Apocalypse Of Bloody-Vampires (Closed RP with Kait Kimishi)

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  1. It was a rather cloudy day. The air around the forest was fresh and smelt of nature, and animals. Surprisingly, there wasn't a single bird who chirped - and there wasn't a single bug who made a noise. The sun was out illuminating the skies and below it lay a thick and wide forest, filled with various kinds of wildlife that would wander about in the environment, creating harmony in the ecosystem. The lush green scenery was pleasant to the eyes, but what hid deeper inside that beautiful scene would be survival of the fittest.

    There was none except Ezequiel - The Great Vampire Hunter. Like always he was there to hunt down vampire(s). But it was rare to catch em' in daylights, so he had to wait still the sun bounces off the surface.

    Finally the sun falls to its slumber as a moon appears He saunter through a natural avenue of trees, it is shady, dark and cool almost cold. As he came to the end of the trees it opens up into a lake. The air is warmer, the sounds of insects are almost too loud. The lake seems like a black void. The Vampire-Hunter waited till he can find some vampires.

    The clock was ticking as the sky gets darker. Beautiful moon was covered by the black clouds as if the darkness has engulf the earth. On the pitch black darkness he felt an appearance of someone...someone stronger, sharper and more ferocious than him. He thought weather it was a human or vampire..the smell of fresh bloods moves inside his nose making him dizzy. But he was a man of respect who saved uncountable lives from the bloody-vampires - The Ultimate Creatures. He stood stiff "Bring It ON!" He shouts pointing his rifles in the dark woods.
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  2. Darkness was all Shane saw. All the time. No color no light just something no one can fix. All his other scents were like on fire. He could feel anyone miles away and he could smell anything from well like miles two. All his other scents make it for him to see too. It's amazing for him to be able to well just stand there and take it all in.

    Everyone knew he was powerful even though he was blind. No one bothered him and well they were scared of him because he was blind the thing about the sunlight and the sun didn't affect him. He already had a physical disability so how would he know when the sun was out or not except when well you know like different creatures walk around.

    Right now it was at night and Shane was sitting in a tree thinking about things. The only thing he couldn't do well was bite so either he starved or he found an animal to eat from because some have longer necks. And once he eats it he puts it in a place where humans will find the rest to use it wisely.

    Shane face his face in one direction as he felt someone near the forest. Don't ask how he got up in the tree he didn't really know how he succeeded to get on the branch he was on. He has some powers that he really didn't know how to use so he never uses them. It's kinda sad when he couldn't see that means he couldn't really tell if anything worked unless he went and touched it or something.

    [OOC: i had to put some humor into our vampire x hunter thing and make him not like most vampires]
  3. Yes! He was blink indeed but that didn't matter to him. He was strong enough to hunt down several vampires at a time, he was the most fearsome man. Everyone had goosebumps hearing his name "The Great Vampire Hunter - Ezequiel Zárate" and vampires used to get scared stiff by his tremendous fearsome presence.

    The wind swept through him and nostalgia reminder him of the exhilaration he felt on the past when the vampires sucked all the bloods from his family. He was the only one to survive. From that day he started hating the vampire - The deadliest creatures a God has ever created. After that day he no longer considered himself as a human as he was completely lost in the nightmare of eternal sleep. What a jolly and mocking personality he had, speaking informally with most people as if they are close friends. The old himself was completely gone now he lived like a nomad, moving place to place. Eaten only once a day, he grew more rude, lewd, vulgar, and nihilistic, something of an antihero. He fights with ferocity and often-extreme cruelty, rarely shooting to kill until his target has been totally disabled and Ezequiel's sadistic nature Ezequiel's twisted side humiliated. However, he does seem to have some small shred of humanity left in him, as he is still capable of shedding tears. Underneath his cocky, arrogant attitude, Ezequiel was deeply sad and is envious of humans, for they are blessed with the gift of death and moving on to the next life, while he himself is unable to die and must walk the Earth for eternity until the last day. But in same time he held up his pride as a Vampire-Hunter and made a oath to kill every of those species so humans can die in peace. And prayed - God may rust Vampire in peace.

    He was standing opposite to the Vampire. He could say it was a female, the gender he hated most. The gender who fooled him, drove him crazy, used him and threw him like a tissue-paper. He was having the same old feelings he had 10 years ago when he fell into the deepest love with that Vampire Girl.

    No, that was no way to describe it. Obsession was more like it. You know that feeling you get when your around someone? That feeling in your stomach that just makes you need to be around someone? Yeah, that feeling. But for vampires, that feeling doubles, even triples when they notice someone. And that someone, was him. He was amazing, kind, sweet, he told the funniest jokes - That is how the Vampire-Girl explained her feelings for him 10 years back...He loved him like crazy.

    Every night, she'd crawl into his window, and sit, and watched him. She was protective over him, for whatever reason. She couldn't stay away from him. Even a few times, she had suffered the blisters that sun gave vampires just to follow him around. She'd always leave small gifts on his door step, and always signed the card with a simple heart ... made of blood. Unfortunately that night she was growing more hungry, so hungry she had never been. A lightning bolt thrust blazed on his mind when he heard his mom screaming, he was scared stiff when he was his sweetheart-vamp sucking her younger sister's blood. Soon enough his whole family was wiped out, the vamp left leaving him alone. And so from that day he seeks for the revenge.

    //Is this how you want this story to go?
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  4. The blind vampire Shane felt the anger and sadness of one person in the forest while the other just felt like nothing. Shane jumped from his branch and started to walk into the direction of the two. He walked almost gracefully even though his eyes could never see where he was going. The vibration and sound made it enough so he could feel what was around him enough to know what is there.

    Shane had always been alone. No one wanted to be around him in fear he might hurt them but well he was kind of a sweet heart. He had to be kind to anyone since his blindness restricted his sight. Sometimes he wondered what colors were and what things looked like but he would never know.

    When he got to the clearing he could feel two presences. One of course was a vampire but the other was a hunter. Hunters that hunt down things but Shane could tell that this hunter hunted the undead or vampires. "Stay still. May I cross this field and not get hurt." His voice echoed across the field softly and gently.

  5. || Ehh...I though you would be RPing as Vampire and me as Blind Vamp-Hunter ._.
  6. Now I'm confused. I wanted to be the blind vampire. T_T
  7. Oh! :o I'm so sorry..I thought you mentioned that because you wanted me to be the blind one.
    Well then let's make a plot twist. Forget that I mentioned I'm a blind hunter.
    I will divert the story and give you new character ^_^
  8. The fearsome Vampire-Hunter was giving the Blink-Vampire an evil grin as if he himself was a demon - a monster and would suck the young vamps blood. He didn't knew she was blind...he couldn't feel her sadness, all he thought was of killing her - Taking revenge.

    From a close range he fires a beam which was capable of blinding any, except him and of course the blind-vamp as she was blind. On the shining ray the pretty woman's black long hair was waving in thin air, it shined as his bright light place a wonderful kiss on her face. The Hunter felt as if he was lost in the sea love, but soon he gained his sense "No not this time!" He murmurs to himself.

    Now with a great speed he runs toward her and grabbed her neck chocking her to death. She gasps, she cough. But the heartless cold hearted Hunter was determined to kill her.
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