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Apocalyptic 1x1 MxF roleplay ((open))

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Wolfiethehybrid123, Mar 18, 2015.

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  1. Plot

    The government passed a law that human slaughter houses were to be built on one condition, only big time criminals could be sent there. The public was kept away from this knowledge and things were normal for a short amount of time. Key word: short.

    Some of the human meet made it's way onto shop shelves and people began buying it without knowing what it was, kinda like the horse meat incident, but worse. This human meat that people were eating turned them zombies, but they were stronger, smarter and a lot quicker then your average, groaning living dead that appears in movies and video games. One things the same, they will do anything to get the human flesh they crave, like I said, zombies.

    There were also the people who didn't eat the meat, wether it be because they were vegetarians or just didn't like the taste, they were still human. Unfortunately only a few survivors are alive, most of them having died because they couldn't kill their family that had become monsters, but there's still hope. A small group of saviours live on, fighting against the monsters that now roam the earth.
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  2. I'll do this if you want
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