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Is this a specific enough Apocalypse to join the rest on my PA blog?

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  1. I'm itching for one very particular scenario, and somebody who thinks it sounds interesting enough to get their creative engines going.

    The Plot (open)
    In a far flung future, mankind's grasp of technology traveled leaps and bounds beyond what we'd anticipated. By 2030, space travel became a reasonable option for middle-class families. By 2055, overpopulation gave way to voluntary space-colonization. Medicine and weaponry each boomed, and artificial intelligence swept the nations of earth, without any of the tragedies forewarned by science-fiction writers for as long as they had existed.

    By 2073, United Earth Star Fleets came into contact with several sentient, alien races, each willing to open lines of communication with the fledgling starwalkers. Treaties were made, and mankind were warmly -if hesitantly- welcomed into the Union of Watchers, an interstellar coalition bound to protect evolving worlds from outside interference.

    For a time, peace reined, and life for humans was good. Greed however, drove men to break their piece. A new planet with sentient, terra-bound aliens was found, and it was reported to have vast deposits of much-desired resources deep within the planet's crust. A colony of self-minded smugglers set out to make the planet theirs. The Watchers caught wind of the smugglers quickly, but by the time a delegation of Inter Stellar Law Enforcers, the damage had been done.

    The land had been terraformed to make the land habitable by humans, throwing the local flora and fauna into chaos. Quickmines had begun pockmarking the face of the planet. Mountains were laid low, and forests were clear-cut. The few remaining sentient tribes that had survived the terraforming, climate change, and the moneygrubbing offworlders, had been uprooted from their homes, and relocated to camps, where they were kept as cheap labor.

    Retribution from the Watchers was swift, and merciless. A war raged across the stars, and humans were on the receiving end. Colonies were burned, ships were destroyed. Planetary defenses were quickly overcome. Orbital bombardments rained down on the once-grand cities of man, and all across the stars, humans were laid low.

    It is on one of these fallen colonies, that our story takes place.

    I am looking for two particular roles in this scenario.

    The first is that of the survivor. It can be male or female. I would prefer my partner to play this one. Romance is an option, not a necessity.

    The second, is an AI unit that the survivor comes across, and grows to depend upon as a companion in a fallen world. I would prefer to play this, and it's gender -such as it might have- doesn't much matter to me.
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  2. I would absolutely love this! I'd like to be male and you be a female by the way ^.^
  3. I'm willing to give it a shot. ^.^ PM me, and we'll work out the details!
  4. That does sound pretty amazing. Shoot me a PM if you're willing to talk anymore about it. Love the unique setting. Maybe a little HFY action might be fun. Or, well, the total opposite.
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