Apartment Building, Block 6

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    It's the tallest apartment building on Block Six. It's outer walls are one-way glass windows. Each room holds about 3 people. No more than 3 characters per user. The Apartment Building is surrounded by various shops and restaurants.

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    Areiz opened the door to her second floor apartment, looking up and down the hall before going towards the elevator. She needed to get down to the lobby or she'd be late for her job.
  2. He was in the elevator coming down to the first floor, singing could be heard through the elevator because that's just what he was doing. He was practicing, he was doing a cover of who do we think we are by john legend. He planted himself in the corner continuing to sing as the elevator came to a stop on the second floor.
  3. She paused as the elevator opened, waving at the person singing. "Hello. I'm Areiz, any complaints, let me know, room 60 or lobby desk." She said, smiling.
  4. He looked up and said " oh hello my names Christopher oh and a is there a hotline that i can directly contact you? " He said as he held the phone in his hand.
  5. "My cell is 456-9780." she said as the elevator doors closed. "Nice to meet you Christopher."
  6. He got the number down and said " yes! i got a girl's number " he laughed as the door opened to the bottom floor and he walked out looking around and slid his hands into his pockets " were was i going again "
  7. Areiz smiled. "Well, have a good day." She waved, walking over behind a door that led to a counter behind glass. She sat down, leaning back and putting in a headphone, turning up the song on her phone but leaving an ear out for the people milling around the lobby.