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  1. Xavier was scavenging through a pile of trash, there usually was semi-salvageable stuff in these piles. Sometimes it was just total garbage though. As he rummaged through he managed to find an unopened can of diet coke. Pop was extremely rare as most of it was cracked open and had spilled out during the mobs of people looting stores. Xavier had been a part of those mobs but only to survive. Technically it had been stealing but there were not laws in the apocalypse.

    Holding up the can he looked around for his friend. The two had met a few weeks ago and had decided to band together to survive this thing. It was a littl awkward at first but they were slowly becoming more and more comfortable woth eachother. Finding his companion he yelled, "hey look what I found!"

    ( @Nico Varty just a little info on Xavier, he's 18, is very awkward at first but once he becomes close to someone he becomes very clingy, he is also very affectionate once he gets to know someone)
  2. Thalin popped up from where he was, and looked towards Xavier. "Is that an unopened pop can?" He asked jumping over the pile of junk, and sliding down quickly landing on his feet by his friend. Thalin stared at the can, and a smile popped across his face. "You know this means sweet fizzy goodness." Thalin scratched the back of his neck, flicking a fly away from him.
  3. "Yeah once we get back home we'll split it," Xavier said suddenly thinking of their home. It was in an apartment building, it wasn't much but it was the best place they could find. It had a bedroom, kitchen/living room and a non-working bathroom. Luckily they were guys and could just go pee whenever they felt like it, as for bathing there was a nearby river, which they had yet to visit. They would need to go there soon as they were starting to smell pretty bad. "What's you find?" He asked his companion.
  4. Thalin held up several old blades and a can of beans. "As if we don't have enough weapons and beans." Thalin sighed, and placed the stuff back into his bag, and shoved his hands in his pocket. Thalin peered up at the sky, narrowing his eyes so that he could see the blueness through the blinding sun. "Man... The only thing missing is at least a girl or two...."
  5. "Preferably two," Xavier said with a laugh. "I don't feel like sharing,"he added putting his hand on Thalin's shoulder for a moment. Xavier was a very affectionate person and he was starting to become comfortable with Thalin's, but he didn't know how his friend would react. Some people though it was strange for a man to be affectionate, he wasn't gay or anything he just liked showing affection to his friends.

    It was starting to get hot out though, the heat could get pretty bad this time of day and Sap all of your energy from you. It was best to stay inside during this time of day and come back outside in the evening. "Let's head back before it get's too hot out," he said to his friend as he headed in the direction of home.
  6. "Agreed." Thalin walked with Xavier back to their so called home, shifting the bag on his shoulder. Thalin had become comfortable with Xavier of course, he joked that they were too comfortable because they had some sort of bromance going on. Thalin opened the door to their home, and then walked in dropping his bag to the side. "Ugh... We need like entertainment or something, maybe we need to make a friend out of sticks or something."
  7. Once they were home Xavier sat on one of the rickety chairs. "Hmmm we could go swimming, we need to get clean anyways, if we run I to any ladies they'll run when they smell us," he said with a laugh. Standing up he walked over to a cupboard Dan d pulled out a bar of soap and a bottle or shampoo. "Luckily we have these," he said holding them up. He wasn't trying to force his friend to get swimming/bathing but they would need to go soon.
  8. Thalin chuckled. "You're right, I just hope any ladies we do run into are damn sexy." Thalin stared off out one of the windows. "Yeah sure why not... Deoderant isn't passing anymore. Besides..." Thalin stared down at some old healed wounds that still had tons of dried blood around them. "All this needs to be washed off."
  9. Xavier laughed a little bit as he followed his friend out of the window. When his friend meantioned his would wounds Xavier thought of the few he had sustained. He didn't have as many as his friend as he had been a coward and let his friend do most of the fighting. He felt awful about this but didn't know what to say instead he just necer said anything about the fight.

    With the bar of soap and bottle of shampoo in his hand he and his friend made there way to the river. It took about 15 minutes to get there but they finally made it, Xavier looked around to see if anyone else was there luckily there wasn't.
  10. Thalin had already stripped down, and jumped into the river, most of the dirt just coming off in one big piece. Thalin popped his head up out of the water, and sighed in relief and pushed his hair out of his face. Opening his eyes, he looked at his friend. "Well hurry up, it's not like I haven't already seen you naked, I mean come on, we live together, and I already sleep in the nude."
  11. Xavier quickly pulled off his clothes and put them in a pile before getting into the water. He immediately grabbed the soap and started scrubbing away the dirt and grim. Yes they had seen eachother naked before, at halon wasn't shy at all, soon he would be walking around the house naked all the time. Xavier didn't care though, they both had a penis and they had both seen eachother's penis although this would be the first time Thalin's got a good look at his as Xavier was a little more shy than Thalin.
  12. Thalin waited till Xavier was down with the soap before he took his turn, washing away the dried up blood. After he set the soap back on some rocks, he listened to the surroundings for a moment, hearing several snaps coming from within some trees. After a moment of no more sounds, Thalin returned to washing up.
  13. Xavier had handed his friend the soap after he was finished. When he heard the twigs snap he moved behind Thalin scared someone would appear. Thankfully no one did come out of the trees. "Sorry got freaked out for a minute," he said looking down into the crystal clear water. It was amazing that this river was so clean after the apocalypse.
  14. "Eh don't worry about, if someone had come out of the trees I would have done some fighting." Thalin chuckled at the thought of doing fighting naked. "which would have been interesting to say the least." Thalin finished up, and then climbed out of the river.
  15. Xavier couldn't help but laugh as the image popped into his head. "Yeah that would be interesting, hey kind passing me my boxers, I just a little freaked out someone might be watching," he said holding out his hand. He hoped Thalin would just hand them to him instead of taking his clothes and running, forcing him to make it home naked. That was something he wouldn't put past his friend to do.
  16. Thalin picked up Xavier's boxers and tossed the to him, as Thalin pulled on his pants and boxers with one hand. "You know, I heard something about there being people on the other side of town."
  17. Xavier quickly stepped out of the water and immediately pulled his boxers on. Then he proceed to get dressed completely. Walking over to his friend he whispered, "do you think one could be watching us right now?" He asked. Xavier while he wouldn't mind a nice lady or two didn't like the thought of other people being around. Groups often fought over resources, these fights could be very dangerous...
  18. Thalin chuckled. "As long as it's women that I'm fine with that. You know, we could be the ones to like repopulate the earth or something. We can be Adam, and we would just have to found our eve." Thalih smirked at the tought of having little mini hims running about.
  19. "I have first pick of any girls we find," he said giving his friend a friendly shove as they went back to their home. He wasn't sure if he wanted kids, well he wanted kids but he wasn't sure if he wanted to bring them into this awful world. It was dangerous for babies and young children this day in age.
  20. "Why do you get first pick huh? What if the girl you pick wants me instead of you, huh?" Thalin picked Xavier up, tossing him over his shoulder. "I think I should get first pick, it's that or we have a deathly fight over them." Thalin chuckled, and looked towards his friend whose head was no right next to his, only upside down.
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