days. He was the outgoing one. He was adventurous one and always was the one to find a thrill. He looked over to see Foley giving him a weird expression. " Look man i was quite the wild guy back then". Nodding his head he moved his arms in a streaching manner. " Yeah i know we only have food and drinks for two days, tommarow we will get food and deffinitally underwear". He chuckled knowing that they needed more important things besides a tv. " Theres a food store where iv'e been getting my supplies from, its not far mabey two blocks. The best thing it to go early in the morning to get the clothes and food". When he mentioned a blanket and extra pillow he laughed. " Theres room on the bed". Getting up from the couch he got back in bed and pulled the cover over him. " Will figure everything out tommarow".
  19. At the mention of having to wake up early, the auburn-haired male cringed. He hated being the "early bird". The biggest problem had to be that his sleeping schedule was whack, Foley tended to oversleep a lot and take naps at strange times. So being up early wasn't the easiest for him. He looked at the other male and then sighed, "I hope you have an awesome alarm clock Malcom, I don't wake up easily." Watching the other guy get into bed, Foley did the same and hopped onto the mattress, sliding under the covers. It was a lot warmer than sleeping by himself like he'd been used to for the past couple of weeks. "I guess we will. G'night Malcom". After a while of lying down, he soon fell asleep.
  20. The next morning Malcom was the first one up of course. Sitting up he streached his arms and then rubbed his eyes getting used to his surroundings. Heading into thr shower he took a quick once and dried off with his towel. Heading back tword the bed he kicked Foley off the bed. " Wake up!". He shouted. As he went under his bed he put on some boxers and then cargo pants and a long sleve black t shirt and his hoodie. Malcom put on his boots and then walked to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of water. After taking a few gulps he walked over to where Foley was and poured the rest of the water on him. " Just making sure that your up". He already had the list of what they needed. Underwear, clothes, blankets, pillows, food. Malcom thought to himself as he leaned by the door.