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    Game Masters:
    Accepting New Characters:
    Posting Expectations:
    Posting expectations is once a week, two paragraphs of six+ complete sentences minimum, and written in third person past tense. Grammar and spelling mistakes should be few.
    Advance: Players should be confident in their writing ability and have a thorough understanding of genre, themes, story elements, and character dynamics. You will be expected to take an active role in driving the plot forward without derailing the focus of the game. You may be expected to create and/or control NPCs as necessary.
    Contemporary action/adventure/espionage/military/science fiction/horror
    Serious, dramatic, action, creepy horror.
    Plot Flow:
    Linear - progressing from one stage to another in a single series of steps. Though not limited to undeviating sub plot lines.
    Modern time/present time.
    Basic Plot:
    The story arc, involves the investigation of unexplained phenomena, secret organizations, conspiracy theories, and UFO sighting investigation. All related to the intelligence that we are not alone in the universe, and in fact we have been visited by extraterrestrial lifeforms for centuries. But what your investigation reveals is far more inconceivable, when you uncover alien sleeper cells among us - possibly even inside APO. The story moves forward into a more complicated plot that reveals a pending invasion. Our role, as roleplayers, is to tell this story through our characters. We won't just focus on the action but also on the lives of our characters outside their jobs and how they relate with one another. I will set up the missions, provide the obstacles, and drop little crumbs for you to pick up. It will be up to your character to assimilate the information and decide what is truth and what is fiction.

    You are approached in college by someone claiming to be from the government, he tells you that you fit a certain profile and that you have the opportunity to work for the U.S. government as a spy. Curious, you accept and soon find yourself taking a series of written tests, including rigorous physical training, and having passed them you are required to sign around 500 non-disclosure agreements to finally become a CIA operative.

    You start at your cover site, working under your specialized background skill, analysis, forensics, medical, high tech, linguistics, engineering, etc..., for an evaluation of 1 year. After 12 months, you are told that you are ready to transition to the real operations headquarters at APO (Authorized Personnel Only) - APO is a black-ops division of the CIA that undertakes highly classified missions (hidden even from Congressional oversight) and the reason why APO does not operate out of Langley, VA.

    CIA Profile (open)
    Basic Requirements: CIA employment requires U.S. citizenship. Aspiring special agents must be 18 years old and hold a bachelor's degree earned with high grades. The recruiter looks for candidates with technical proficiency, experience with investigative procedures and techniques, ability to multi-task and prioritize. An aptitude for dealing with huge amounts of data, pinpointing inconsistencies, and drawing conclusions rounds out the ideal candidate.

    Clearance: All CIA employees must obtain a security clearance. The extensive background check examines all aspects of an applicant's life to reveal such traits as character, respect for the law, allegiance to the country, and attitude toward confidentiality. The agency uses a polygraph tests to verify information from the background check. And a comprehensive psychological and medical exam screens candidates who must pass it before advancing in the hiring process.

    Clandestine Service Positions (open)
    Assistant Director (Taken): The assistant director is a Staff Operations Officer (SOO) based out of APO Headquarters. The SOO is the interface between Headquarters and the field, and serves a critical role in translating executive guidance into operational actions, planning, and oversees intelligence collection, counterintelligence activities, and covert action operations. (For this position your character must be an experienced agent, that has worked for the CIA for more than 15 years, which earned them the ascension in rank and position. Should be someone between the ages of 40-50.)

    Field Agent (Operations Agent | Open): APO Field Agent, is a Specialized Skills Operative (SSO), and serves a significant portion of their time under cover. SSO must be able to deal with fast-moving, ambiguous and unstructured situations. This requires physical and psychological health, energy, intuition, "street smart" and the ability to cope with stress. SSO Agents serve the bulk of their time in short-term or long-term "Top Secret - Military Special Operations". Combat arms experience (ground, air, or maritime), previous foreign travel, combat service and foreign language proficiency are highly valued skills of SSO Agents.

    Op. Tech Agent (Taken): The Operations Technical Agent is a Staff Information Technology Specialist (SITS) based out of APO Headquarters. The SITS is a highly skilled hacker and educated IT that generally design, operate or maintain technology products - related to software, hardware, databases, Web resources, networks and enterprise systems. The SITS primary function is to serve tech support to the Field Agents -usually providing communications, monitoring operations via satellite, performing complex technical hacking, and in the invention of gadgets and devices used by the SSO during operations.
    Character Skeleton (open)

    [imga=right]Paste face claim link here. Real image only.[/imga][b]Personal Information[/b]
    Call sign: (each operative is assigned a handle for field operations, select one that fits your character)
    Position: (pick one from list)
    Training/Special Skills: (You should have a diverse group of skills - as well as combat arms experience (ground, air, or maritime) are highly valued skills.)
    Education: (enter any degrees your character may have)
    [b]Family Information[/b]
    Civil status: (enter here the name of your significant other and relationship status, husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/pet)
    Parents/Siblings: (enter here the name of your parents and siblings, include if they are dead or alive)
    Early life: (provide some details of your character’s early life that impact or influenced their development.)
    Career: (provide information about the day you were recruited, and your training - can be written in first person perspective.)

    APO Headquarters (open)


    You’ve been assigned to APO: The headquarters of APO is underneath the Denver International Airport (DIA). APO’s director is Nicole Vickers. To enter APO, an employee has to enter the North Gate Tower station. At that station, one has to go towards a door marked “NO ENTRY: Authorized Personnel Only.” Employees enter the door using a key card, after which point they have to travel down two levels to another door, once there an eye scan is required to enter the main APO entrance hallway. The door shuts automatically after the employee enters.

    At the end of the hallway is a reception desk. The main bullpen of APO is to the left, where employees work at computer stations. The design is bright white on all walls, floors and ceiling. There are minimal doors, the director’s office, briefing room, tech and servers, and special ops control room are sectioned off from the rest of the bullpen.

    Personnel Directory

    FAQ (open)

    Can I play as a KGB agent, MI6 agent, or double agent?
    • Everyone was recruited right out of college - but, this does not discredit the possibility that you were approached by other intelligent agencies during your CIA training period or evaluation period. You can play a double agent if you want to go that rout, we just need to plot together who you work for and what are their goals.
    Can I play as an Alien sleeper cell?
    • No. The aliens are our common enemies. It is a clear US against THEM conflict.
    Can I kill other agents?
    • The killing of agents is allowed as long as it is intricate to the plot and discussed, planned, and agree upon beforehand by participating players.
    Can agents be captured and tortured?
    • Yes. Agents can be captured and tortured, some will experience memory loss, others will be tested like lab rats, and even used as valuable trade objects.
    Can I have more than one character?
    • Only one main character per player is allowed. However, you may create NPC fillers that will help move your character's story forward.
    How will I influenced the story line if the plot flow is linear?
    • The missions are linear - you go in to complete your mission objective, usually by surpassing a series of obstacles, once you've passed the obstacles you will be rewarded with Intel. How you assimilate and use the Intel will determined the objective of missions for other players. As an added conflict not all missions will reveal good Intel.
    What types of weapons and tech can I use?
    • Depending on the setting of the operation an array of useful yet eccentric devices will be assigned to you by the Op Tech. Generally you won't be assigned a firearm, unless the operation calls for one - in such cases you will have the freedom to chose a weapon of your choice. Or, acquire one by disarming the enemy during an operation.

    Rules (open)

    • No metagaming, godmodding, marysue/garystu characters.
    • No one-liners ever - one liners are very boring and do not give roleplay partners much to work with.
    • No grammar and spelling mistakes - always type out complete sentences, and spell check your posts.
    • ALWAYS read the posts before you post your own post. Reading information and posts makes sure that you don't miss any important details.
    • Recognize when actions affect your characters and when they don't.
    • Never hijack another player's character or plot - do not write out and post actions, dialogue, or history for someone else's character.
    • Respect each other, and respect Game Master's rules and requests.
    • No autohitting/killing another player's character without consent and beforehand planning.
    • Romance is allowed but keep it PG-13.
    • Swearing is allowed but keep it mild.
    • Posting expectations is once a week, two paragraphs minimum, and written in third person past tense.
    • IWAKU rules apply.

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  2. Personal Information
    Name: Nicole Vickers
    Ethnicity: White American
    Call sign: None (formerly CIA Operative Dirtdice)
    Position: Director
    Born: 1974 (41 yrs-old)
    Height: 5’9”
    Weight: 142Lb
    Hair: Jet Black
    Eyes: Hazel
    Characteristics: Double-jointed, Left handed.
    Training/Special Skills: Physics, Game Theory, Cryptology, Theater Arts, Krav Maga, World History, Linguistics, Pilot.
    Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic, and Afro-asiatic languages.
    Education: Doctorate, AU.

    Family Information
    Marital status: Divorced and currently single. Former husband was Brian Townsend, now Director of NSC. They had one daughter, Brittany Nicole Townsend, 17 years-old, currently in an all girls boarding school in Cambridge.
    Parents/Siblings: Parents were Michael and Nelly Vickers, both dead. She has 3 elder siblings, Mike, Vicky, and Nelson.

    Early life: Nicole was born in Jacksonvile, Florida while her father was stationed at the local military base. Her mother died when she was five years old, from then on she was cared for by her father. It was these early struggles, of growing up motherless, that forged the steel in her soul. By the time she was 12 she had lived in France, Italy, Panama, and Egypt, due to her father’s line of work and being periodically reassigned. She developed polyglotism as a result of having to learn learn new languages every time they moved, as well as a photographic memory. When she was 13 she was sent to boarding school. There she sharpened her noted abilities, and developed a passion for the study of world history.

    Career: Like her siblings and father, Nicole joined the military right out of high school at the age of 18. The first unit she served, was a special operations, light-infantry unit that focused on direct-action missions. As such, it required an extensive selection process that many did not pass. While serving she trained in various locations in the US as well as overseas.

    After serving for about four years she return to the US, and went to American University in Washington. While working on her doctorate she attended a CIA recruitment fair, and soon after took the CIA Assessment and Selection Course. It was an extremely rigorous process, but having passed it, and considering her military background, she was selected for the Special Operations Qualification Course. She spent the next 14 months in training, attending various schools including special-operations target interdiction course sniper school, jumpmaster school, and military freefall school. She was assigned to Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA).

    Around this time she met Brian Townsend, the two had a passionate romance, and after two weeks of dating Nicole became pregnant. The news was life changing for Nicole, she had taken every precaution, but it didn’t work for her. The two married despite the fact that it was clear she was not ready for marriage and much less motherhood. She tried to make it work, changing her career path to Analysis and completed her doctorate all while playing wife and mother. The marriage lasted two years, during the divorce she agreed to give Brian custody of their daughter.

    For the next two years Nicole devoted herself to her career, and after working as a Field Agent for more than ten years she ascended to Director of APO.

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  3. Place holder...
  4. Image (open)

    Name: Enrique Ortiz
    Ethnicity: Puerto Rican
    Call sign: Perro
    Position: Field Operative
    Born: January 29 1987
    Height: 6'0
    Weight: 185lbs
    Hair: Stark Black
    Eyes: Brown
    Characteristics: Above average build, similar in physicality to that of a UFC fighter. Keeps his hair trimmed short.
    Training/Special Skills: Skilled in close quarters combat, interrogation techniques, advanced torture techniques, above average marksmanship, above average reaction time, skilled in parkour.
    Languages: Spanish, Portuguese, English, French.
    Education: Meets all requirements.

    Family Information
    Marital status: Negative, prefers to keep himself away from emotional attachment so that he can be more effective in the field.
    Parents/Siblings: Arturo Ortega, Father, Deceased. Carlota Ortega, Mother, Deceased. Amanda Ortega, Sister, Alive.

    Early life: Raised in a barrio in San Juan, he gained his citizenship after his mother and father moved to the states in 1993. Since he has been raised in a lower middle class household, his father was hard and brought him up believing that he should strive to help others. Participated in football and wrestling as a teenager, excelled in history.
    College: Attended the United States Military Academy at West Point NY, excelled in marksmanship and espionage. Was approached three weeks before graduation.

    Enrique was sitting in an office wearing his PT uniform, he had been called in by one of his CO's and was told to sit in the chair and wait. He saw the handle on the door turn and stood from his seat, flattening out his shorts. He watched as a man with corrective lenses and a suit, he held a manilla folder under his left arm and shook Enrique's outstretched hand with his right. He gestured towards the seat behind Enrique and asked him to sit.

    "My name is Freidrich Werner," The man said in a vaguely German accent, "I am a recruiter for the Central Intelligence Agency, I have been through your file several times among that of others and I have to say you are an impressive candidate. While you do not excel in mathematics, chemisty, or many things most do, you are gifted in combat scenarios, hand to hand combat, small arms accuracy, your physical abilities rival those of your instructors. It's impressive a young man like yourself isnt in the UFC taking on Chuck Liddell."

    "Thank you sir," Enrique said sitting straight in his chair his arms at his sides, "If I may ask are you recruiting me?"

    The man smiled and tapped the table, "That is correct, I am recruiting you. Upon graduation you will be asked again if you wish to join a special operations unit of the CIA. While I can assure you that you will be capable of joining I must inform you we will ask you to do things many others are not comfortable with, you must take your orders above all else. Do you think you can do what is asked of you, anything that is asked of you, for your country?"

    "Yes sir," Enrique said forcing back a smile, never in his wildest dreams had he ever anticipated that this would happen but nothing could have made him happier. He was only 24 and he was already on his way to the career of espionage and serving his country dutifully and with pride. Since then he has been on several missions all of which written in black ink and covered up later on. In July of 2012 his father passed away, soon followed by his mother in August of the same year. His sister is still alive and lives in Austin TX, currently engaged to a banker.
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  5. Nice to see some interest. Welcome!

    @HellHoundWoof - I updated the character skeleton and added more details under the "Recruitment" box in the OP. Take a look and make the necessary changes to your application. Character accepted.
  6. Personal Information
    Name: Noel Dyson
    Ethnicity: Black Hispanic
    Call sign: Android
    Position: Op. Tech Agent
    Born: December 14, 1989
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 153 lbs
    Hair: Dark brown, short and curly.
    Eyes: Grayish blue
    Characteristics: Ambidextrous, soft spoken, open minded.
    Training/Special Skills: Robotics, mechanical and electrical engineering, computer science, medium level hacking, MMA, graphic design.
    Languages: English, French, Korean, Spanish, Arabic.
    Education: Bachelors Degree in Robotic Engineering

    Family Information
    Civil status: Stella Anderson - Girlfriend
    Ruben - Robotic pet - Belongs to Noel

    Madalena Dyson - Mother - Alive
    Derek Dyson - Father - Deceased
    Marie Green - Paternal Grandmother - Alive - Lives with Madison Dyson
    Delilah Green - Aunt - Alive - Lives with Madison Dyson

    Early life
    Noel was born in New York City, to two new age parents. His mother and father were both pretty odd and could be described as hippies. From a young age they taught there son to be open to all things and accepting of others. This state of mind was good for being at home, but at school Noel was picked on for not following the crowd and shunning others who were thought of as different and weird. Fearing for his safety, and purity, his parents pulled Noel out of school and began homeschooling him at age seven. Noel's home school curriculum consisted of him following his mechanic father around the garage, having his ex schoolteacher grandmother teach him math and reading, and being taught languages by his mother who knew Spanish, and French, and by his aunt, Delilah who knew Arabic. The rest of his schooling was done by taking educational courses online.

    When Noel was ten, his family began working harder to make money so that he could have better things and more resources in life, so they took on more jobs and did have much time to watch him. They were too afraid to leave him at home, so they left him with their Korean neighbors who were more than happy to watch him. The only thing wrong with that situation was that the neighbors barely spoke English and so Noel had to learn Korean to communicate with them.

    At the age of thirteen, Noel had learned all that he could from his family and neighbors, and so his parents made the decision to send him back to public school. High school was much more different from elementary school, and so Noel didn't have any problems with bullying there.
    In high school, Noel took an interest in the robotics club, and with the background in mechanics courtesy of his father and the fact that he had spent copious amounts of time on the computer, he excelled in the subject. By his sophomore year, Noel had already created his first robot, Ruben, who he entered in a local competition and one first prize for. This win earned him some fame at school, and that's when he met Stella Green.

    At first, Noel thought that Stella only liked him because he had won a tournament and maybe because she wanted him to build a robot for her, but he soon came to find out that Stella had liked him for a long time, but had never had the courage to say anything until then. The two highschoolers became an item and stayed one, even after graduation. Stella stayed by Noel's side even when he was going crazy trying to find new inspirations for his robotic creations. She didn't get mad at him when he began pushing her away when his father died in his second year of college, and she supported him when he was recruited.

    Yes everything was perfect for the couple. Except, Stella's starting to nag Noel about tying the knot and having a baby, and Noel is terrified.

    Noel had just won a prize for more Innovative Robotic Creation, at the Annual New York City Robotics Convention and Competition when he was approached by the Convention Security. At first he thought he was in trouble and cast a worried glanced at Stella who just gave him a shrug and a thumbs up.

    Gripping his robotic creation in his hands, Noel followed the security into a small room, where a man in a sharp suit and shades sat waiting for him. The man gestured to a seat in front of him, and Noel sat in it uncomfortably. "No need to be so on edge, Mr. Dyson. You aren't in any trouble." The man stated, with a friendly smile that seemed like more of a smirk in Noel's terrified eyes.

    "I am a recruiter from the Central Intelligence Agency--

    Noel drew in a quick breath, "The CIA?" He squeaked, gripping his robot tighter. The machine's lights flashed red in protest and Noel set it down on the floor where it assumed it's function was required and began scanning the room for germs. The recruiter smiled and gestured at the bot.

    "This is the reason why I'm here, Mr. Dyson. You have immense talent in robotic engineering, and our agency would like to recruit you into our ranks. We need creative people and innovative people like you on our side." The man paused, and Noel could have sworn that his little smirk got a little bit bigger. "Of course this opportunity would take up a lot of your time, and I noticed your significant other back there, so this might drive a rift into your relationship--

    "Okay." Noel said quickly and the man cocked an eyebrow. The robotics engineer figured that if he began spending more time away from Stella, she would get tired of him and leave to find someone else who would be more than willing to have a baby with her. He couldn't pass up this chance, besides, the only thing he had to lose was what he already wanted to lose; His relationship.

    "Well then, after you graduate, I will return and you will commence your evaluation period. After that you will enter our ranks."

    Noel visibly deflated. "Why can't the evaluation period start now?" He inquired.

    "The agency prefers someone with a degree as their employee." Noel nodded in understanding. " And the time between now and your graduation gives you time to change your mind if you decide not to do this."

    Noel shook his head vigorously. "I won't."

    And he didn't. After graduation, Noel commenced his training and passed with flying colors. He slid into his job easily and soon got used to everything. However his one wish, that Stella would leave him, did not come true, and she's still urging him to have a baby with her and get married, in which order, he doesn't know.
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  7. Welcome, Poly! Character looking good so far. :)
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  8. Hmmm, I do hope this meets the requirements above and doesn't stray to far from what we're looking for in a dossier for the character. I'll go ahead and put it under spoilers for now. Let me know if I should adjust what I've done here. I started writing and went a wee bit far out on a limb there.

    Call sign Wheat Penny (open)
    Name: Wayne Luman [​IMG]
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Call sign: Wheat Penny
    Position: Assistant Director
    Born: April 12th, 1962
    Height: 5'"7
    Weight: 143 lbs (64.8 kg)
    Hair: Grey
    Eyes: Brown
    Characteristics: Calm and nuance, elderly yet strong physical build.
    Training/Special Skills: Recruited into the Army at the age of eighteen, recruited into special forces at twenty-three. Extensive training in numerous combat situations, capable of adapting between close quarters to long range combat. Spent twelve years under heavy cover between 1981 to 1993 within the Soviet Union up until the end of the Cold War carrying out innumerable S&D, information manipulation, assassination and propaganda ops. Immediately after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Wayne was transferred into Kuwait in the aftermath of the Gulf War. There he carried out similar ops, most involving moving high level assets out of country into safe zones for CIA and US Military extractions.
    During his time in the Middle Eastern countries, Wayne found himself on the trails of varying human smuggling rings which at one point had taken a top-level asset. He had been given permission to pursue and engage as a splinter cell and has been doing so ever since while being privately funded by dark money sources within the US political chain.

    Languages: Tatar, Chuvash, Ukrainian, Armenian, German, Georgian, Serbian, Aerabic, Persian, Kurdish and English.
    Education: High School Education with extensive in-field training.

    Family Information
    Civil status: Never married, celibate.
    Mother, Donna Haw Jordan-Luman, deceased 1968.
    Father, John Wilber Luman, deceased 1968.
    Sibling (single), Timothy Wilber Luman, deceased 1968.

    Early life:
    -file note: Family involved in major subway tram malfunction. Eighty dead, family among the deceased. Seven survivors, Wayne among them at six years old. No other family present to act as legal guardians. Child placed in custody of local resident, friend of the family, a Mr. Donald Millsap. Retired Corporal, US Marines, served on tour with American forces, 1917 into France. Served two tours, Normandy recon and invasion.

    Wayne, as a child, always dreamed of serving in the military, inspired by a family friend who would eventually become his legal guardian until Wayne's high-school graduation and recruitment into the US Marines in 1978. His childhood was scarred by the loss of his family during a visit to New York, New York in a terrible subway accident which resulted in a tunnel cave in, killing majority of the passengers on board, Wayne's family among them. Having no other family, a Mr. Millsap was granted custody and rose the boy as if he were his own.

    During his teenage years Wayne discovered a deep faith he had in his spiritual beliefs between himself, his maker and his country. A devout and heavily religious man. Though his piety never faltered in the face of the military career he'd undertake years later. He'd come to believe that his path was set by that of God and all things were as they should be. He believes it was his own faith which would guide him through the toughest of situations and granted him the ability to accomplish his missions given by his superiors.

    He was the kind of man with extreme loyalty, but not blindly following. He questioned in his later years what was it that he truly did and served, though knew better than to ever voice these same questions aloud. This became a rising question during his twelve years in Moscow, after he'd taken on the identity of a recruit and made his way into the ranks of the so called Red Army. He'd done many other ops before, but all domestic. Small time threats to national security, bomb scares, supposed assassination threats or attempts, media and information manipulation. It was during his time in the Soviet Union, Wayne near fluently learned a number of associated languages commonly spoken through the Soviet states.

    The same happened after his transfer to the Middle Eastern nations during the aftermath of the Gulf War. He quickly learned some of the common native dialects and easily inserted himself deep in the society. He spent over a decade travelling between Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Israel, Bulgaria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. He was approached one day by an operative of the APO and he found himself back in domestic America at a cover sight, disguised as an elderly janitor on the graveyard shift at a hospice house in Poplar Bluff, MO.

    After a year of analysis; a myriad of tests after having spent over two decades out of country, he'd been brought back up to speed and was told it was time for his transfer to something far beyond the work he'd seen, at the APO headquarters.
    Career: He'd found himself in Dubai, on the trail of a human trafficking ring. He knew his target well, for Wayne had been watching him for five months now. He knew his ticks, his walk, his facial movements, the gestures of his hands; nothing was left to secret. He was close now, he'd everything he needed to make his move and take him. The asset lost was near, everything pointed toward his goal now. Even the day agreed, as the sun sat high in the hot blue sky and the stinging wind sat as a still hum.

    On shot, not a sound. Flawless kill, clean and calm. Hui and Wigan appeared moments later with an inconspicuous vehicle as they backed to the locked compartments. Wayne broke the locks and found them. The smell of urine and feces clashed against the hot desert air, yet even then it was a sigh of relief and tears as the three agents quietly hauled the seven women from the compartment. She was there, the lost asset. Time had not been kind to her, the last time Wayne saw her was over eight years ago before being kidnapped. He knew every detail about the woman; Mary Teressa Blume, US national, archaeologist caught in the reign of Hussein when attempting to flee Iraq and became trapped in the harsh desert with her captors.

    The op was a success, precise and unknown, as it should be. The drive to the sea was as harsh as the desert, but the evac was on time. A small cruiser waited far offshore in international waters, it had deployed a black hawk which arrived thirteen seconds early. The group boarded and Wayne found himself face to face with a curious individual who had a proposition for him, something beyond his work in the CIA, beyond his work running around in the sand for the past decade. How could he not accept?

    His work was already known, but his evaluation still had to cover all the bases. He knew the necessity. He'd become old, time was pushing his boundaries closer and closer. But he knew he could prove himself as he did time and time again. Series of base tests, reminding him of his old days when he was first recruited into the CIA. He knew they were testing him, testing his mind and endurance, testing his ability to adapt. And adapt he would.
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  9. @DGraves - I like your character, DGraves. Wayne Luman has some years of experience in field operations, but I don't think Vickers will hire Luman as a Field Agent, 62 is a bit too old. She likes her agents to be young and though capable for the job green enough so that she can mold them to her own benefits. The idea is that fresh recruits have been hired to join APO, your character should be one of those recruits. The exception being the Assistant Director position, which would required someone with years of experience in the CIA. May I suggest two options:

    1) Vickers will hire Lumar for his contacts and the knowledge he may have having worked overseas in Russia and the Middle East. She will offer him the position of Assistant Director - if you accept then our conversation goes to private so that we can discuss how our characters will interact and conduct operations. The only thing you will need to change is the age between 40-50, you can keep the face claim as is.

    2) Change your character's age to best fit a younger version of Lumar, though keeping what you've already written simply edit what little is needed to reflect his new younger self.

    @Polystical - Character Accepted.
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  10. Dropped the age ten years, would fifty-two still be acceptable? Adjusted a few other time relevant bits here and there to compensate for the age change as well.
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  11. Good, character accepted. I'll PM you tomorrow and we'll talk about what I would like to see regarding your position and the working relationship with my character. Right now I'm working on the first mission with HellHoundWoof. The IC will be up by tomorrow.
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  12. Question! Can my assistant be another robotic pet that Noel made?
  13. Okay, the first post is up and the mission is active. I've already sent PMs to all of you, so you should know how to proceed. PMs will be how I communicate Intel. I am still accepting more agents, so get the word out to people you think will enjoy participating. I'm looking to get us a banner.

    @Polystical - sure, but it would be limited to working in your lab only. Try to be as realistic as possible, though creative and interesting. For example, when I asked you to make a one man surveillance drone, this came to mind.

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  14. Is it ok if my character is already a college grad? Undergrad anyway
  15. Yes, just follow the CIA Profile spoiler in the OP as a guide. :) And welcome!
  16. You switched pictures on me I was a little confused, lol.

    character (open)

    Personal Information
    Name: Liliana Alejandro
    Ethnicity: Mixed (Columbian and White)
    Call sign: Phoenix
    Position: Field Agent
    Born: 1992 (22 years old)
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 140
    Hair: Brownish Red
    Eyes: Hazel
    Characteristics: Left Handed
    Training/Special Skills: GOD (kidding) lol. Taekwondo, Krav Maga, Linguistics,
    Close Quarter Combat, Archery, Marksmanship, Free running / parkour, Medic, Slight
    mechanics, MMA
    Languages: English, French, Spanish, German
    Education: Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, Bachelors degree of Biology,
    Minor in ASL

    Family Information
    Civil status: Former boyfriend Jason Thorne. Jetson (pet, Great Dane)
    Parents/Siblings: Liliana and Carlos Alejandro

    Early life: Lilliana was born in Ithaca, New York. Her father worked for the FBI
    up until she was seventeen, when he retired and later relocated to Dallas, Texas.
    Her mother traveled frequently as an undercover operative and was rarely home.
    Lilliana was always fascinated with her mother's stories when she was home. Her
    parents made her study hard as well as take extra classes. Lilliana developed an
    eidetic memory. Her parents wanted to keep her out of their line of work,
    resulting in them pushing her towards healthcare. Lilliana was shipped off to a
    boarding school for her high school years to continue to challenge her, and keep
    her mind keen and sharp. It was there that she learned all the skills of the trade
    for what she needed. When Lilian graduated she was offered a spot in a prestigious
    ivy league college.
    Lilliana was taking pictures with her family when she noticed the strange man
    staring at her. Not wanting to alert her parents she kept her smile plastered on
    her face and joined in on the fun. She kept the man in the corner of her eye,
    making sure to watch him. If her dad caught on to what she was doing the guy
    didn't stand a chance.
    She laughed at one of her mom's jokes and dismissed herself. She wanted to try and
    sneak up on the man, and figure out why he decided to watch her today. She saw him
    watching her as she made her way closer to him, so she lost herself in the flood
    of graduate students. She'd hoped it would make it harder for him to spot her as
    she moved closer towards the man, picking up the pace. She wanted to get behind
    "You're good, but not that good. Not yet anyway" she heard a voice say behind her.
    She spun around and struck, and the man blocked it. A few of the students turned
    around and looked at them. She didn't want to draw too much attention.
    "Who are you and what do you want? My dad would end you in a few seconds."
    "I have no doubt that he would, he's a legend. So is your mother. That's why I'm
    "What do you want with them?"
    "It's not them I want" he said with a smile. "Forgive me for how I came off. I'm
    Dale O'Conner. I'm a recruiter for the CIA."
    "The CIA?"
    "Central Intelligence Agency. Ring a bell" he asked, the smile never leaving his
    "I obviously know what you mean. Why me?"
    "Like I said earlier, your parents are a legend. We've been watching you for
    awhile now. You have quite the file with us. I can't name anything off hand that
    you aren't really good at. That is once you set your mind to it. Slacking off in
    your physics class and you still managed an A. Your fighting skills are unrivaled
    to any other female to come through in such a long time. I really can't name
    anything that you aren't good at."
    "You don't seem like you're from the CIA. You're young, and you don't speak like
    most of them."
    "I bring my own take on things."
    "Why now?"
    "You're officially an adult now, a college graduate. You will make your own
    decisions at this point. You have talent in just about everything we need for a
    field agent. You're a little rough around the edges but that's why you'll enter
    training first. You're single, it isn't like you have anyone to say bye to. Other
    than your parents. They'll just think you're being accepted into a graduate
    program. Until you're ready to tell them the truth."
    "I'll do it" she said shaking the mans hand solidifying her future. Her parents were her inspiration. While she loved the medical field, nothing would hold her heart more than combat.
    "Be at this location. Date and time is on the slip. Enjoy the rest of the celebration." The man smiled at her again and disappeared into the crowd.
    Great she thought, now all she had to do was tell her parents. "Nah" she said out loud as she pocketed the slip of paper. She'd tell them when the time was right.

    Hope this works, lol.
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  17. I'll be posting a character tonight hopefully. I have a friend in the military & another who's a boxer so I keep running things by them or it would have already been up =P
  18. image (open)

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Personal Information[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Name: Roma Cason[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Ethnicity: Caucasian[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Call sign: Boxer[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Position: Field agent[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Born: 3/14/1988[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Height: 5’7”[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Weight: 132[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Hair: Blonde[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Eyes: Hazel[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Characteristics: Fights as an out-boxer, right handed. Voice sounds serious even when she’s joking or having fun.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Training/Special Skills: Veteran- served 4 years abroad in the marines & 4 years at home, champion boxer (lightweight division) for her district, great swimmer, knows Judo, expert shooter, Stealth, Concealment, Survival[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Languages: English, French[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Education: HS diploma[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Family Information[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Civil status: A German Shepherd named Rogue[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]David Cason – deceased[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Maria Cason - deceased[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]Early life: Roma Cason was born to David and Maria, who got married at the courthouse when Maria was 8 months pregnant. Maria ended up finding motherhood too hard, and suffered from PPD and PPA. She even spent a stint in the hospital under psychiatric watch. And David was not exactly motherly either. He dropped baby Roma off at his mother’s and left until Maria returned. That was when Roma was 2 years old. This is where her memories start. Her father was physically abusive, and her mother was an alcoholic. She basically hid from them both except during mealtimes, where she would sneak into the kitchen and make herself cereal or a mayonnaise sandwich to tide her over.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]At age 5, her mother died of alcohol poisoning, and her father began bringing home other women. He remarried when Roma was 7 to a sweet woman, who adored Roma and took care of her decently. But she couldn’t put up with David’s abuses and slit her wrists and died in the tub when Roma was 9. After that, she ran away to her grandmother’s. Trouble was, her grandmother had taken in several of her cousins as well, all male and they enjoyed rough housing. Roma had to stand up for herself, and did so.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]By the time she entered high school, her cousins were her best friends, and they would defend her, just as she would defend them. Their grandmother died while she was in high school, but some of the ones living there were over 18, and ‘adopted’ the younger ones so she could stay. Roma never could focus much on grades, as although she was relatively happy, she was still broke and hungry often. She passed with pretty much all B’s though, and decided to go into the military, the marines to be exact.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Career: Roma was recruited by the marines who came to senior career day in high school. She could do every physical challenge they threw out in the gym where everything was set up, and told her to put her name down, and so she did. She of course had to train before passing all the physical tests, but she did pass, and joined the marines force recon.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]While in the marines, she went behind enemy lines to gather intelligence and recon the areas for potential invasions. She learned how to drive a zodiac well and swim excellently, amongst keeping in fit shape. She also learned some martial arts from her superiors on down time, and became quite respected amongst her peers.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Upon returning, Roma had trouble fitting into society. It was a different mentality that she had trouble wrapping her mind around again once more, and she fit in better abroad than she did back home. Not to mention, she had all this rage within her and needed a way to channel it again. So, she joined a boxing gym. She began training on the side of her 4 years at home, until she got good enough to start being in matches. She lost her first 3, and her trainer almost told her to throw in the towel. But that fourth one, she won. And she’s won every one since. She began earning money from the fights, and saved it. She was used to living on little, and did so now.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]By the time her four years at home were up, she’d become an extraordinary boxer, and got a title shot during her fourth year of training to be a boxer (now age 26). She won. She had finally saved enough money to go to college, and just finished her first semester when she was approached about joining the CIA. She struggled with the decision, but agreed, and went through their various tests and year of training before arriving at APO.[/BCOLOR]
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  19. @Khoro
    @Whirlwind - Welcome!

    Both characters accepted. I'll be contacting you both with PMs to discuss upcoming missions and your roles in them.

    I think I'll stop recruitment for the time being - maybe one more male character and that's it. :)
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