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  1. We've been wandering for days alone, and all the sudden we find each other. We are suspicious of each other at first, but eventually we come to realize that we need each other to live, and re-populate. Together we dodge zombie mobs, and kill dangerous animals, and infected humans. We are some of the few who are immune to the virus through proper genes, and so we think it proper to have a child. Too bad we didn't expect that the kid could get the virus. Now we must protect our child, and ourselves. We also still find the colony of people that are not infected while not going crazy from each other in the process.

    Hetero pairing, obviously. We can make it as smutty as you want, and the plot above is simply an idea that can be modified.

    I prefer someone who can post at least two lines, but if not, it's no big deal. I will match what you type if possible.

    That's all I got xx
  2. Interesting. Are you looking for a male or female?
  3. I'd be up for it, want any particular character sheet?
  4. Yeah PM me the basics.