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Did this RP help you when the actual Apocalypse happen?

  1. Maybe but i am sure it is happen

  2. Helpful but maybe i dead first before it happen

  3. Oh come on it's just fantasy, nothing serious, Right?

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Those 20 year old guy still standing there watched the cracked moon. "what's just happened?" if his memory still right 15 minute ago the moon is still a whole and from god know where massive explosion appeared on it's surface then make a tremendous shock wave to earth, make his surrounding building crumbled like a sand. he tried to grasp the situation, thousand dead body and so many injured person appeared from the ruin. "did you okay?" he asked the old lady that just get up from the impact. "i think my leg is cracked" she said while touching his ruptured leg. her leg bone are piercing her skin and come into the surface make the man nearly puked.
  2. Rose looked up at the sky. 'What the heck just happened?' She noticed the moons sudden change. 'The moon holy....' She looked around at the ruins of the building that she was walking near which had collapsed. 'What the heck? Did I miss something?' She ran over seeing many bodies on the ground. She began looking for survives and those not to injured. She saw a man with a women. When she got near she looked at the women almost puking when she noticed broken leg with the bone sticking out. She looked at the man. "Find any others?"
  3. Nova rolled over on her side and groaned. Her body ached all over. She didnt think that anything was broken but her whole body felt heavy. She didnt want to get up. What the heck just happened? She tried to sit up but exhaustion and a sharp pain in her torso kept her lying on her side. Just take deep breaths everything will be just fine.
  4. Aragwen pushed rubble off of herself, getting up on one knee. What just happened exactly? She thought to herself. Aragwen noticed a few bodies, not moving, feet away from her. "Hey, are you okay?" she asked, rushing to their side, as fast as her injured leg would let her. This isn't good. she thought, realizing that they were dead. She got up and kept walking, minding the bodies, so as not to step on them, finding Nova, who, looked virtually unharmed. she knew better, with everything that just happened, "Are you okay miss?" she asked
  5. Nova looked up and saw a girl. Her leg looked like it had taken the impact of what just happened and she looked like she wasn't trying to put any weight on it. Aria tried her best to sit up. Every time she moved a pain was sent up her torso leaving her gasping. Something was either broken or badly bruised. She felt a trickle down her arm and looked over to notice that she was bleeding. She pushed back the sleeve of her shirt to see a gash running at the top of her arm.

    Aria looked back up at the girl. "I'll be fine just a few scrapes and bruises nothing too serious." She flinched again as she tried to get to her feet. "It looks like you need more help than me, can you walk, you can lean on my shoulder if you need to... but what the heck happened." She looked at the chaos around them.
  6. "i...i don't know!! first thing we must help this lady" then he ripped his clothes, make it super long enough for make a bandage. "look for a stick!" said the guy to the girl which name he didn't know. after he got the stick he tied up the old lady leg to the stick with his ripped clothes. "finished. it will hold for a while".

    suddenly The dark night sky turned into velvet blue. a giant mass of black steel is floating beneath the shadow of cracked moon. "gods help us...." together with the old lady, the red haired guy look upon the gigantic airship. "what is that thing?" the guy said with disbelieve eye.

    after a short pray on his knees, an F-16 Falcon flew above him. look like it's tried to intercept those thing, launching few missile upon them. but before touching the outer wall, those missile exploded in the sky like there are some invisible wall surrounding those giant airship.
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  7. What the hell? Alex slowly sat up from his slouched position in his now wrecked car. Blood dripped down the side of his forehead. He tries to get out but the door is jammed shut. He smashes the window and crawls out if it onto the road. The road is littered with wrecked vehicles and wounded or dead people. "What the hell happened?" he asks a man standing a few feet in front of him. All the does is point at the sky. Alex looks up to see the cracked moon "What the fuck?"
  8. Rose nodded to the man and began looking for a stick. Then she heard him say that he had found one so she stopped and watched him take care of the women's leg. All of a sudden she noticed that the sky had changed color. "What the F... Now?"
  9. The Mothership body is splitting, revealing a tremendous Main cannon in it's center. after the splitting process is completed those tremendous cannon began to glow. The F-16 Fighter who saw the cannon didn't give up, he keep bombarding the Mothership with many missiles but none of them is effective. The F-16 look like a mosquito compared to them. sensed the threat they began shooting the F-16 with their cannon.

    but it's not the main attraction to the people. after bringing down the F-16, the glow from the main cannon began to disappear. But....

    Huge masses of energy launched from inside the cannon which aimed at the liberty statue. The glory of the liberty is vanished after the energy hit it. a huge Shock wave with little tsunamis created from the blast.
  10. Rose watched in astonishment. 'What in the world.... Or should it be universe? What do they want from us?' She looked around to see all those that were dead or possible wounded and then back at the statue of liberty that is now destroyed. "Can anyone stop this criest?" She asked to no one in particular.
  11. "this is the army did anyone hear us!!" a loud scream from the army truck can be heard from the distance. "we are here!" the Red head guy scream out loud. they who heard the scream come closer to them. "are there any survivor?" the soldier asked them. "i don't know. when those... whatever it is began to glow everybody started running away except for the dead" he tried to explain. then they helped the guy and the old lady to come inside the truck. "did you do the first aid? not bad, for a civilian" asked one of the medic guy ended with compliment "hey.. come let me help you" from inside the truck he stretched his arm toward the girl.
  12. "Mother of God!" Alex rushes to the nearest subway station he can find to take shelter. Once inside he watches a News broadcast on a TV with several other people. The reporter says "A massive Unidentified flying object has appeared over the city! All citizens seek shelter immediately !" The broadcast cuts out after that.
  13. Rose heard the army and followed the boy and old lady. When one of the army men put out his hand Rose took it and got in.
  14. "what was those thing?!" with a trembling voice the red haired one asked to the soldier. "seriously we didn't know. after we got a message from NASA that unidentified huge mass object approaching the earth then not long after that as you can see the moon has been exploded, Johnny are there any survivor?" then he began shouting at his radio. don't know what to do the guy turned his attention to the old lady. "is your leg still hurt mam?" he began inspecting the bandage. "ah. by the way, what's your name? i am Alexis" said the red haired guy to the girl next to him.
  15. "I'm Rose." She looked at the Alexis and gave a faint smile. "So you don't know yet anything of those things?" She asked the army guy.
  16. curious, Alex heads back to the surface, out of the subway station. All he sees are dead people. "Is there anyone out there!?"
  17. "sorry mam that's classified. we must get to the evacuation site immediately." said one of the soldier.
    suddenly a big floating object appeared in front of the truck. "everyone get out!" Alexis grabbed Rose and jumped out from the truck leaving the injured old lady inside. after the instruction is spoken the flying object began shooting the truck. Instantly the truck disintegrated with everything on it's path. "spread out! Frank shoot the goddamn thing down!" "am on it sarge!" preparing the rocket launcher one of them get down on his knees and launched a rocket on that thing.

    "shit...shiit....shitt.." hiding in an Alley Alexis began cursing his miserable live. After broke up with her Girl, his work fired him, and now a huge goddamn alien Spaceship from god know where attacking the earth.

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  18. Nova watched as beams of... light raced through the sky, she put her arms over her head Iin a protective stance and tried to back against a wall.

    " we have to get to somewhere safe come on." she held her hand out to the other girl, debris was flying everywhereand Iit was getting harder and harder to see anything. She was waving her hand around to clear tge air a bit so the girl could see her.
  19. "Oh..." Soon after they were told to get out and Rose was grateful that Alexis got her out of there. She listened to him curse which she had almost done more than once today. 'I don't blame him. I wonder what all he dealt with earlier. First my parents fully disown me. Then I almost got ran over by a drunk. And to sum it all up aliens are attacking.' Rose looked at him. "A lot of bad shit's been happening within the last few minutes hu? At least were not dead and found each other. We probable stand a better chance together than alone." She smiled to try and lighten the mood and also to show any optimism she had left.
  20. Alex unholsters a 22. Pistol he was CC-ing. He runs down the road looking for a functional vehicle.
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