Apocalypse Rising

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  1. Could you surivive if zombies took over the world? Well if you said yes than guess what. Zombies killed 15% of the human race. You can't trust no one, alot of people gone crazy. It kill or be killed.
  2. Saito kicked open the house door. "Is anybody in here!" Saito thought he heard a scream. "Hey, i'm not here to hurt you!" Saito has short black hair, red eyes, he wears a black hoodie andblue jeans and black battle boots. Saito has a saw-off shotgun.
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    Behind a wall not too far from the room the door just opened in, there was a girl sitting there leaned up against it with a gun drawn. She had been the one who had emitted the scream when a stray wire had grazed her leg, it was bleeding, but it was nothing she couldn't handle, but the person who just came in here on the other hand was another story... The girl wasn't so sure if he was another looter, or even had all his marbles anymore, but she wasn't about to take a chance in a situation like this one.
  4. Saito sighed, "I know your in here! i'm warning you, if you attack.....i won't show mercy!" Saito tighten his gripped on his gun.
  5. The girl stayed silent still hiding behind the wall despite the man shouting for her to come out... It wasn't as if shouting was helping the fact that she didn't trust him, but she wasn't about to shoot him for no reason either.
  6. Saito stood in the same spot for a while. "maybe no one here." Here or not Saito needed a place to sleep for the night. Saito walked to a close door, he opened it and.....it was a bathroom. Saito looked behind him, " Hey, if someone here, i just want you to know that, i'm not gonna hurt you. I only came here because i heard you scream. I'll be in the shower, you can stay or go..." Saito smiled and went in and shut the door behind him.
  7. After the man spoke the girl sighed a little, perhaps he wasn't such a threat after all, but she couldn't be too sure about it, though the least she could do was ask him his name. After she heard the door shut she grunted a little as she got herself up trying to ignore the pain from her leg due to the recent injury she'd recieved. She walked over to the bathroom door hearing the shower running and knocked on it three times, standing to the side of the door with a hand on her gun incase she needed it.
  8. Saito eyes widen, he didn't expected for the person to knocked. "Who is it?" laughing a little.
  9. "Just someone who lives here." The girl called out wondering why the man inside was laughing a little, it didn't give her such a good feeling about who she was talking to, but she hoped he wasn't too hostile. He sure didn't sound that way when he had come in, so perhaps it was just an odd character trait of his...
  10. Saito final heard the voice, it was a girl voice. Saito turn off the shower and got out. "so, are gonna shoot me, when i open this door." Saito said while putting his clothes on.
  11. "Only if you shoot first." The girl responded remaining where she was standing before, she backed up a little until she was close enough to a particularly large war-drobe, this should give her enough time to take cover if the man did indeed open fire on her.
  12. Saito got fully dressed, he grabbed his shotgun. Saito open the door. Saito looked around trying to find the girl. Final, something caught his eye, it was a girl. "Hey." Saito give her a small smile and started to walk to fine the kitchen, for a snack.
  13. Jordan didn't know where they were now. "Frey...you think...."
    "In here, the whole towns practically lost their heads," Freya replied, slipping into an open doorway. Jordan followed. Considering that he was not only the boy, but the older one, it was kinda depressing that she had the bigger brain and the gun.

    Freya stopped as she saw a man and a girl, with guns. "Right. Before we start, are either of you going to shoot us," she said, before pressing the gun into Jordan's hand. "And have either of you lost your head?" Jordan poked her in the back...he didn't know how to use this! He messed about, shot, and hit the ceiling. "Sorry. First time."
  14. The girl just simply nodded and watched as the man walked towards the kitchen presumably looking for a snack... She was just glad that he hadn't tried anything crazy, but just then a boy and a seemingly younger girl burst in and ask if either of them were going to shoot. "You're safe from me, unless you try anything." She states just before the girl pointed a gun at the older boy's head, and to her surprise the boy shat, presumably by accident, she figured she'd need to keep watch on him, that girl didn't point a gun at his head for no reason.
  15. Freya nodded and Jordan blushed. "Um. Now we can kill zombies?" he whispered, trying not to burst out laughing.
    "There could be zombies in the roof. Start there," Freya replied grimly. Jordan didn't take this very seriously. Nevertheless, Freya wasn't going to let him die.
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