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  1. "Nestled deep within the bosom of Aokigahara Forest of Honshu, Japan sits a humble, stone shrine, surrounded by blissful kodama. Within this shrine, only accessible by the will of the supernatural, is a pocket dimension devoted to the education of Yokai children from grades 10 to 12. The haunting facade of the forest, along with its reputation, helps keep less desirable humans from veering from the tourist path and nearing the shrine. For those Yokai who feed upon the dead, those who willfully enter to never return are never in short supply."


    The first day of the new school year is about to start as Yokai students, old and new, flood through the gate and walk the path to the high mountain-top academy. This grand plot of lush, garden land is not connected to any other chunk of earth. In fact, it's floating in its own space, the sky full of magnificent colors when not lit with the daytime. Around the base of the mountain sits the student and staff dorms, a few extracurricular class buildings, and a grand courtyard that tends to all types of creatures.
    After climbing the path upwards lined with blooming cherry blossom trees, greenery of all sorts and welcoming will-o'-wisps, students are greeted by a few members of staff, including the principal, a mighty, intimidating hakutaku.
    "Welcome back, welcome back! Please head to the main hall for our start-of-the-year assembly."
    The lone chimi janitor jerks awake when students begin marching past his resting place under a stone carving.
    "Ghh! How long have I been sleeping?"
  2. "Please keep your comments to yourself this time, Ken!" says Haru, shuffling her papers in wait for her time to speak.
    "Ugh, I still get nervous about public speaking!"
    She peeks out from behind the stage curtains as the students slowly flood in from outside. There are plenty of new faces, some looking around with awe, meeting new friends, or simply trying to settle in. She remembers her first time here. Up until ninth grade, Haru attended a school in Fujioka. A school for humans, to be exact. This made hiding Ken a struggle in itself and made her unhealthily self-conscious.
    "After shree' years you shtill' haven't gotten ushed' to it?" Ken's shoveling of fried eggs into his mouth impedes his speech.

    Haru is only snapped out of her trance when she feels a piece of egg drop onto her head.
    "Eugh! Ken!"
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  3. Ceilings were always good vantage points, but the school’s ceilings tended to be pretty crowded. Even here, up on the ceiling of the main hall, one had to be careful of where they scuttled.

    Daichi respectfully kept his distance from the numerous balls of light drifting through the air while also trying to avoid disturbing the occasional floating head, careful of where he put any one of his eight legs. However, all that this caution got him was a tenjō kudari popping out in front of him with a manic giggle.

    Flinching back with a curse, Daichi rounded on the upside-down girl with a glare, fangs and pinchers blaring.

    “Damn it, what have I told you about surprising me like that!”

    The girl just chuckled manically, before pulling herself back into the ceiling. The spider shook his head, muttering to himself as he continued on his way. Honestly the nerve of that girl…jumping out like that to a teacher should be grounds for disciplinary action…

    Eventually, Daichi crawled his way to the front of the room, twisting his head to peer down at the gathering students below, his two main eyes scanning the crowd. Familiar faces mingled with the new arrivals in the crowd slowly gathering in front of the school’s stage. Some (particularly the giants and the tall ones) dominated the crowd, but the spider was certain he spied some of their new transfer students in the crowd as well.

    Demons from beyond the sea, hmm?

    Daichi nodded to himself: this promised to be an interesting semester. Well, more so then usual.

    The gaze of some of his eyes eventually drifted to the stage itself. Quite a grand affair, its size could accommodate even the largest Yokai. However, he knew that one of the smaller students was currently the stage’s only occupant, hidden behind the curtain.

    It’s important for a leader of any kind to introduce themselves with a certain amount of grace, even something as simple as student president. Daichi’s pincers and fangs chittered in amusement. I look forward to seeing what you have planned, Haru.

  4. The opening ceremony was today, and Juriko was having a wardrobe malfunction already. This was not her typical, planned bra strap breaking in front of a horny professor malfunction that she was so use to from her college days. This was a first day as a school teacher and her new louboutin heels decided to get suck in a crack in the sidewalk outside the school. Her heel broke like a twig. "I can NOT believe this mess. those were one of my favorites too. Atleast i had back up flats in case my feet started to hurt" Juriko was now in the habit of talking to herself out loud. She was not terribly late, she needed to be there early to parole the students. She had heard that the students in this school were great, but kids will be kids. Walking up to the entrance of the main hall, Juriko stepped off to the side and straighten herself. She had chose to wear a cute outfit that feature a beautiful flower printed blouse and a knee length yellow pencil shirt. pulling out a compact mirror from her pocket she straighten out her natural wavy hair. "Decent, though i should stop by a salon some time this week" She did not like to do without her purse , the school made it clear that all personal bags were stay at their teacher desk. reluctantly putting her mirror back in her pocket, she continued into the room. There were already student finding their seats. She saw that many of them were in the true forms, not bothering with shape-shifting. Juriko knew that many of them could not shape-shift, while others took this environment as a safe haven for their forms. Juriko quite liked her human form. She found that in her spider form she had a powerful hunger, while in her human form she felt more flirtatious then hungry. Juriko walked towards the front, where the stage was, taking care to spread out and watch for rough housing.

    "Another year, my last year! i need this to be a great year" Mizuki was giving herself her pep talk for the start of the school year. It was not that Mizuki did not like school. It was quite the opposite, Mizuki loved learning. She just wanted to move on to her new chapter. She was lucky, she would get to have a say in her future. As long as she showed that she was not a slacker and had honest goals for the future, and of course show her respect for her deity regularly, but that was a given. Mizuki knew that this year was going to be hard for her. She was going to have to leave this safe place that she basically made into her home for the last four years. "Snap out of it, save those those for the end of the year" Mizuki shook her head and walked into the Academy. Mizuki quickly found her way to the main hall, but the flex of students would not make it easy for her to get a good spot for the assembly. "Crab cakes, i really dont want to sit in the back" Mizuki felt some on tug on her tail, which made a small scream escape from her lips. "Watch it freshmen!" She did not know if it was really a freshman, but she has been dreaming about planning to play the crabby senior to the freshmen ever since she saw it in some teen movie years ago. Holding onto her tail, she rubbed the end of it, where it hurt the most. "people can be so immature" Mizuki made a b-line to the three row of seats, and found a spot in between two semi-normal looking yokai.

    Renata could not believe her eyes. Even the space pocket around the school was beautiful. The moment she landed in Japan, Renata fell in love with the culture that seemed to burst from every side street of Honshu. While the humans were no where near the reason why she came here, she was curious on why they were so formal with everything. "time to get this year started, i hope everyone likes me." Renata was a first year at the Academy, and a transfer student from overseas to boot. She did not know if there were many of her, so Renata was slightly nervous. You could see it in her shape-shifting. Her pointed tail was showing a bit, but other than that she looked her normal human self. She knew that shifting was not required, but Renata did not want the other students to be afraid of her. Her demon form was not exactly friendly looking. "Wait up Renata geez!" a cute, but loud voice was calling to her form behind. "Keep up lily, i don't want to be late on my first day" Lily flew by Renata and stopped her in her tracks. "Hey i saw one of my buddies back there by the shrine. You could have waited a bit" Renata walked passed her and sighed. " you are suppose to be here to help em not socialize. Please lily, you know how i am about being punctual. " Lily landed on her head. "okay okay don't freak out, no one expects you to be on time or to know Japanese. i have your back" Renata did not find anything the sprite said to be reassuring. Renata learned quickly that lily was a prankster and joker among other things. Though lily did teach Renata how to order food and basic greetings in the short couple of months she was here. Renata walked into the school to find it crowded with the most unique looking yokai Renata has ever seen. "they may not even blink an eye at my demon form, but i prefer my human form anyways." Renata found a seat around the middle of the main hall, though there was still so many student walking around and socializing, Renata did not know what was being said half of the time. "Wow, this is going to be a challenge."
  5. There were so many yokai coming through the gates, Kanna had never seen anything quite like it before. Every time she saw something new, she jumped and let out an excited squeal. “Oh, oh, fluffy tails! I wanna touch them so bad!” She darted towards a kitsune, right up until her attention was caught by something higher up. “And, and there! A giant spider!” She pointed towards the ceiling, “Is it looking at me, is it looking at me?”

    All of this was amazing to Kanna, but she was so absorbed by her surroundings she forgot to actually pay attention to anything else. On her back she had strapped a small tower of luggage; her backpack was easily large enough for her to fit in twenty times. The academy was built to facilitate larger yokai, but the crowd was not. Kanna knocked other students over left and right with it, not even noticing her life-sized recreation of a domino challenge in the hallway.

    “Everything is so amazing!”

  6. Renata looked around to scope her fellow peers. " I wonder what is everyone's story? i mean i know many yokai have to be hundreds of years old to even become conscience beings" Right as she said that a straw slipper walked by, minding his own business. "Like that guy! Oh Japanese yokai are so whimsical. European demons are so boring looking." Lily grunted. "What about european demons? whats so bad about us? you are one too. Last time i checked, Miss.succubus, you guys and the vampires pretty much run the demon world, a part from the Royal line that is. " Ugh politics. "I dont really care who is in charge" Lily scoffed. "Says the girl with connections to go up in our world. dont look the gift horse in the mouth. Demons with arcane powers out ranks all us littles any day." Renata rolled her eyes, which lead her to see a student with so much luggage, it looked like her moved her whole room into them to come her. "Lily you CAN use arcane magic, i saw you with your grimoire earlier. I know my mother could not like me go without knowing i was protected unlit my magic destructive magic develops more. But lets get off this subject. I have nothing but a weeks worth of clothes, what am i going to do?" All of Renata's luggage and packages were lost at sea. Some sirens need to go on a diet. Renata realized that she came to school without any supplies as well. "i am toast, Its my first day and already im a slacker."
  7. The first bell is about to chime, which will signal the official start of Haru's very last year in high school and, at the same time, the start of many young yokai's first years at the school. The hall is almost full and the rush of students in through the mokumokuren infested doors has slowed significantly.
    "Ken, snack time's over! I can't give my speech while you're shoveling down eggs!" A few tendrils of her hair twitch in protest.
    "Haru-chan, you know how hungry I always am!" Ken turns himself into a pout even though he isn't visible to his host.
    The girl swats at a tendril coming down to touch her face.
    "Don't call me Haru-chan. And you're lucky you don't have a body of your own. Otherwise you'd be a fatass! Now common'." she hisses.
    With a bit of prying, Ken releases the bowl and chopsticks in his grasp and allows the girl to set it to the side. She breathes a few long, deep breaths, and after she straightens her back, she starts her trek from behind the curtain towards the podium in the middle of the empty stage. Most students fall silent when she appears, seemingly multiplying the volume of each slow step across the wood in the empty air. As soon as she sets her cheat sheets down behind the podium, the lone shōgorō atop the school's bell tower pounds its tiny mallet into the intricate gold piece, sending 3 tolls echoing throughout the entire campus. Everyone should be in here by now, so she hopes no new students got lost trying to find their way here.
    Haru glances over the crowd, almost all eyes are on her. Ken has flattened himself back into the girl's natural haircut and, as much as he wants to complain, will keep quiet for her. She leans the mic stand a little closer to her so she won't have to bend her back, and glances down at her paper for reference as she begins.
    "Welcome students, old and new, to Aokigahara Academy! I surely hope everyone had a wonderful break, but now it's back to school friends, school fun, and school life!"
    Her eyes flicker over every inch of the crowd, then back to the paper for a second or two.
    "This year will see many exciting changes for our school! We've finally had the privilege of becoming a viable option in the National Supernatural Academic Exchange Program, and have a few of our very own exchange students here this year for this wonderful learning opportunity, so please greet them with open arms as they try to get used to the ways of the academy! We've also had a few policy changes regarding the forest outside, so if you are not staying in our dorms, please find a buddy and leave the shrine along with them. Also, for those who depend on Aokigahara for food, the minimum group amount has been raised to three."
    She holds up the appropriate number of fingers and wiggles them around a bit to allow everyone to soak it in.
    "Make sure you sign out and report to a faculty member before heading out to hunt. With the cool weather comes tourist season and we don't need any more accidents... Now, your homeroom teachers will go over any specific rules they may have for you all but, as you returning students know, I've gotta' go over the general campus rules list."
    A few yokai in the back groan.
    "1. No destruction of school property. Accidents happen, but we can't have you all destroying the poor campus.
    2. No boys in the girls' dorms after 8 o'clock and vice versa. I don't... really have to explain that to you. Um...
    3. Our dress code isn't strict, but you still have to follow it. No provocative phrases on your clothing, no unnecessary flesh showing, you all know the deal. And if you don't wear clothes then, um... this doesn't apply to you so you can just... ignore it.
    4. Harassment or violence of any kind will not be tolerated. If you feel like you need to fight, take your problems to a teacher. Our lovely guidance counselor Koizumi-san will gladly assist you with any problems you may have, whether it be with another student or not.
    5. Please don't be late for class. I know sometimes all nighters can seriously knock it out of you, but you're just delaying the learning process if you do so. Take a nap if you have study hall or something.
    6. Absolutely no cheating. I feel like I shouldn't have to say this but going to school is for your benefit. How much are you really going to learn if you don't even at least try to take in the information yourself!
    7. Probably even more obvious than not cheating. Do not purposely bring any humans to the shrine, nor inform them in any amount about the existence of this place."

    She gains her breath back as she flips to her next page.
    "Mmm... I look around and I see a lot of bright, sometimes terrifying faces. Surely you all are going to make this school year a fulfilling one! As long as you behave and keep up with your schoolwork, being at Aokigahara Academy is a wonderful experience! And now, I'm going to hand this over to Tsukuda-sensei, your all-powerful headmaster!"
    After quickly gathering up her pile of papers, Haru exchanges places with the large yokai Hiroshi. The students sitting in the audience clap both for the end of Haru's speech and the appearance of the headmaster. He readies the microphone to receive his thunderous voice with the whack of a golden hoof.
    "Ha hah! Thank you very much, dear Haru! That was a perfect speech, as usual. Now, for all of our students new to this year who don't know how our first-day process goes, you'll be heading directly to the homeroom teacher written down on your schedule, and they will work with you as a group on assigning dorm rooms and will teach you a little bit about how that class will function for the year. We're going to dismiss you all by grade to keep traffic to a minimum, tenth grade first, and so on. Also, before I forget, please do not poke the poor mokumokuren that are scattered around the school. They have as much of a right to be here as we do, and it's a little rude to poke, well, an eye in the eye!"
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  8. Ryunosuke was running through the path that had the o'laterns as fast as he colorful kimono let him. He had a really panicked expression, his forehead sweating nervously as he carried a pack on his back. "G-Gaaah...! I cannot beleieve I'm late on the first day!" he shouted as his white hair rustled against the warm breeze that blew around. His pointed ears twitched a bit and his big and fluffy tail was flapping behind him. "Oh, onegai, Inori-sama... Don't let the Opening Ceremony start yet!" Ryunosuke quicken his running, almost trembling with a rock that was on his way.

    As he got close to the building were the ceremony was taking place, he heard some words from someone that was giving a speech. Ryunosuke widen his eyes and lightly whimpered. "Oh, tofus...! The ceremony already began!" He let go a deep sigh as he stopped in front of the doors. "I bet I'm the only Yokai that's totally late... Baka, Ryunosuke... Baka, baka..." He scolded himself in a really funny way, pointing at him cute face and letting go some light growls. "Goumen, Inori-sama.... I know how much you taled to me about the importance of good timing..."

    He breathed deep and stood straight, facing the door. There was no way he wanted everybody in there watch him stepping inside in such a late time, so he began to open the door as quietly as possible. Unfortunely, he was so nervous, that his right foot slipped, making him fall. With a loud gasped, his bady slammed against the door, opening all loudly. He smacked the floor hard and the thud echoed inside of the hall. A big drop of sweat appeared above Ryunosuke's head, totally embarressed.

  9. [​IMG]


    "Ack! I'd appreciate it if you didn't hold onto my horns while I'm getting you to school, Chie!"
    "If I don't hold onto them I might fall off, genius!"
    "Good point... Hold on tight, tiny!"

    Chie held onto Jin's horns tightly, bracing herself and closing her eyes as he darted towards the shrine in his Komainu form, her riding on his large back and laying against him firmly. He turned sharply, claws digging into the earth before speeding off into the hidden school in loud, echoing gallops.

    "The opening ceremony started I bet, no one's out here!"
    "Good way to start off the first day, you're late to everything and now I'm late with you..."
    "Hey, I'm trying my best, these floors are slippery as all hell!!"

    Jin head butted the doors, it swinging opening wide before he leaped over some guy on the floor before landing on all floors, sliding to a stop. Chie sat up and straightened out her clothes, pulling down her red skirt as she climbed off his back, wiping off her white bottom down shirt and red ribbon. She had on black thigh highs and brown loafers. Her tail whipped out from underneath her, coffee brown ears flickering at the echoing.
    "Don't call me Tiny again, or else..."
    Jin shook his head, snorting shortly before morphing back into his human form, running a hand through his ruby hair and baring his sharp teeth. He was wearing a black jacket over a tight v neck, with black straight legs pants and high top exercise shoes. It was the same color palette as his jacket. "Place is old, amirite?"
    "Be nice, idiot."
  10. Ryunosuke slowly stood up straight and rubbed his reden forehead with his right hand. His hairy ears flatten a bit after feeling a slight pain. "I-Itai..." He sighed and dust off his pretty kimono, some light dust clouds puffing as he does. After that, he looked at the Yokai that rudely leaped ver him with worrying or helping him. He pouted a bit, kinda offended. "Well, I guess how everybody here treats the "fresh blood", mmh?" he thought and rolled his eyes, looking around the hall. Widen his eyes and gasped silently with awe by such a majestic place.

    He also was surprised to seeing so much variety of Yokai, most of them creatures he didn't knew they actually existed. "For Inari... This place is so amaizing..." he whispered, not really wanting to interrupt the ceremony. He smiled bright, wondering how many friends he would do this new year on the school and his last one on his school years. He also wondered it there was more Kitsunes like him.

  11. Mizuki was paying attention to Haru-san. She seemed a bit frazzled, though its nothing new, she has to deal with an extra personality. Mizuki giggled a bit at a memory of catching her fighting with Ken, her extra mouth. It was very entertaining. Mizuki always wanted an young siblings, or older sibling,any sibling would do for her. Growing up by herself had its perks, but the cons weighed on her time to time. " Who will i meet this year. All my friends close friends graduated already." Haru introduced the head-master, with a relieved looked on her face. During his speech, a loud noise came from the entrance doors. Half of the students in the hall rubbernecked in that direction, including her. The was a white haired male, from the look of it kitsune." Wait, another Kitsune? i have never seen him before....well its not like i know everyone at this school" The male was on the floor, and soon after a komainu with a young girl on him leaped in. "okay....." The beast morphed into a young man afterwards. "oooo another shape-shifter. i wonder what she is, might be his relative or something, how cute." Mizuki giggled again and looked back at the stage, she would not be surprised if the head-master get mad.

    A loud scuffle came from the entrance doors. "Late students already? do they not have common sense enough to be quite when entering the hall late?" Juriko thought as she quickly addressed the situation of the noisy students. Walking over to the three children, juriko showed them to the back. " your late, and your being rude to the head-master by making all of this commotion. Please have some respect and quickly find your seats. Lets all have a good first day shall we?" Juriko told them in a quiet voice. She pointed to the couple of empty chair towards the back. Frankly she could not care less were they sat. As long as they got a move on. " I have to be gentle with them, they are just kids." Juriko couched herself in her head. She sighed and gave a small smile. "Welcome to the Academy" Juriko eyed them, making sure they found a seat and kept quiet.

    Renata would never admitted it, but she had completely spaced out during the ceremony. She had no idea way this school had such an event anyways. "Is it not just a glorified orientation?" Renata was still struggling with japanese customs. A loud bang snapped her out of her daydreams of buying new clothes. "What just happened?" Renata turned to see where it was coming from. By the time she realized that is was the front doors, three individuals were just standing around the now opened doors. "At least you are not a much of a slacker has they are? who comes late on the first day!" Lily started to laugh. Renata quickly shushed the sprite. "Hush lily, people will hear you. dont forget we were almost late." Renata saw that one boy had beautiful white hair and ears. "What kind of yokai is that? wow!" Renata looked at the other boy who has transformed moments earlier. "That is similar to my ability, how cool!" the last person was a small girl. she looked normal and cute. "She is obviously not human, but what yokai takes human form? Vampire? maybe she shifts as well. I nice to know that its not just be who likes their human form."
  12. Ryunosuke blushed in embarrassment as the Headmastress scolded them silently. He bowed at her many times in a row, quickly. "G-Goumen...! Goumen...!" His ears were moving up and down as he did. He wanted to explain her the reason of why he came late, but that would be seen as a silly excuse. So he just looked down, still blushing and with some stream coming out from his face. "I-I'll take a seat now...." He slowly head towards one of the free seats, accidentally slapping with his white and fluffy tail a student that was seated.

    RYunosuke widen his eyes and gasped, sweating nervously and once again bowing many times in a row. "G-Gaah...! S-Sorry, minna! I-I didn't mean to...!" He felt more embarrassed than before and was definitely making a scandal at the back of the hall. "Inori-sama... Can this day could be worse...?" he thought, some tears sliding down through his cheeks like a funny waterfall.
  13. Haru scrambles into the crowd to find her class. The youngest are gathering their things and heading out into the school past the new, late students and through the sliding wooden and paper doors that've already been broken out of their fittings.
    "Guh, hello again, Mizuki. Long time no see! Huff... It's the first day and something's already broken!"
    Ken "stretches" now that he's finally allowed to move.
    "I think broken doors and busted windows are an inevitability."
    Silently observing all, Matsuoka approaches the now sitting Kitsune boy from behind. Being no taller than him in this state, the tanuki rusts a furry hand on his shoulder to get his attention. He makes a "come hither" motion with his free paw.

    "Come with me, young man."
    He insists that the boy follow, and on the way out, he demands the audience of the other two canid students that arrived both very late and very loudly.
  14. Ryunosuke looked down at the tanuki and after hearing the command "follow me", he sighed and slowly followed him, his ears falatened a bit with a kinda worry expression. A detention at the very first hours of the first day of school... Way to go, Ryu-kun..." he thought, hugging his fluffy tail for make sure it doesn't slap or bother somebody else. He was so nervous, that he was getting a bit dizzy.
  15. Daichi flinched a lot more then he would care to admit when the main hall’s door slammed open, though he had thankfully gained his composure by the time the other two late arrivals barrelled into the room. Letting out a relieved breath as Juriko swooped in to sort the situation out, Daichi’s pinchers subtly twitched as he refocused his thoughts, running through his mental schedule.

    Let’s see… the opening speeches went off without incident, and with any luck these three are the last arrivals. As long as homeroom doesn’t going awry, we can call this a victory. One of the spider’s legs flicked in agitation as he recalled how LAST year’s opening ceremony went… I’m still not certain how we managed to put out all those fires at the same time…

    He was brought out of his thoughts as the crowd begins moving, the year 10 students moving to find their designated teachers and exit the grand hall while the rest began congregating around their classes. He also spied Matsuoka rounding up the three students who had just cost the school one of its doors, assumedly to give them some sort of scolding.

    Well, I’ve hung around long enough. Twisting his head until he heard a satisfying click from his exoskeleton, Daichi took a moment to gather himself before shooting the start of a web onto the ceiling. It’s time to get this show on the road.

    With a practised ease, Daichi rapidly lowered himself from the ceiling while never losing his control of the web trail he left behind. Landing with a thud , he disconnected the thick trail from himself as he drew up to survey the room. It was only at this did he realize that he had landed next to Juriko Isomi. Tittering, he lightly bumped the middle join of one of his legs against her shoulder.

    “Once more into the fray, eh?” He inclined his head, beady eyes smiling. “Good luck, Isomi; something tells me we’re going to need it.”

    Without waiting for a response, the spider trudged forward, drawing himself up to his maximum height on his eight legs as he raised his voice:

    “Those in year 12! If you’re schedule says you’re with Daichi, gather in front of me, and make it quick!” Daichi’s eyes glanced to the busted door. “I appreciate punctuality…”

  16. ~ Amaya Fujimata ~

    Amaya walked with graceful ease in her step's as she came to exit the Teacher's office. A cold breeze whipped forward from behind her in a slightly misty haze as her normal dress remained in tack only to suddenly be matched by that of a snow white loose kimono with light blue streak's held across the material itself. Another school year had come to hold and for some odd reasoning she felt herself happy about that. The school did become rather dull with only the teacher's to be seen went they weren't in the Mortal world. It was than she began her walk down the hall as her snow white locks remained pinned up to keep from drifting into her face. She had the normal appearance of a human more so than most of the other teacher's but her abilities weren't one's to be underestimated either in the given case. It was than she caught sight of Daichi attempting to wrangle the flood of student's into their proper classroom's.."Year 12's... Which mean's I must have the 11th year's.. Let the fun begin." She thought ever quietly to herself as her pale blue eye's wandered over the throng of student's. At last she found herself before her classroom/homeroom. It was than she gave a turn on her heel as she allowed a large frigid breeze to fall upon the student's as she called out loudly in her silken voice." All those in Year 11! If your schedule say's Miss Fujimata , report here and now , Please... I'd hate to have you late or leave you with a terribly cold shoulder." Her eye's casted to the student's as she smiled ever so slowly to them in that moment with her reddened lips that played against the porcelain coloring of her skin as she drew open the sliding door and began to beckon the Eleventh Year's into the first day of Homeroom.. Last year had been 12th year's and this year 11th.. How she hoped greatly they weren't over difficult.. Yet again , that all but left the job highly entertaining in her case she thought as she remained drawn near the doorway awaiting her Homeroom Class.

  17. KaoruKikuchi

    I'm at the school.

    This place better live up to what you said

    Kaoru typed out a threat and sent the text Chiyo's way. She looked up from her phone, gazing into the school with scrutiny. How the hell did she manage to get talked into this? Stupid school. Stupid Chiyo. Stupid Kaoru.

    Her phone interrupted her inward complaining with a text.

    You're only just getting there? You probably missed the opening ceremony.

    Whatever. I bet I didn't miss anything important.

    Kaoru finished glaring at the school and entered, seeing yokai of different grades following different teachers. She tried to blend in with the crowd, pretending she had always been there. It shouldn't be too hard to figure out where the other 10th years were.


  18. Juriko smiled and nodded to the now leaving teacher. "mmmmm i believe your daichi-sama. how intersting. lets both have a great school year" Juriko caught herself making a sly smirk. "no juri none of that. this is the work place. nothing good ever comes out of mixing work and play." Juriko followed her examples and called out to students. "all year 10 students with Dr.isomi as your homeroom teacher, report to this area. " Juriko backed up to the front near the stage. "dont keep me waiting, seriously." Juriko may have a sweet face, but her temper is strong and her patience is almost non-existing. though juriko would never admit it, she has a soft spot of the cute ones.

    mizuki smiled at and tried to hold in her laugh. "i know right! its been four years and i still look forward to seeing what kind of damages will be made. Our classmates never cease to impress me." She heard the headmaster call out the kitsune from earlier. "awww too bad, he was cute too. oh and whats it going ken?" mizuki always saw something bring eaten by haru's second mouth. mizuki had to admit, ken had great taste in food. after all the commotion started to settle. teachers started to call for homeroom. "what teacher do you have? i believe mine have you heard of the newer teachers Haru-san?"
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    Keita was running late. As he ran through the cherry blossoms he hurriedly threw on his hood, his face mask and his sun glasses. As he did he thought to himself he needed to be more careful this year. Last year he removed his face coverings and send a young teacher to an early retirement. He stopped as he thought about it. he pulled out his cell phone and looked at himself in the reflection. "it's not fair to be born a katsura otoko. I can't have any kind of bond with anyone for fear they might become bewitched by my attractiveness then i'll sucumb to the hunger of wanting to suck away their life force." Keita dropped to his knees. "damn it."

    Keita was lost in thought as another thought pounded it's way into his mind. it was during his second year at the academy he was hiding in his usual spot on the roof crying. As Keita cried he looked over the edge of the roof and saw the other children having fun playing, talking actually living their lives. He was so depressed he climbed onto the edge of the building and was about to take a step off when he was suddenly pulled off of the edge by the headmaster. that is when the headmaster told him of all the challenges monsters have to face in this accursed world. Then the headmaster offered him a position as the PE teacher at the school and Keita has been there ever since.

    Keita got up and wiped the tears from his eyes and put his cover back on. he smacked himself on his cheeks to get himself pumped up. "this is the year that everything works out i will go the whole year without an incident and get praised by the headmaster."

    Keita ran tword the doors of the school, with his face almost completely covered he looked like some kind of theif. Of course as usual he didn't think about anything like that. the only think in Keita's mind was having a great first day of school.
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    Ryunosuke, before starting up with his classes, wanted to first send his prayers to Inori. He heard there was a small temple somewhere in the academy's grounds, so he slowly wondered around. His ears were perked up as a warm breee brushed against the leaves of the trees around. His white hair waved at the rythmn of the breeze and he let go a smile sigh of delight by the delighting sensation. "Ah, this place have so much good vibe thanks to all this greenery". He breathed deeply with his eyes closed, smiling so widely that his adorable, white and sharp canines were visible.

    After a few minutes of walking and climbing some stairs through a hill, Ryunosuke finally managed to arrived at the temple he heard about. He smiled widely and quickly rush towards it, taking out some coins from the pocket of his yukata. Once in front of a big statue, he knelt on top of ome comfy cushions, tossed the coins as offering and clapped his hands twice before closing his eyes and lacing his fingers together. He began to mumbled his prayers to Inori, his beloved goddess.
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