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  1. We are Apes.

    Everything from makeup to medicine, a lot of human products are first tested on animals. Every once in awhile, some scientist in some laboratory has an idea that is... questionable, but hey, boundaries need to be pushed for advancements to be made, right? Besides, they're just animals.

    A company has been working to develop a cure for brain disorders for a decade, and finally, they've had a breakthrough; approval to begin testing on chimpanzees. The idea is a medication that allows the brain to create its own cells and repair itself, and the drug is promising. If intelligence is increased in the Apes that are treated with the drug with little to no negative side effects, its possible to begin testing on human subjects... If this plan doesn't backfire, of course. I mean, what risks could there possibly be in increasing the intelligence of animals that are three to five times stronger than a human, with a naturally aggressive nature? Lack of intelligence paired with a violent nature is most often regarded as a dangerous combination, but what of intelligence with violence? What about intelligent, powerful apes who have every right to hate and resent the humans who mistreat them? What will they be capable of?

    Apes will rise.


    If it wasn't obvious, the idea is based on Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011) with a few minor tweaks. For those of you who haven't seen the movie and want to, I'll do my best not to spoil anything; I'm going to stick to the plot of the roleplay, not the movie, but there's bound to be some spoilers.
    Essentially, our characters will be Apes (mostly chimpanzees and bonobos, with maybe one or two gorillas and orangutans) that live in a laboratory that has been testing the intelligence enhancing drug on them. They want to escape to freedom, and they have the intelligence to plot and plan and get themselves there, in theory.

    Would anybody be up for a group RP of this? (I think I count as 'intermediate-adept' on the ranking scale)
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  2. I just posted my characters for this in my blog (I don't know if you can link to blog entries?) if anybody wanted an idea of how Ape characters will work for this~
  3. I'd totally be interested in this. I'll be keeping an eye on it.
  4. Thanks @Dipper! I'm not sure how many people I had in mind, I guess it depends on how many characters everybody wants to play. Would you want to play one Ape, or multiple?
  5. That's totally dependent upon how many are interested. While I'd prefer to keep to one, I can do more than that if necessary.

    By the way, I absolutely loved these movies. I loved the older series as well, but... These were surprisingly excellent and fun reboots.
  6. Understood~ I have two characters written up, any more than that and I might get a little overwhelmed. How many Apes do you think we'd need to make a decent roleplay out of the idea? Obviously, it wont be as many as there were in the movies, but I'm not totally sure how many. That's why I'm putting it in the laboratory setting, since that would limit how many Apes there were as opposed to a sanctuary full of them.
    You probably have a better feel for the site than I do since I just joined. On the other site I'm on, any more than four people or so ends up causing problems, like one person not replying and the roleplay not being able to move forward without them. How is it here? o:

    I'm completely in love with them! Ever since I saw them I thought they'd make really fun roleplays, but unfortunately, people on the other site aren't interested. I'm so excited that it might actually happen here on Iwaku!
  7. In a lab setting... I'd want to go with a bet less than a dozen, or maybe just a bit more. That seems to be an appropriate number. To me, anyway; not too many, not too few.

    Here, it fully depends on whether there's a posting order, as well as each individual. Most rps I've joined may have lost a few people, but we continued on anyway, readjusted our posting order, so on. As long as everyone involved keeps in contact (chatting, messaging, so on) then we should be okay.

    I never even thought about it being a roleplay, but confronted with the possibility, and I'm actually quite ecstatic-- it's promising, and definitely up there among my "list of things I need to rp". So I'm glad you posted.
  8. That's what I was thinking, I think in the first movie they tested them in groups of ten, so that could be a good goal number to aim for. If not enough people want to join, though, we could always say not all of them were tested with this particular drug, didn't gain the intelligence, and don't try to escape. Its not ideal, but its a way around not having enough people to play enough Apes? We could always convert the others into NPCs and say the RP itself is focusing on the Apes that people have actually made into characters, too, if we have to?

    I'm so glad you think so! ;u; The ideas I get really excited about usually don't get any interest, so this is definitely exciting~
  9. Npcs would be a good idea. That way we'll have more than are currently played, but they always add a bit of atmosphere, or something like that. It won't feel so lonely if there aren't a ton of people.

    I know how that feels.
  10. Definitely, I'm not quite as worried about other people not joining now because at least we'd have a realistic number of Apes living there. How long do you think I should give people to see this thread and respond before I actually get the RP up and running? And do you think I should allow Gorillas and Orangutans? Rise had them because of the sanctuary, but I'm not sure if labs actually test on them. I always thought it was Chimpanzees and the occasional Bonobo (which are mistaken for Chimps a lot). My characters are one Chimp and one Bonobo.

    What do you think about them knowing sign language? Yes/no? Mine will be able to speak crude English, at least.
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  11. Yeah, so no worries there. I would give it a few days or so, because it can take time for people to see it and decide whether they want a part in it (it's rarely instant on Iwaku). As for what's allowed, as far as I know they don't test on Gorillas so they ought to be out of the question, but I'm not sure about Orangutans. I'd stick to Chimps and Bonobos, since they seem to be the only ones.
  12. Sounds good to me! I'll give it a couple more days :3

    That's true, I hadn't heard of Gorillas or Orangutans being tested on either. Limiting it to Chimps and Bonobos does make sense.
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  13. I'm interested.
  14. @Polystical Great! :D Do you have any input on the things Dipper and I have discussed in this thread so far?

    I just found the section for Signups, so I'll post the Signup for the roleplay in a couple days.
  15. I always loved that the apes knew ASL. I thought it was awesome. :D And I would definitely have my characters sign and maybe speak a few sparse words of English. I'd probably have at least two characters.

    I think for rp size we should go for smallish or medium, so as to be able to keep track of the characters. We can have a bunch of npc apes that we mention in passing, so it seems like there's more to the group through. :3
  16. Sign language would definitely be useful! Maybe we can have scientists teaching them ASL as part of the intelligence tests? Maybe comparing how well they comprehend and use it to Apes who haven't been exposed to the drug?

    So its sounding like (if Dipper makes one character) between the three of us we'll have five Apes, which is a good amount for a roleplay, I think~ Its definitely easier to keep track of a smaller number of characters.

    I'll probably make the Signups later today in that case (Its 9am and I haven't been to sleep yet, so I'll give it most of the day while I'm asleep, and make it when I wake up)
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  17. Neato, sounds like things are going well. Sign language is definitely something I'll enjoy incorporating.
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  18. I'll head over after I take my dog out and get something up. Might take time-- I can be slow.
  19. That's fine! I'm excited to see what you come up with :D
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