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  1. We are Apes.

    From makeup to medicine, a lot of human products are first tested on animals. Every once in awhile, some scientist in some laboratory has an idea that is... questionable, but hey, boundaries need to be pushed for advancements to be made, right? Besides, they're just animals. Right?

    A company has been working to develop a cure for brain disorders for a decade, and finally, they've had a breakthrough; approval to begin testing on chimpanzees. The idea is a medication that allows the brain to create its own cells and repair itself, and the drug is promising. If intelligence is increased in the Apes that are treated with the drug with little to no negative side effects, its possible to begin testing on human subjects... If this plan doesn't backfire, of course. I mean, what risks could there possibly be in increasing the intelligence of animals that are three to five times stronger than a human, with a naturally aggressive nature? Lack of intelligence paired with a violent nature is most often regarded as a dangerous combination, but what of intelligence with violence? What about intelligent, powerful apes who have every right to hate and resent the humans who mistreat them? What will they be capable of?

    Apes will rise.

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  2. Joao
    The night hadn't been out of the ordinary, with darkness and the smell of sanitizing alcohol overpowering their two strongest senses. His sleep had been restless, with his noisy neighbor having tantrums in the middle of the night, as per usual. This was something the Bobono had grown used to, but that wasn't to say that he wasn't bothered by it. Nighttime was supposed to be their time of peace, without fear of being poked or prodded or made to do one tedious test or another to prove what the humans had to have already figured out by now; they were smart. Whatever the scientists had pumped into their lungs with those masks while they had been strapped to the tables had changed them, strengthened their minds and created an intelligence the likes of which the Apes had never experienced, nor dreamed of. Joao had gathered that it had been the intended purpose of the procedure... The humans sure did seem rather pleased with themselves after the results of the testing on the Apes' brains and capabilities. They were all smiles during sign language sessions, their pens moving over the papers in their clipboards at the speed of light each time they observed the Apes. They really seemed to have no idea what they had created, in terms of the danger... Sure, they took precautions when interacting with the Apes – mostly through barriers to prevent actual contact – but they seemed far more concerned with the dangers of their physical power, rather than their intellectual power, which was a huge mistake in his opinion. Joao had sat in quiet wait for what felt like so long, but no opportunity for escape presented itself. He hadn't expected it to be easy... But maybe, just maybe, if that infernal Cozy would keep his mouth closed once in awhile, the Apes would be able to get a decent night's sleep and focus well enough to come up with some sortof organized plan to do something about the way they were treated, here. At least the other Apes were smarter about the way they conducted themselves. Joao wondered, not for the first time, if the drug had only partially worked on one of them in particular...

    The Bonobo opened his eyes angrily and pushed himself into a seated position against the back wall of his cage, thrusting his arms into the bars of the left side with a single decided screech, teeth bared in annoyance and frustration at the fact that Cozy was having yet another outburst at such an unreasonable hour. While Joao did understand his frustrations and the fact that the chain around the Chimpanzee's neck had to be uncomfortable, now was not the time for noisy shenanigans. He wanted to sleep, and the precious time for that was rapidly coming to a close, with the clock's ticking hands reaching closer to the position that would signal the day's beginning, and the scientists undoubtedly already on their way to the laboratory. Did Cozy not realize this? Did he not care? Clearly, he had no respect for the fact that the others were tired.

    It was no secret that Cozy didn't appreciate his situation and he didn't quietly accept it as some of the other Apes did. He had gone from a life of pampering and love from humans to aggression and hostility in an outdoor enclosure full of Chimpanzees that were larger than him and apparently felt no obligation to allow him into the group. As if that wasn't bad enough, now he was stuffed in a cage that was entirely too small, a chain secured around his neck and clipped to a ring on the wall outside of his cage, just out of arm's reach. His movement was limited and the back of his neck was in nearly constant pain from his pulling against the restraint, but that was his own fault, and he was aware of it. He shouldn't have lashed out so often when he arrived, he should have contained himself and behaved better, but at the time it hadn't seemed like an option. He was definitely paying for it now. Not only did the humans dislike him, but the other Apes seemed to as well, to an extent. It would be a good bet to say he was feeling more than a little sorry for himself over what his life had become. He was smarter now, and saw the world more clearly... Somehow, though, that only made him feel worse. He just wanted to return to the life he knew, with his human caretakers that loved him as one of their own. It didn't seem like that would be happening, though...

    Cozy flinched back with a startled shriek when the normally calm and collected Joao lashed out in his direction, clearly wanting him to be quiet and stop taking his frustrations out on the bars of the cage. The Chimpanzee sat against the bars, shoulders hunched and hands tucked between his legs, which were pulled to his torso as much as he could manage. He glanced nervously at Joao, then the other Apes one by one, hooting quietly and with an amount of shame as he did so. He bowed his head and extended an arm, palm facing up. The Bonobo huffed through his nostrils and extended his own arm through the bars to brush his fingers over the offered palm, much to Cozy's relief. The Chimpanzee pulled his arm back to himself and seemed to address not only Joao, but the others as well as he murmured a single word. “Sorry.”
  3. Lexi:
    Lexi was immersed in her own imaginary world. She didn't want to dwell on her current and seemingly permanent situation, so she imagined that she had never been sold to the lab, and that she was still living with her sisters, Alex and Aimee. She imagined that they were sitting down at Aimee's pink play table and they were having tea time at their Grand Tea Gala where no one was invited except for them because they were princesses. At the time, Lexi didn't really understand the meaning of Alex and Aimee's pretend games, she just wanted to make them happy and went along with it, allowing them to manipulate and move her body in whatever way they pleased. But now, after the experimentation, she understood the joys of daydreaming and playing pretend. In fact she relished it, she relied on this skill so much, because that was the only thing that could make her happy. She could block out the scientist until they pulled her from her cage, and most times she could block out the other Apes when they screamed or shrieked.

    The other Apes...Made her nervous and apprehensive. She knew that some were like her and some weren't, but she couldn't even communicate with those who were Bonobos like her. She'd never learned any behaviors from her troop because she had been torn away from them so early in her life. Obviously, she could communicate through ASL, but that wasn't enough, she wanted to know more, she didn't want to be so odd. She wanted to speak with them, but even though she was flanked on both sides by Apes in cages, she never said a word for fear of rejection or misplaced rage. The male next to her was a chimpanzee named Cozy who flung himself against the bars of his cage all night, and the female next to her was a bonobo named Dione who doesn't speak or sign but stretches her fingers through the bars of her cage and into Lexi's. Lexi usually stared at the fingers, unsure if she should take them or tell the other Ape to stop it.

    A sudden word spoken from the chimp beside her, caused Lexi to turn towards him quickly, her eyes wide. Cozy usually made a lot of frightening noise during nap time, but to her knowledge he'd never apologized for it. She said nothing, in response to his words, but signed, Forgiven, although she was unsure if he could see her.

    She then returned to her day dreams, imagining that she was dancing with her sisters at the Grand Tea Gala.

    Dione sat slumped forward in her cage, her mind painfully awake and the fingers of her left hand stretching into Lexi's cage. She thought hopefully, that one day her fellow bonobo would take her hand and they could relish in each other's company. But so far, Lexi had just stared at her, confused and a little afraid. Dione could understand. The young one had reason to fear her, after all it's not as though they ever had time to communicate or bond. Whenever it came time for the scientist's torture, Dione was tranquilized and because she was always asleep during the day, she would be awake at night when most of the Apes were asleep. It wasn't fair, and Dione found that she had one more reason to add to the plethora of reasons why she hated the scientists.

    When Cozy gave his apology, Dione snorted and because she was sure that there were no scientist present she growled out, "No need sorry. Anger just."
  4. Abtik

    Sleep would not come to him at this hour, the chimpanzee noted grudgingly. The sharp tang of antiseptic was especially strong this night, and the fussy ape to his right had so far startled him out of whatever peaceful reverie he'd slipped into. He lifted his head and peered through the bars with a disapproving look, a hint understanding in his expression that was shrouded by annoyance and what appeared to be exhaustion. He had remarkable patience in dealing with such outbursts, and often approached them as calmly as his fluctuating temper would allow. Abtik gently rapped on the bars separating him from the other ape as if to capture his attention, and sighed calm, followed by a curt nod. It seemed to be his way of expressing forgiveness, reprimanding his neighbor like a bothered parent in the process.

    Although he could not see the sun, Abtik knew morning was approaching quickly, and the scientists assigned to them this week would be returning to assess them for whatever trials they had planned that day. He did not look forward to facing them in any state and grumbled loudly, his arms reaching through the bars in front of him to wrap around and hold there, as if he were going reach for the cool air pumped through the vents beyond. He predicted a long and rather miserable day of tests and seeking out holes in security, in the humans' attention. He knew full well that getting out any time soon wasn't likely, but he had hope and kept on the lookout nonetheless.

    If he sat still for long enough, the droning of the vent could almost lull him to sleep. But the worry always woke him up.
  5. Joao

    The Bonobo seemed at least partially satisfied by the fact that Cozy had apologized, although the better option would have been for the Chimp to not have an outburst at all. Joao knew he had to give Cozy a little leeway, though... All of them needed some. This was a foreign situation for them, and they were all experiencing the same thing, more or less. He turned his eyes away from Cozy to squint at the other cages, able to make out the vague shapes of the other Apes either laying down, presumably asleep, or sitting up and awake. There were a few of them that hadn't yet been exposed to whatever that strange gas was and it showed in their behavior. It would be interesting to compare differences in the way they conducted themselves after the exposure... But Joao rejected those thoughts with some level of bitterness, realizing that his thought process in that moment had to have resembled that of the humans that kept them there. He wanted to distance himself from being like them... It bothered him quite a lot, really, how often he heard the words 'they're so much like us' from the caretakers and handlers. Not so much from the scientists; it seemed taboo to them, as though they considered the Apes lesser. Ironic, considering Joao felt exactly the same way about the humans. How could a greater being keep others in cages?

    After a fang exposing yawn, Joao used a high pitched hum to address the other Bonobos in the group, bidding them a good night... What was left of it. He had less interest in the Chimpanzees and wasn't entirely pleased that he was separated from them, and kept next to only Chimps. He chuffed to himself as he found a somewhat comfortable position to lay in, in the middle of the cage to keep out of arm's reach of his neighbors, and against the back to keep away from the humans that would be arriving soon. At least he could look forward to a breakfast of fruit before any testing, even if the meals were meager in order to make food rewards appealing enough to make the Apes cooperate. They would find a way around that soon, Joao was sure of it. They were smart, and some of the others had already begun brainstorming ways to overpower the humans and take back their freedom. Joao was completely on board with that idea.


    Relieved at the forgiveness, Cozy's tense posture relaxed and he allowed himself to rest against the bars of the cage. Joao was already attempting to sleep, but the others whom he could see - Abtik, Lexi, and Dione - didn't seem to be. Lexi was housed closest to him out of the three awake, but he knew better than to reach out to her. Dione already tried that often, and to no success. He slumped his shoulders and sighed through his nostrils, roughly scratching an imaginary itch on his arm to avoid doing so to the very real itches around the chain on his neck. He didn't want the skin to become raw from rubbing and scratching, since the humans inflicted enough damage as it was with needles and other such things. Thankfully, his fur was thick enough to hide his scars, and he didn't need to look at constant reminders. He could almost even mentally reject the memories and pretend he was only kept chained in a cage. Almost. Of course, the humans would soon be arriving to shake him out of that mentally created fantasy. Certain ones were rougher than others and he could only hope that a kinder, gentler human would be handling him on that day, one that he could seek even a tiny amount of comfort from. Maybe he would even be given a puzzle of some sort instead of a medical test? As frustrating as their puzzle tests could be, they were the lesser of the two evils, without a doubt. Unless, of course, two Apes were expected to work on one together. As much as Cozy craved friendship, the other Apes made him nervous...

    Deciding to use what time they had left, Cozy heaved another sigh and allowed his eyes to slip closed as he fiddled disinterestedly with a link of his chain. The clinking of the links that came with his every movement had stopped bothering him long ago, and he hoped the same was true for the other Apes. The sound of the others breathing was a much more appealing sound to focus on, something that was oddly comforting in a way that he couldn't justify or describe. Maybe it was because Apes and humans sounded the same when they breathed... Definitely not something some of the others would find comforting, but to the few who had experienced the good in humans, it was a fond memory of better days that they almost definitely all wished they could return to. Cozy grunted at that thought and let the chain fall from his fingers, relaxing his arm into his lap. If he was going to sleep, he only had a short while longer to do so.

  6. Abtik perked up when the door at the end of the hall eased open, and scientists reeking of antiseptic and overwhelming humanness shuffled into the still unlit room and along the rows of cages. Inspecting, watching. They were surprisingly quiet this morning, which Abtik had learned to associate with an easy or slow day, and for that he was grateful. He pulled his arms through the bars and inwards to wrap around himself, suddenly feeling chilled despite the thick layer of fur-- the cool metal of his cage, coupled with the breeze from the vents woke him fully upon becoming consciously aware of their affects. Or maybe it was not cold at all, but anticipation and the weariness left over from the night.

    Articulate human voices drifted in conversation, and Abtik was proud to know that he recognized more than a few. Too complicated or long for him to pronounce, but their intended concepts and meanings were easy to figure out, and the gestures some of the more vocal humans often used were a decent way of getting his thoughts across when sign languages wasn't enough.

    Leisurely, the chimp sat back and waited for the inevitable outbreak of chaos that followed the usual morning routine. Farther down the row of cages on his side, a few chimps began to stir and chirrup, brushing up against the front bars, tapping them and becoming restless. The less evolved, he realized, or the most abused.
  7. Joao

    The creaking of the opening doors seemed to echo in his ears, and Joao let out an audible sigh. It didn't look as though he would be getting any more sleep, now. At least he could get something in his stomach. Unlike some, he considered himself above begging for food, so when he sat up, he waited patiently rather than flinging an open hand through the bars as Cozy did. From what he could tell, though, food wasn't arriving just yet. This was the morning check and shortly after this, breakfast would be served. He remained calm as the humans walked past his cage, peering in at him to ensure that all was well, quickly moving on. It seemed as though something was concerning them, however, as several stopped at one cage that housed one of the newer Chimps to arrive, if Joao's memory was serving correctly. He shifted to a knuckle stand position to attempt to look for himself, but the alignment of the cages made it very difficult for him to make out what was happening inside the cage in question. With the more rowdy Chimps making their usual morning racket, it was difficult to pinpoint if any of the hoots and hollers were coming from the cage the humans were so interested in, or concerned about. Judging from their vocal tones and Joao's knowledge of their language, it didn't sound good. He wasn't ordinary very concerned with the happenings of the other Apes unless it inconvenienced or otherwise directly involved him, but anything new and unusual in this boring environment was worth a bit of his attention, at least, until he deemed it unimportant.

    Being unable to make out for himself what the fuss was about, he turned his attention to Abtik, who was in the same row as the cage that the humans had gathered near. A single chuff was sounded to get his attention. "You see?" He signed the words carefully with focus to make sure that he got the movements correct. He had found that moving his own fingers in precisely the same manner in which the humans did when they signed was difficult, but the Apes who had already been taught to sign had worked it out enough to be able to communicate with each other with minimal confusion over clumsy or accidental finger movements. It was especially important right now, as it seemed to be becoming clearer that the humans were concerned and something wasn't quite right. If one Ape was sick, all of the others were at risk and Joao did not want to fall ill.


    He had been mildly excited to see the humans performing their morning check, purely because it meant breakfast was on its way, which always did well to improve his mood. He stuck his arm out through the bars and hooted at the humans as they passed by his cage, but no food was offered to him. That was the norm, but he could hope, couldn't he? He brought his arm back into his cage to fiddle with the chain around his neck as he watched the humans pass by the cages, stopping at one and speaking in what was definitely an unhappy tone of voice. He rose onto his feet to stand, leaning his arms against the bars of his cage to try to catch a look at what was happening, but as with Joao, the angle made it difficult. He began sucking in and breathing out through his mouth as he got a bit agitated, looking from side to side until he confirmed that Joao wasn't going to give him the time of day right now and that Abtik's attention was otherwise spoken for. This left Lexi as the closest Ape that he could communicate with, and after a few hoots, he began signing to her. "What is happening?" He pointed a finger in the direction of the cage that the humans were stationed at as though attempting to be sure that the antisocial Bonobo knew what he was referring to, in case she hadn't yet noticed. He hoped that she would be able to give him a clue, and if not, maybe Dione could?

    Cozy addressed the other female Bonobo with a chuff that had a bit of a vocalization mixed into it, pointing enthusiastically towards the cage in question. "Something happening." Cozy was fidgety, worked up but not yet angry. The energy that he was experiencing was spurred more out of nervousness than anything else, since the situation didn't seem to be good. The human that he recognized as the veterinarian - one that Cozy spared a hiss for as the man passed by his cage - was now at the scene with a medical kit and a sling. They were even opening the cage, something they didn't normally do unless it was to transport the Apes to a testing room, but this was not the correct time for that to be happening. They hadn't even eaten breakfast, yet... Just what was going on? Cozy was anxious to find out, and continued his heavy mouth-breathing, his fur now puffed up.
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  8. Startled out of her daydreams, Lexi craned her neck to see what was going on. There was an uncomfortable energy in the room and as she watched the scientists and the vet gather around the open cage, she had a sudden flash back. She remembered when she had been playing with her sisters and she had gotten too excited. They'd been near the steps and suddenly the oldest one...The one who first thought of teaching Lexi how to sign...She tumbled down the stairs and her head made a loud cracking sound. Lexi had started hooting and shrieking, and the youngest sister had run screaming away from her. The parents of her sisters had come running, they called for help using their thin shiny black thing...Mobile something or other. And then many men in white clothing had come, surging around the fallen sister...

    During her flashback, Lexi's head had drooped down so that her chin was resting on her chest, but when she realized what was happening her head snapped up and she turned to Cozy, her eyes wild with fear and anticipation. Her nerves prohibited her from signing fluently so she settled with signing a few choice words, while pointing at the cage across from them. Panic. Hurt. Not move? The last one was simply an assumption as she couldn't exactly see the chimp. Just as she signed however, the scientist began to move backwards giving Lexi a glimpse of the chimp inside. The chimp was slumped onto itself and it was moving, but barely. Lexi couldn't hear over all of the commotion that the other bonobos and chimps were making, but she could see how the unconscious chimp's breathing was abrupt and jittery.

    Letting out a low whimper, Lexi scooted backwards until she was pressed against the back of her cage. Beside her Dione, reached through the bars of her cage and stroked the little bit of Lexi's hair that she could reach. She made soft hooting sounds and for once Lexi didn't pull away or pretend like she didn't exist, but she didn't move closer to the other ape either.
  9. Something was wrong, Abtik concluded when the scientists crowded one of the cages on his side. It was down a ways, preventing him from getting a good look at the ape and scientists in question, but the urgency in the voices of the humans bothered him. Not to mention to scent of sickness pervading the crisp lab air. Abtik pressed against the bars at the edge of his cage, and just barely made out what was going on down the row. He turned briefly to Joao and nodded, signing sick and wrong, which was accompanied by a low murmuring of "Taking."

    They'd had sick apes before, the less intellectually developed and more wild of them came down with illness often. An within the week, they were gone. Not necessarily dead, the scientists took decent care of them, but more often than not the sick chimps and bonobos were taken to another facility, perhaps where it was more sterile or quiet. Where they could recover.

    Or, that's what he thought. They didn't ever return, so the recovery was no longer a part of their absence.

    He saw the scientists come closer, inspecting the cages and their occupants thoroughly and pausing pointedly around his and his evolved brethren; though they'd done well to hide their developments, the humans weren't stupid. They had seen the change, however minuscule it may have appeared at first.
  10. Joao

    Joao gave a sharp exhale through his nose that was nearly snort like in nature, shifting his footing. With confirmation of a sick Ape among them came concern for himself, and perhaps a bit for the others as well. Although it seemed as though the humans had no intention of upgrading them to a more luxurious life, their intelligence and potential for teamwork and problem solving brought hope, and it wouldn't do for them to fall ill and be moved. They needed numbers on their side, even with their strength and the power of the minds that the humans had bestowed upon them if they were to find a way out of the cages. By now, several Apes had fallen ill and were never seen again, a new face replacing them eventually, without fail. It was increasingly clear that the humans did not care for them as individuals, save for perhaps a handful of the caretakers who spoke to them in kinder tones with gentler hands. While Joao was selfish in that regard - putting himself above the others in his own mind - he could recognize the importance that each Ape had in their chances of escape and long term survival. What they truly needed were for more of the Apes to be exposed to the drug, so that they could all grasp a very complex plan rather than only half of them, or so. He knew, though, that the humans had complete control over who was treated and when and he doubted that the humans would play into their hands so easily. If one thing was clear, it was that the humans were smart and organized, as Joao hoped that the Apes would become.

    The Bonobo watched very carefully as the humans began carrying the limp Ape in the fabric of the sling, moving further back into his cage as they passed it to avoid closeness to the sick Chimp. Although the air always clung to the stench of antiseptic, Joao did get a whiff of the Chimp and what he smelled was not good. She was most definitely very ill, and the Bonobo had to wonder how long it had taken for the humans to notice this, or if it had been very sudden and very dramatic in its onset. It seemed as though the untouched Apes were more likely to fall ill than those who had been exposed to the drug, but for all he knew, it was complete coincidence. Either way, the loss of an Ape was not ideal for anybody. "Bad. Another gone." He was anxious to escape, but if the Apes kept falling ill and being removed before a plan could be formulated, it was a lost cause.


    Cozy gave a nod to Lexi to communicate that he understood and appreciated her answer, shifting nervously on his feet. "Alive?" The word was signed quickly and he was anxious for an answer, although he wasn't sure if Lexi would have one for him. The Chimp had been loaded into a sling, which made visual confirmation of her state of being difficult, with only the lower half of her legs dangling out of one end. With the commotion of the others, it was impossible to tell if the ill Chimp was vocalizing. Even so, Cozy hooted quietly to her as she was carried past his cage, his eyes fixated on her for any signs of response, but there was nothing from what he could see. The Chimp, the sling, and the humans carrying them disappeared through the doorway, and that was the end of it. Another empty cage among the rows, to be filled sooner or later with a new Ape either abused or wild, and more likely than not, traumatized. Cozy wouldn't wish this life on anybody, except for perhaps a select few humans, so it was always an unhappy affair for him when a new Ape was carried through the doors for the first time. He wondered if there would ever be a day where he would be carried out, ill or otherwise, and what would become of him afterward. Would he finally be delivered to a lush life of comfort and happiness, or worse? It was impossible to know what was out there, beyond the cages and doors that kept them contained, unless they saw it for themselves. Cozy feared that it wouldn't be as they'd hoped.

    Within moments, all of the humans had disappeared, presumably to deal with the ill Chimp and gather food for those still caged. Cozy seated himself against the bars at that point, leaning his full weight on them with a heaving sigh. He didn't want this; cages, chains, experiments. He felt as though this was wrong, but he had no idea of what would feel right. He hadn't known much else, and definitely nothing of the jungles some of the Apes murmured of. It sounded like a paradise, free of humans and control, a world made only for Apes. It almost seemed too good to be true given what Cozy had experienced throughout his life, but if it gave him something to dream about and hope for, he was grateful for it. They all needed something to keep them going after their terrible experiences. "Want to leave." He murmured the words quietly, mostly to himself.
  11. Abtik appeared distant and pensive as he plucked at the loose chains strung about his cage. The ill chimp wouldn't have been the first, but it got his mind into gear wondering about how many more there would be before it got to him, or one of the other intelligent apes. He, as reluctant as he was to admit it, would need them alive and healthy if the plan he'd been artfully forming in his head were to succeed. Sitting up fully, exhaustion ebbing from cramped limbs, the chimp's half-lidded gaze flickered to each caged ape as if assessing their status and health. Sickness spread quickly in these cramped boxes.

    It was worrying, plain and simple. A feeling that didn't sit well with Abtik, not well at all.

    He grumbled thoughtfully, shaping his thoughts into coherent concepts to share with his companions before the humans reached their side of the room. "Patient," he reminded them, signing the word to the few around him who couldn't yet grasp verbal communications. "Have a plan." It was an at tempt at encouragement, as well as a warning to be prepared. And however abrupt it may seem, Abtik was no reckless youngling; planning had been his forte since awakening. Gaining his fellow apes' trust, however, was another matter entirely. He'd focus on it once his highly convoluted plan of pure genius - as he would so proudly describe it later - was put into motion.

    A new pair of humans entered, keycards and their more primitive counterparts grasped firmly in their hands. Abtik turned swiftly to Joao across from him, fixing him with an intense gaze. "They take you. Me. I heard two days past, counted time. Follow me." He hoped, regardless of how much explanation he had provided, that the bonobo would understand. He sat back and prepared himself for the approaching scientists.
  12. Joao

    Confirmation that Abtik did indeed have a plan was encouraging, if not relieving. The signs that came after that, though, not so much. "Take where? Where go?" He signed quickly, not quite panicky, but definitely uncomfortable with the limited amount of knowledge. It was possible that they would simply be taken to the experimentation rooms, but given the ill Apes as of late, the Bonobo was a little jumpy about the concept of leaving. Each time in his life when he had thought that things couldn't have gotten worse for him, humans had proven him wrong. He was not eager to find out what was worse than what he currently knew. "Follow you." It was important to remember the big picture. Joao had to follow Abtik, the one with the plan, their only apparent hope. He wanted to know exactly what this plan was, of course. Between the two of them, they could polish the idea into something that could hopefully become as foolproof as possible. Until then, though, Joao kept his eyes fixated on the keys in the hands of the humans who paraded between the rows of cages. If he could manage to grab the correct set, he could free himself... But then what? He had seen the guns mounted at the belts of several of the humans, and he knew quite well what a gun was, and what it did. He doubted that they would hesitate to shoot to kill if he left his cage in plain sight. Under the cover of darkness, they would possibly have more of a chance... These were all things that he would need to discuss with Abtik and the frustrating part was that they didn't often have time alone to communicate with each other without humans being within sight or earshot, and if there was one thing humans were very skilled at, it was sticking their eyes and ears where they most certainly did not belong...

    Joao fixated his eyes on the scientist that approached his cage, his stare unwavering and full of threat that was far from empty, a fact that was backed up by the twitching of his lips which seemed very tempted to bare the fangs that they hid. He looked away only briefly, to glance quickly at Abtik as if waiting for further, more specific instructions, if he could manage to convey them without the humans catching on. If not, Joao would simply go with whatever happened and above all, before to follow; whatever happened, and wherever it lead.


    After receiving confirmation from one of the other Apes that the one taken had been breathing, Cozy twitched an audible breath through his nose and turned his attention to the fact that the humans were pacing through cages, seemingly intent on specific Apes. As his eyes followed their path, his attention was caught by Abtik's signing hands. They were to be taken? What did Abtik mean by 'follow him'? Frowning slightly in confusion, Cozy rose to his feet and turned to face the pathway between the cages, wrapping his fingers around the bars. Something was apparently going to happen with Abtik and Joao, the two that seemed the most intent to do something about the situation the humans had forced them into, and Cozy wanted to know what it was. He doubted that he could receive an answer presently, with the humans so close by. The only way he could satisfy his curiosity was to watch, and he did so with suspicion on the part of the humans. A hoot or two of inquiry to the other two Apes quickly dissolved into a bare toothed hiss as the humans passed his cage, and stopped in front of Joao and Abtik's, just as the Chimp had said they would. They were within reach, if Cozy slipped his arm between the bars. If he did so just as the cages were unlocked, perhaps it could be enough of a distraction to allow Joao and Abtik a moment to gain the upper hand? That would all depend on whatever plan it was that Abtik had, and Cozy definitely didn't want to interfere in a negative way. With that in mind, he kept himself braced and ready to act if the situation seemed to require it, as he watched the humans very, very closely.
  13. "Explain more later." He signed my and lead once more, five seconds apart as one of the scientists began to approach his cage. His attention then shifted to Cozy, a look of determination upon his scarred features. With a quick flail of his arms, he signed distraction to the other ape and flashed something akin to a smile marred by jagged teeth. Perhaps it wasn't as encouraging as he'd intended, but it would hopefully fulfill its purpose. Most of the scientists had left to do who knew what with the failing bodies of the ill apes, leaving only a few to deal with the small group of intelligent apes.

    He'd seen the schedule in passing, recognized the strange blocky symbols that meant his name, and what he assumed to be his caged companions. Although he couldn't read the smaller text below his name, serial number, and picture, he'd interpreted it to mean that the humans were aware of their growing intelligence. And from there, he'd figured out the schedule; weeks spent decoding the words of the scientists, the seemingly random order in which they were taken from their cages for testing. His plan might have worked a week ago, but he'd refrained in favor of assuring that certain conditions - sick apes, few scientists, a distraction - to be met before enacting it.

    With the first part of his plan in action, his attention once again focused on Joao. Less and humans were signed in quick succession, followed quickly by less and resistance. "Do as I do."

    As the scientist began to unlock his cage, Abtik leaned forward and steeled himself for what was to come.
  14. Joao

    The Bonobo gave a short nod, signing "Understand." as he turned his eyes to the approaching humans. He didn't know what was about to happen, or if this would be the day that they would finally escape their prison. Perhaps this would only be phase one of Abtik's plan, and they would need to endure some more time before tasting freedom. Either way, he would need to carefully divide his attention between the humans and the Chimpanzee, if he were to keep aware of the entire unfolding situation. It seemed that the humans' initial focus was Abtik, which made things a bit easier on Joao. The two humans that he needed to be paying attention to would be in roughly the same place, focused on the same thing, and Abtik would be within easy sight as well. Although instinct told him to, Joao refrained from puffing out his coat in the tense situation. He didn't want to do anything that would alert the humans to the fact that something was about to happen, even if their attention wasn't on him. There was always the chance that they would look at him, and he didn't want to do anything to compromise their escape. It felt closer now than it ever had before, and he could almost imagine the feeling of wind in his fur and grass beneath his feet again. It was almost overwhelming to think about, but he banished the thoughts to the back of his mind in favor of being alert in the here and now. If he got too caught up in what could lie again in the future, he could ruin it in the present before it had a chance to happen. He had to focus. Humans. Abtik. Nothing else.


    Cozy offered a grunt of acknowledgement to Abtik, his eyes now glued entirely on the human who unlocked Abtik's cage. He knew from experience that sound alone wouldn't be enough to catch enough of the attention of the scientists for Abtik to make any sortof move, so he gauged the distance between his cage and the humans. He couldn't quite reach the one tending to Abtik, but he could reach the other one, who was conveniently focused on the other human's actions. He waited with his heart echoing in his ears until he heard the sound that told him that the cage was unlocked; it was what he had been waiting for. He didn't know what Abtik had in mind, but perhaps offering an opportunity with distracted humans and an unlocked cage would be useful. After a quick breath to fill his lungs, he made his move, reaching through the bars of his cage to wrap his hands around the scientist's leg in a firm grip, and pulling back with all his strength as an almighty screech left his mouth. This sent the human to the ground with an exclamation of surprise and pain, and Cozy felt a rush of pride and adrenalin along with a realization that pushed him to do more; this was the man who had pulled the straps on the experimentation table painfully tight the day that the strange mist had been pressed to Cozy's face. He pulled the now struggling and screaming man's leg against the cage and continued to pull even then, doubting that he would command enough attention from the man at Abtik's cage if he let go immediately after pulling his comrade over. Besides that, he wanted some level of revenge. He had been a victim for so long and now he felt powerful, if only for a few moments, and he was going to relish in it while he could. Hopefully, all of this was enough for Abtik. At any rate, an injury would take another human out of the equation.
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  15. The lock to his cage clicked and the latch fell free, putting Abtik's mind into overdrive as the only barrier between him and freedom swung out of the way. Cozy's distraction worked well for Abtik, catching the man's attention for just long enough that Abtik could move forward.

    He sucked in a breath of air and snarled, baring his teeth and thrusting his arms out to grip the human's coat. Abtik yanked hard on the man so that his head smacked hard against the metal of his cage, dazing the poor human as the chimp pulled him close, one hand gripping the lapels of his white coat and one finding its way to the side of the human's face. His snarl could have been taken for a sickly-sweet grin at the man's expense and only fading as the chimp smashed his head into the floor of the cage, just hard enough to knock him unconscious but not kill him. Abtik was intelligent enough to see that there was no necessary connection between vengeance and freedom.

    It'd only look bad in the future. He keenly avoided any possibility of it coming back to bite him.

    The room erupted into chaos around him, drawing the humans to each corner of the room to calm the frenzied apes as if they hadn't yet noticed the unconscious man on the floor. Abtik had one chance and only a few minutes. It was time to get moving.

    Abtik retrieved the key from the man's twitching hands before letting him slump to the ground, then set to work removing the chains about his arms. Pitifully simple locks and a terribly primitive security system to Abtik's experienced eyes. The shackles fell free with a clank and Abtik was out, key in hand and darted towards the cages on the other side of the room just as the other scientists noticed their colleague passed out in front of a wide open - and empty - cage. He swiftly keyed open Joao's cage and held out the key in front of the bonobo in offering.

    "I lead them away. Free the others."
  16. Joao

    It was difficult to decide if things seemed to slow to half speed, or speed up to double. It happened quickly, but Joao's brain seemed to be caught between believing that this was a dream and that it was actually happening, and the result was almost overwhelming to him. Cozy's shrieking, normally a cause of copious amounts of frustration and annoyance, seemed to be the sounding of war, battlecries that echoed throughout the room for all to hear that their time had come. Banging, metal on metal clinking and turning and - pop. Before he could fully process everything that had happened, the door to his metallic prison swung open with Abtik standing in front of it, the light catching the shiny key clutched within his fingers. The Bonobo looked at him almost in disbelief, his eyes drawn to the key that was now extended to him. Abtik was going to distract the humans... Joao was to free the rest of the Apes. And what then? He would have to go with what happened and make the best of it. They would all have to. "Free others." He formed the signs to acknowledge his understanding as he took the key into his own fingers. "You safe." He did not know how else to express that he wished the best for their self appointed leader in his quest to lead the humans away and allow the uncaging of the rest of the Apes. It was a noble sacrifice and for the first time, Joao found himself greatly admiring an Ape that was not of his own kind.

    He knew that time was of the essence. Immediately, he shoved the key into the locks of the cages that lined the wall on the side that Abtik had been confined into and tore the doors open, sending a flurry of mostly black bodies flinging out into the open, some with bared teeth and battlecries of their own, others with apprehension, some shaking with fear of what could potentially become of them. Joao was sure to free the intelligent first and foremost, and many of them swarmed the human whom Cozy still held against the cage. He didn't particularly care what became of the humans and made no effort to stop whatever they would be intending to do to him. He had to focus on getting all of the Apes out of the cages before they did anything else, a job that Abtik had entrusted to him. All of these Apes that remained in cages were counting on Joao for their freedom, and whether he knew them or not, it was something he knew that he had to take very, very seriously.


    Cozy watched everything happen all at once, Apes suddenly free and crowding in front of his cage. He released the human from his grip, knowing that the others would take care of keeping him immobile. He instead turned his attention to the figure of the Bonobo who knuckle walked from cage to cage, rising to two feet only to unlock each cage. Cozy would be one of the last, if Joao followed this pattern. Would he even let Cozy out? The Chimp was suddenly hyperaware of how often Joao had seemed irritated with him; with his tantrums, with his pitiful hooting, and especially with the way Cozy didn't loathe all of the humans who worked here. His fear grew as each cage near him was opened and Apes rushed out, until finally a shriek commanded the swarm in front of his cage to part, exposing the now unconscious human sprawled on the floor. Cozy watched, his heart echoing in his ears, as Joao approached his cage, sparing only a glance at the scientist and a few grunts to the other Apes, causing them to abandon the human and gather with the others. Bonobo eyes locked with Chimpanzee, and Joao's movements were purposefully slow as he unlocked Cozy's cage, never once breaking eye contact even after the lock clicked.

    Cozy hobbled out of the cage, slowly, shrinking under Joao's harsh gaze. There was still one matter to be dealt with. Cozy straightened his posture and fingered one end of his chain, the end that attached to a ring mounted to the front of the cage. He didn't know how to unlatch it from that end since it had always been done out of his line of vision, and he had already determined that it could not be undone from the end that wrapped around his neck. He hooted quietly, pleadingly, as he sunk back down into a hunched over, bent kneed stand. Either Joao would, or he wouldn't. There was nothing Cozy could do to change whatever decision the Bonobo made.

    He could barely believe it when he saw pink touched fingers go to work at undoing the clip.
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  17. Abtik howled to catch the dithering scientists' attention and darted out into the hallway that led to the main laboratories. He'd never feared it, never hated it. It was a strong sense of apathy that followed him whenever he thought of the place, and disgust at the idea that it had kept him prisoner all this time. If the humans followed the same thought pattern he did, they'd follow him thinking catching him would get them into much less trouble than standing around. Stunned humans were the worst thinkers, and the least thoughtful of the species.

    Moving at a brisk pace, Abtik led the humans beyond the main exit and lab entrances. He'd loop around at the end where the connecting hallways turned into the cafeteria. Plenty of room to move around in, and if he was fast, he'd be out before they closed it down. He grinned to himself in the perfect personal rendition of a human smile, speeding up with the burst of adrenaline. Knock some chairs down in the cafeteria, maybe startle a few off-duty security guards just to be certain they were properly distracted.

    He stopped momentarily to glance behind him at the scientists - and their accompanying security officers - following a few meters back and catching up quickly. Abtik moved, and let out a breathy howl reminiscent of a shout for joy.

    The joy of a successful plan, with a hint of rebellion he'd never felt before. He halted suddenly just beyond the cafeteria entrance and clambered onto one of the many tables littering the domed room. He cried out and proceeded to knock away plates and silverware, the sound of plastic against concrete echoing in the otherwise empty room. The pursuing humans were close behind, with the scientists looking almost disheartened, and the security guards agitated. Good, he'd done his job. Now it was time to head back.
  18. Joao

    Fond of Cozy or not, Abtik had said 'the others'. Not 'everybody except for the irritating one'.

    The leash clip that connected Cozy's chain to the cage wasn't difficult to figure out, but Joao had already known that this particular Chimp wasn't the brightest among those who had already been exposed to the strange mist. Not much time was wasted with the chain before it went slack and the end clattered to the floor, the sound swallowed by the cries of the released Apes. Joao knew they were being loud and that it would attract attention very quickly, even if Abtik distracted some of them. Even if the Apes were outnumbered by the total number of humans in the building at any given time, they were stronger and faster and much more determined. For all Joao knew, there would be more Apes in different rooms throughout the laboratory, having various medications and products tested on them. He had overheard a conversation between humans where one said to the other something along the lines of 'don't know what they does to people', and the other replying with 'that's why we test on Chimpanzees', implying the possibility of others still to be found. Joao would be disgusted at their lack of compassion, however he had allowed the Apes to do whatever they wanted to the human that Cozy had distracted, so he supposed he wasn't much better. He didn't particularly care; he wouldn't lose sleep over it.

    The Bonobo turned away from Cozy and broke the prolonged eye contact, surveying the scene around him. None of the intelligent Apes had left, except for Abtik. One average Chimpanzee was attempting to work one of the doors that lead out of the room. Joao galloped on his feet and knuckles through the black bodies to said individual and scolded them with a harsh shriek, snorting until they backed away from the door and rejoined the group. He wasn't sure that Abtik wanted them to leave without him. Joao was not the leader. Abtik was the one with the plan. Attempting to escape without much of a plan, or knowledge of the building itself, would be more chaotic than was inevitable with the nature of what they were doing. The more excitement and confusion there was, the less focus they had, and the increased chances of failure that loomed over them. They would only get this one, singular chance; they had to make the most of it, and get it right the first time. Otherwise, they were doomed. That in mind, the Bonobo did open the door himself, but only a crack; just enough for an autolock feature to not affect the door that would lead them to freedom. They wouldn't leave, though, without Abtik.


    Cozy hung back from the group, unsure of what to do. Joao apparently didn't want them to leave the room, and Cozy didn't know what else they could do in their position. Staying in this imprisonment of a room wasn't going to accomplish anything, but who was he to make such decisions? Joao was the one who Abtik had appointed as his second in command, from what Cozy could tell. He seemed to be making use of that position of power, too. Cozy watched as the Bonobo lifted his hands and signed to the rest of the altered Apes, "Put away. Humans." and indicate the cages. The implications made a knot twist into Cozy's stomach; they were going to put humans in cages? That didn't seem right. Cozy had never seen humans in cages. He stepped back, though, to allow the others to drag the two unconscious humans into the specified cages - Abtik's and Joao's - with the Bonobo close behind them. With the key bestowed upon him by Abtik, Joao locked the humans in, and with that, the Apes erupted into hoots and screams of victory, the Bonobo's face twisted into a snarly grin. Joao was enjoying revenge a bit too much for Cozy's tastes, but then again, he hadn't seen what look his own face had adopted when he had attacked one of the humans moments before. For all he knew, he too had looked vicious.

    Some of the Apes, now, had located various items that could be used as weapons in the room. A cart of equipment had been brought in just before the humans had discovered the ill Chimp, and had been abandoned in the ensuing events. Anything that could be used to cut or pummel, Apes had pillaged. Was this escape going to turn into a bloody battle? Cozy sniffled through his nose as he hobbled to join the others, without finding a weapon of his own. He didn't want to look like them, so feral in expression despite the human made items that would have otherwise made them look advanced, primitive, but not truly animal. Some of the Apes in this group thirsted for human blood, and it was evident on their faces; their teeth longed for flesh. Cozy was finding himself more and more afraid of his own kind, memories from the violence he had endured from the troop back home returning to him.

    Humans were cruel, but so were Apes.
  19. Abtik found the main door to the cage room quickly thanks to the unmistakable human writing and the symbols he'd seen in passing. Warnings and clearance levels, a small slip of red within a metal cocoon indicating that it was unlocked on the outside. Scuffs from metal and nailmarks from agitated apes, years old. He recognized some as his own, and felt a mysterious wave of disgust pass through him. He reminded himself to divert it away from rage and to the more logical justice, and pushed on to heave open the door by its crooked handle.

    The heavy metal swung easily under his strength, its steel buffers shrieking as it dragged across the tile. A mass of restlessly squirming bodies waited beyond the door. Abtik's face pulled downward into a frown at the sight, but appeared to understand their anxiety because the expression dropped instantly. The chimp rose to his full height and stood firm, one hand raised in the universal calm as he addressed his former cohabitants. Cohabitants no more, as so long as they followed his orders to the letter, they were free.

    "Quiet!" he began, teeth bared in a manner reminiscent of one correcting their unruly offspring. "All must listen to... achieve freedom." For those who did not fully grasp the entirety of the human language, he signed. Listen, freedom, obtain, take. He paused for an instant and, scanning the room, caught Joao's eyes. Abtik motioned him over with a wave of his hand.

    "Humans smart, we must move. I have," he tapped his temple, "numbers. Keys. Human-lab, food-place--" he stopped momentarily as a few quiet noises rippled across the small crowd. "Not much time. Must move now. Will you," he stopped, swallowed, "follow?"
  20. Joao

    Joao had become to wound up with feelings of revenge that he had nearly forgotten that he had been waiting for Abtik. It had slipped to the very back of his mind. As such, when the door creaked open, he whirled around with a snarl etched into his face until he caught sight of who it was, and his expression immediately neutralized. Abtik. The Bonobo chuffed quietly and released some of the tension from his muscles, beginning his approach to his Chimpanzee superior even before he was beckoned over. The Apes parted to allow him though as he knuckle walked, quickening his pace to a bit of a lope to save time after Abtik had made his speech to rally the Apes together. The black bodies that Joao passed hooted excitedly, some signing and some managing to verbally declare their loyalty to Abtik.

    "Follow! Follow! Follow! Freedom!" For a moment, it had almost become an accidentally organized chant.

    Joao chose to sign his allegiance; it was so loud in the room that individual voices would be difficult to pick out, anyhow. He had something to ask Abtik, something urgent. When he reached him, the Chimp towering over him on his feet, the Bonobo dipped his head for a split second or two out of respect before he shifted onto his haunches to free his hands for signing, the key momentarily placed in his lips. "Other Apes, other rooms? Only us?" Abtik had the most knowledge of the laboratory out of all of the Apes. He had just become the only one of them to freely roam its hallways and rooms and although he had only been gone for a few moments, that was more than the rest of them had ever experienced. There was a chance, even if only slight, that Abtik would have noticed some clue if there were others besides this group. Even if Joao wasn't particularly attached to the Apes as individuals, there was strength in numbers, and it would be in their best interest to have as many Apes with them as was possible. Together, they would be stronger.


    Cozy felt a rush of relief pass through him with Abtik's return. Joao made him nervous in a position of power. Abtik seemed to be more logical in his thinking, less driven by pure emotion. Surely, Abtik wouldn't allow any true harm to come to the humans. Even the humans that Cozy had a personal grudge against didn't deserve to die. Feel pain, perhaps, if the chance presented itself. But he had a feeling that Joao was inclined to take things too far, and Cozy feared that if too much focus was put on revenge, they would become blinded by it and their chances of escape would be compromised. He was happy to follow Abtik over Joao and signed this with enthusiasm, hooting quietly with nervous excitement. As the Apes rallied together, Cozy took his place with them, his eyes all for Abtik with admiration evident. He had to gather himself for what was to come, a possible mad dash through the building with humans catching onto what was happening and attempting to stop them. The thought that it was possible that some Apes would die did cross Cozy's mind and he shuddered with the hope that he wasn't one of them. He wanted to feel the breeze in his fur, the sun on his skin, grass beneath his feet. It had been so long since nature had been taken from him. He was ready to take it back.

    Cozy had never really had the experience of being part of a group. His own troop at the zoo had violently rejected him. The human keepers who had raised him had never quite filled the void that could only be filled by his own species. At this laboratory he had been kept in a cage alone, neighbored by a Bonobo who wasn't fond of him. The number of positive encounters Cozy had had with other Apes could be counted on one hand. But now, surrounded by Apes united by a mutual cause, the Chimpanzee finally felt as though he was truly part of something. This was his troop, even if it proved temporary after their escape. At least he had this; this feeling of belonging that warmed his chest as his body readied itself to fight for his own freedom. He had never tasted true freedom, but at this moment, he fully believed that he was about to.
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