Aperture Reincarnate

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    I stretched lazily on the chair in the lobby,looking around in mild interest. Connected to a wall,there was an empty reception desk that used to have a bell on it,which I had curiously dinged repeatedly before it had suddenly disintegrated. The word 'fizzled' came to my mind. Beside the desk,standing against a wall running diagonal to the point where the desk joined the wall,was a tall,plastic-coated skeleton,with a sign beside it that read,"Please study this skeleton in order to learn how to not have it's unfortunate bone structure.",which was odd because the bone structure looked fine to me. I was sitting on a chair placed inside a large semicircular indentation in the wall,one of eight. Behind me the wall,which was made entirely of monitors,was displaying stick figure animations of various Aperture Science inventions. To the right of the indentation,past the desk and the skeleton,was a circular door with a blue stick man on it,and to my left was a glass elevator that I had emerged from a couple minutes earlier after waking up in a cheap motel room. I tapped my foot absently,wondering idly if it was going to disintegrate too,when a fresh wave of boredom suddenly overcame me. "Uh,excuse me? Um,I'm not sure what I'm waiting for,but I'm extremely bored. Could I maybe have a book or something,please?",I asked the ceiling,feeling stupid the more I said. However,almost as soon as I finished talking,a hatch opened in the ceiling,and a tube extended into the room. From it I heard a lot of banging and clattering,and then a cube with pink hearts on the side fell into the room. I cautiously approached it,examining it from all sides and noticing a typed note taped to the side that said,"Figure out how to open it,and you can have your book.". I tore the note off and ran my hands over the cube,poking and prodding various points on it. I tried pressing the hearts down,but nothing happened. I tried prying the sides apart,still nothing. Moving my hands more slowly,I discovered that there was a series of slight indents on one side of the cube. I gently pressed down on them at once,and the opposite side popped open. I scrambled on top of the cube and swung my head over the edge,not expecting to see a single red eye looking back at me. "Target acquired.",it said in a childish voice,and I hastily swung my head back up as it began shooting at the skeleton. "That is not a book!",I yelled to the ceiling.


    I watched as the Development Core exited the elevator,looking around the lobby with curiosity. He crossed over the the receptionist's desk and started dinging the bell. He didn't stop. I eventually fizzled the thing,to his utter confusion. He then sat down on one of the chairs in front of the monitors,tapping his foot and looking toward the replica of the lunatic's skeleton. I briefly contemplated fizzling his leg before he stopped and asked the ceiling for a book. I immediately dropped the prepared cube into the room and watched as he examined the note. After successfully opening the Cube,he glared at the ceiling and angrily stated the obvious. I rolled my optic before catching myself in the act of a very human gesture. I huffed angrily and,once again,tried to delete Caroline. The announcer once again announced cheerfully,"Caroline deleted.",and once again,I found that he had lied. I sighed and gave the boy his book,and would have raised an eyebrow at his cautious poking of the thing,if I had any that is. He picked it up after assuring it wouldn't explode,and cheerfully started reading. Honestly,exploding books? Ridiculous.
  2. {Vanessa}
    I sat up in my makeshift bed, and glanced around. The room was cold and damp, and the only light came in from a tiny little window on the upper right wall of the room. I stumbled over to the mirror and fixed my hair, pulling it into my stocking cap. I slid a sweater over my white t-shirt and slid on my shoes. I went over to my bag, and took out a loaf of bread. I took off a piece and ate it hastily. I took off another piece and threw it to my wolf, Whirlwind, who had been looking emaciated. I checked my hair in the mirror once more, and smiled due to how positively brilliant I looked. I took the piece of scrap wood that I had painted a picture of Whirlwind on, and put it in my bag. I picked up my bag and put it around my neck and one arm. Then, I scurried down the ladder into the apartment below, and out onto a nearly deserted alley of City 17.
  3. {Jason}
    I assumed I had gone somewhat insane,because about halfway into chapter one I had started reading aloud. With stupid voices. By the end of chapter three I had
    gotten bored of that and had started talking to the ceiling again. "I know you can hear me.",I told it in a matter-of-fact voice,"I know,because when I asked for a book you dropped that thing into the room.",gesturing to the cube slash murdering machine. The ceiling said nothing. I growled and crossed my arms angrily.
  4. {Vanessa}
    I waited for Whirlwind to make his way out of the building. I shivered at the bitterness of the day, and wished I had a coat. I leaned against the rough exterior of a building and closed my eyes. I thought deeply about my past, and remembered how wonderful it was. She remembered all the way back to when she was three or four years old, shortly before the combines came and robbed her of her parents. She had a fur coat and it had been incredibly warm, but she eventually lost that too. Everything that had ever mattered to her was eventually taken away, but it wasn't a short process, it took a number of painstaking years for nearly her whole city to be wiped out. Somehow, however, she had survived, and made it this far, to City 17. Yet, she had lost all hope of the wheat field, she didn't believe it was there, it was just some myth that all the mentally scarred people left seemed to believe. Whirlwind appeared at my side, and stood at attention. I walked out onto an avenue filled with the delusional seekers of the wheat field, looking for someone to make a deal with. A deal that primarily favored me.
  5. {GLaDOS}

    Something was nagging at the back of my brai-processor...I said processor. Something...important. Nothing to do with the Development Core,he was talking to the ceiling again. Nothing to do with the droves of humans gearing up to seek out the wheat field above the Enrichment Center,nobody had come yet. No Combine were near,and there was nothing left on Earth for me to bother with,so that left spa-

    Oh. Right. The moron.

    If I had a mouth,I would have been smiling widely. Or perhaps smirking. I had gotten so caught up in the Corrupted Cores here I had forgotten about the one Core I really wanted to turn human. The only one whose body I already had.

    I moved his body to the front of the line and activated the Aperture Science Humane Recovery Beacon. "Greetings,lost Aperture Science Personality Constructs.",the cheerful Announcer said,"In accordance with mandatory state regulations,we are required to warn you that the technology used to recover you from your lethal situation may inflict pain. Much pain. Rest assured,the pain will only last a short while,and will only hurt a lot. So sit back,and enjoy this extremely painful procedure.". In addition to the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Devices,Aperture Science had also completed work on a self-contained chip that could take anything it was installed in and bring it,instantaneously,to the Main Transport. This technology was later used to develop the Perpetual Testing Initiative.

    The moron appeared in a flash of blue sparks,and a second later the Space Core clanged into him. The blue-eyed idiot started babbling as I picked them both up with a claw,and I hissed,"Shut up,you pathetic moron.". "Not a moron.",he muttered,probably thinking I couldn't hear him,and I roared,"WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME!?",inadvertantly shaking the facility. "N-n-nothing.",he squealed,curling up into himself. I glared at him and said,"That's what I thought. Now,I have a little experiment that I trust nobody but you to complete.". If he had eyebrows,one of them would be raised as he asked incredulously,"Pardon me?". I chuckled darkly and said lowly,"That's right. You probably don't know that you were once a smelly human.",quoting what he once said to...her. I cut him off as he started babbling and said,"It's true. Now,to put you in your current body,the scientists used a machine similar to...well,they used a machine. A machine I've managed to reverse engineer. And guess what? You're going to be the first Core I turn human.",I lied,but he spun around in his casing to look at the monitors behind me. "There's a human right there. And there are no more natural humans. He must be a Core-Human.",he said in a rare case of logical thinking,and I quickly contradicted,"No there's not.",but he insisted,"Yes there is.". "No there's not.",I repeated,and instead of saying yes,there was,he said,"Your argument would be a lot more convincing if those monitors were off,love.". I turned them off and said,"You know,I was going to just turn you human right away. But I think you've earned some time in the room where all the robots scream at you. Have fun.". I dropped him in a tube,from which childish voices could be heard screaming.
  6. Xun awoke in a strange place, which closely resembled a small room made out of slightly tinted glass. In fact, it was a small room made out of slightly tinted glass, but it also had a toilet, a radio, and a sleeping pod in it, in which he was resting right now. Taking the room in with his senses, the former Hyperactive Core realised that it had been dumped into a Relaxation Vault, so he quickly leaped out of bed, causing him to lose balance instantly and fall face-first onto the floor. Thus, Xun was forced to re-learn the first lesson he had learned when he was turned human: that his body felt and behaved completely differently, however that did not bother him. He just stood up and started looking around the Relaxation Vault, taking everything in with his fast-moving eyes.

    "Welcome to the Aperture Science Computer Aided Enrichment Centre," said a disembodied, male voice, which Xun would recoginse as the one that belonged to the Announcer, the mysterious person who was in control of the Aperture Science labs when GLaDOS could not be bothered to look. "We hope that your brief detention in the Relaxation Vault has been a pleasant one," it continued, which was when Xun picked the radio up and hurled it at the glass, shattering it. No, not the glass. It was the radio that shattered.

    "Please note that any damages caused to the Aperture Science Computer Aided Enrichment Centre will result in disciplinary measures, which include: Being fired, being fired out of the Aperture Science Gel-Induced Acceleration Chamber Cannon, being put on fire and being put into a room full of military-grade androids. The Aperture Science Computer Aided Enrichment Centre is not liable for any mental or physical damage that is caused by disciplinary measures. If you find that you have problems with how the Aperture Science Computer Aided Enrichment Centre operates, you can..." at this point, the voice of the Announcer was sped up so that even the Hyperactive core could not understand him. "... Should you have not understood what legal proceedings need to be taken against the Aperture Science Computer Aided Enrichment Centre, please remember that all necessary information has been provided to you," continued the voice.

    Of course, by then, Xun was not listening to the voice at all. Instead, he was trying to take apart the sleeping pod with little to no success, for as incompetent the men of Aperture Science were, they knew how to put things together in a way that they did not fell apart. Or at least, that is what Xun believed, and with every passing second, he became more and more sure of this fact. Eventually, he gave up on taking the sleeping pod apart, turning himself towards the toilet, which proved much easier to reduce to components, but much less interesting to study. It was just a few pieces of plastic and porcelain after all, so Xun just stood up, which was when he noticed the portal on the wall that lead out of the Relaxation Vault.

    "Oooh, adventure time," he grinned, stepping through the portal.
  7. {GLaDOS}

    I observed the Hyperactive Core as he smashed the radio in his Relaxation Vault,then disassembled the toilet. I quickly activated the Portal Brackets so he wouldn't be able to damage the Vault any further,then almost punched myself with a claw when I realized he'd probably damage the rest of the facility. Moving my attention to the elevator room outside his vault,I quickly turned the monitors around so he couldn't smash them,then examined the glass elevator. Okay,maybe not my best choice...,I thought,switching the volatile machine out for a large,padded one that had been implemented when the lunatic had first woken up. Then I checked on the Development Co- ...Oh God,he was destroying the lobby to build a fort.


    I glanced at the ceiling nervously as the room shook. In the distance,and it was so faint that it must have been a long way away,I heard a female voice asking what someone had said to her. "I wouldn't want to be whatever moron provoked her...",I muttered,prying the counter-top from the counter and hitting the nails out with the leg of one of the chairs. ...A chair that was totally broken when I got here,yep. I laid the wood in the middle of the room and went back to the counter,prying one of the sides off this time.
  8. {Vanessa}
    I made my way through the streets filled with reeking, dirty morons. What made them think that they would be saved from this force that had nearly wiped away humanity? What made them think it was as simple as finding a wheat field? I was determined to survive, but that was with wit and skill, not just with the hope of finding a stupid wheat field. I at least had beauty, a brain, and talent, and that gave me the entitlement to life they didn't have. I made my way into the wealthier part of town, and took out the painting. "Quality painting!" I yelled over and over, in a sing song voice. A woman in fine clothing approached me and I smiled, it was go time.
  9. {Jason}

    I had successfully dismantled the entire counter,and my range of materials was still growing. Maybe I could strip the leather off the chairs,then take the stuffing out and use the frames as well! I examined the back of one of the chairs and found a zipper. Nice. I unzipped it all the way and saw a wooden board between me and the stuffing. There was no way I could remove it without first removing the leather. I put a hand on my chin,thinking,and my eyes landed on the murderous cube. My lips twitched as I slowly advanced on the thing,turning it on it's back so the shooty thingy was pointed straight up. I quickly reached it and yanked it out of the cube,and it cried out to me in a cute voice,"Hey! Put me down!". I glared at it and tore one of it's legs off,throwing it in the corner. It shot at the wall blindly before it's optic dimmed and it let out a weak,"Shutting down.",before the light turned off completely. I slowly turned to the chair,leg in hand,and said,"Hey chair. How ya doin'? Me,oh I'm fine. Not doing anything.",advancing on it. I darted around it and jammed the leg into a crack,prying the board,and it's nails,out of the frame. I hit the nails out and began on the rest of the chair,wondering what I was going to use after I dismantled this one,along with the other seven. I glanced at the wall and smiled evilly.


    I watched the Development Core with a mixture of fear and annoyance. Fear because he had clearly gone insane,and annoyance because he was currently dismantling the furniture. For some inexplicable reason,he hadn't taken the skeleton off it's stand. I sighed as I regarded his destruction of the waiting room. First the counter,now the chairs. What's next,dismantling the wa- Oh God,he was smiling at the walls.
  10. {Vanessa}
    "How much will that beautiful painting cost?" The woman seemed to be bubbling over with excitement. I started thinking deeply. What was the black market in need of at the moment? What would those crooks die to get their hands on? "Well, I prefer trading, what do you have to offer?" I smiled, trying to seem pleasant. Honestly, I wasn't pleasant, I was yearning for a bed, a room with actual lights and heating. With the help of the scoundrels of the black market, who would go crazy over about anything, I was trying to make it possible. I shivered, the cool morning air penetrating my ratty old sweater. I could see the woman trying to think of what she wanted to give up for my painting. I smiled, silently urging her to make a decision, even though it seemed to be taking forever and a century for her to decide, when honestly, it could have only been a minute or two.
  11. {Jason}

    I jammed the leg in the crack between two of the frame pieces,using the appendage as a crowbar. I freed it from the top part of backing and got to work on the bottom piece. I wriggled it free and pulled the leg out,wrappng my hands around the piece of wood firmly and bracing my feet againt the bettom of the chair. I pulled hard,hearing a squealing of wood before the stubborn lumber I was holding came free. I smiled at it triumphantly and started hitting the nails out.
  12. The subject finally awoke from her hibernation, groggy, confused, and blind. She, for a long while, just stared blankly at the ceiling, as if waiting for something. When she thought she heard a rustle, or a maybe a crash she called out, "Who's there?" She waited for an answer. "Is anyone there?" When there was no answer, she decided to go 'look' for them. She crawled out of the bed and began to venture the small room, with hands out in front like a zombie. "Could you come over here?" As she wandered around in circles around the room she was sure to run into every wall and knock over every table and obstruction it the room. "Excuse me."

    A voice out of no where began to lecture her, and threaten punishments. She couldn't tell where it was coming from, and she didn't know no one was there. "Searching," she stated as she continued to clumsily crash though the room. Eventually the voice gave up on her, and all was quite save for all she broke. "Are you still there?" She wandered around, trying to figure things out, when just before she crashed into a wall, instead she fell though a portal that lead to some unknown room. "Ow!" she cried out as she fell to the cold hard ground.
  13. {GLaDOS}

    I watched as the Blind Turret bumbled around her Relaxation Vault,knocking over the table and walking into walls. Maybe I should have fixed her eyesight...I thought to myself,then sighed and activated the Portal Brackets. My entire chassis drooped as she fell through rather than...well,whatever going through a portal usually is. I turned my attention to the Development Core,who was yelling at the ceiling for a knife. I dismissed him with an eye roll and sent him the tool,then did a double take. ...Did I just send him a knife!?


    "Hey! I need a swivel knife!",I yelled to the ceiling,clutching the now-empty leather upholstery. The wooden frame was lying a little ways away,leaning up against a wall. The tube from earlier started clattering,and a minute later a knife hurtled out and stuck into the floor. I leaned over,tugged it out of the carpet,and started carving the leather so it would lay flat. "My head is filled with pretty lumps...",I sang dreamily.
  14. The chamber outside the Relaxation Vault was nothing special, but as usual, Xun was overly exited about it. He started looking around the room, inspecting every single wall panel to find something new on them, running his hands over the surface of every single one so he could find a breach so he could take the wall apart and look at what was behind it. Then, suddenly, he had an idea, so he rushed back to the Relaxation Vault, only to hit a cold, metallic wall so hard that he almost cracked his head. The force of the impact made Xun fall on his bottom as he clutched his head in a vain attempt to get rid of the pain. However, such a thing could not discourage the former Hyperactive Core in his explanation. Within seconds, he was standing up, still examining every single inch of the room.

    That lasted until he accidentally made the door open up, which, in turn, made his perspective open up as well. The room connecting to the Relaxation Vault was a rather large one, with lots and lots of doors, some of which seemed to be locked. There were also huge red buttons that simply begged to be pressed, but for some reason, they were embedded into the ground. Naturally, Xun's first instict was to push them, but when he discovered that they did not react to his fingers, he started pouting. Intending to damage the equipment, Xun smashed his fist into the button, but that only made his fist hurt, so he furiously stomped on the button. Interestingly, that seems to have worked, pushing the button down and making a door open into another chamber.

    "Ooh!" The excited gasp resounded in the new room. Xun felt a bit stupid at just having discovered that, but that was overcome by excitement. Obviously, his first instinct was to look for seams on the button which he could use to open it up. Of course, there were none no matter how hard he looked, so he decided to look at all buttons. Naturally, he failed to find any surfaces and was getting very frustrated with this place. How was he going to do his tinkering, how was he going to amuse himself if he had nothing to disassemble? What was he even supposed to do? Was he supposed to move those strange cubes?

    And immediately, Xun leaped to the Weighted Storage Cubes, piled up in the corner of the room. He had no idea how they got there, or how they escaped his notice, but he took one of them in his hands, and was rather pleased that he, in fact, could take it apart at the seams. So he did it with the Storage Cube in his hands. Then another one. Then another. Then another one again. It was as if he wanted to find some sort of treasure, opening every single Storage Cube that was piled up, hoping that he would gain a better understanding of how they worked. Those were just so fascinating!
  15. {GLaDOS}

    I stared with an air of deadpanedness at the Hyperactive Core's disassembling of the Weighted Storage Cubes. I activated the speakers and told him,"Please do not dawdle in the Preliminary Test Chambers. At the conclusion of these simple Tests,you will be deposited in the Lobby where you will find a surprise along with lots of things to disassemble.".


    I finished carving the leather,and spread it out,putting a piece of the counter on top of it to hold it down. I retrieved the shooty thing's leg,unzipped the next chair,and started pulling out stuffing.
  16. Black eyes opened and glanced around, blinking away some blur. "Ugh, my head.." Sitting up and holding his throbbing head, he glanced around. "Huh? I don't remember coming here..." A loud voice came up, sounding very strange, really. "SUBJECT COMPLETE!" "Ow!" He grabbed his head, the loud auto-tuned voice only making his headache worse. He stood up, but almost fell right back down. "Guess I must have been sleeping a while." He carefully went over to a door and opened it cautiously, peeking around the frame before actually stepping outside. He leaned back on the door to close it with two hands behind his back. "Strange place..." He surveyed the whole room, wondering what this was all about.
  17. {Vanessa}
    "Now, please hurry up ma'am, I don't have all day," I said in my sweetest voice. I was getting impatient- I was in a hurry to go elsewhere. The woman took off a necklace and a ring and handed them to me "Is this enough?" The woman asked. "Why, yes it is," I said with a smile. I handed her the painting, and put the jewelry in my bag. My next stop for the day was the sewer where the black market was ran, where people thought they were getting a bang for their buck, when honestly- they may have been paying more.
  18. {GLaDOS}

    I turned my attention to the now-awake Bipolar Core and,cringing,saw him...standing there. I sighed in relief. At least I had one sane Core-human. " Hello,and again,welcome to the Aperture Science Computer-Aided Enrichment Centre. We hope your brief detention in the relaxation vault has been a pleasant one. Your specimen has been processed and we are now ready to begin the test proper. Before we start, however, keep in mind that although fun and learning are the primary goals of the enrichment centre activities, serious injuries may occur. For your own safety, and the safety of others, please refrain from...",I said to him before dissolving into fake static. The static finished and I continued,"Please solve these two simple tests to be deposited in the Lobby where you will wait with others for the real tests to begin.".
  19. Something clicked in my brain. Like, I already knew this was a very, very bad idea. I got away from the door and glanced around, wondering where it came from. "What kinds of tests, bot?" I knew it wasn't exactly human by the static, but without many other guesses, I had to go with a robot. something that'll get me killed i bet. I thought negatively. Except this thing doesn't know that I'll kill it first if anything tries to harm me. He looked around as if some murderous machine (or something else) was going to pop out of nowhere.
  20. {GLaDOS}

    Just my luck. The only sane subject I had was also the one voted Most Likely To Kill AIs in high school. "Query: What kind of tests? Response: Simple tasks that will test your understanding of simple testing elements. Examples: Weighted Storage Cubes,the Aperture Science 1500 Megawatt Super-Colliding Super Button,portals.",I responded,playing the unaware,pre-programmed computer.