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  1. Those who want to be in a zombie rp and you seem to be turned down or it dies out to easily. I am looking for a small group even number of male and females. I don't care if your female is pregnant or dangerous or if your male isn't super strong I want a good post apocalypictic rp.

    Now the small group

    Leader: female @Almalthia
    Medic: male @Justaddnutts
    Sharp shooters: male @Crysodic open and female @Justaddnutts
    Care giver: female @WhisperingWillows
    Hunter: male @MST3K 4ever
    Gather: male @andrew21234
    Others: open @Satan's Mistress


    Leader: @Satan's Mistress
    Second in command: male @WhisperingWillows
    Others: open @Deathwatch101 soldier @Infinite_Darkness @Kiriko
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  2. I don't remember remind me
  3. Of course
  4. If, in the event that my own interest in someone elses role play isn't rejected immediately, I would be interested in playing either the care giver or the medic in a female role. If you want a male I would like the play the hunter.
  5. No problem
  6. I'll just throw my interest in here. If this becomes a thing I'll take the role shadowSnowStorm doesn't take, preferably care giver (both female :3)
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  7. If you may be so kind, I'm willing to play the leader (Male).
  8. Yes ma'am
  9. Need a few more
  10. Do I post here now? I'd like to be a medic, preferably a female?
  11. Sure
  12. Invite more people guys
  13. I'd happily be the second in command for Rogue's
  14. Perfect
  15. I'd like to be a female gatherer.
  16. Will see about females may have to many
  17. What exactly is the plan for the rogue's eliminate or defeat the group ? also id be tempted to take the other slot in rogues as a scout depending on there role in the rp/story or is it something for us to define ??
  18. You will have to find out. That is something I plan to keep till I get my group of rogues together
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.