Anything Harry-Potter themed?

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  1. I am desperate to do a Harry-Potter themed roleplay with someone, but most people don't want to do fan-based roleplays like this, so if there is anyone out there who likes the series and wants to do a roleplay:

    For Pete's sake, reply to this thread!!
  2. *replies* I'm quite a fan. =D (In fact, prior to finding Iwaku, I mostly RP'd (non-HP RPs) on a Harry Potter site.)

    I've tried my hand at canons from HP past, done a fair share of OC RPs, but haven't RP'd any of the canons from the golden trio era onwards. I'm always willing to try new thing, though.

    Did you have something particular in mind?
  3. Would that Harry potter site be by any chance?

    I would really like to do a Severus / OC one if you would like to do that
  4. *coughmaybe/cough*

    Possibly. ^_^ Would you want to be Severus or the OC? And during what time period?
  5. When they are at school - possibly in their seventh year - and I don't mind which character I play - whichever you prefer to play is fine.
  6. I'd probably prefer Severus if that's cool with you. Did you have any extra plots in mind or anything?
  7. How about the OC is friends with the Marauders, but she fancies Severus, and has to pretend like she doesn't like him. And he ends up liking her when she saves him from Remus-the-werewolf?
  8. I feel that if that was the only (positive) interaction Severus had with her, he'd just be resentful.

    Maybe her fancy for him shows up in other ways? (Like why's she fancy him anyways?)
  9. She is fascinated by his aloofness, and she was almost put into Slytherin at her Sorting, but was instead put into Gryffindor?
    And she plucks up the courage to speak to him a few times, and over the course of the roleplay she shows him that she isn't like James and Sirius.
  10. Sounds good to me. ^^
  11. Ok :)

    BTW could you double as Remus and James, and I will double as Sirius and Peter?
  12. Of course! <3 Marauders.
  13. Ok- will set it up later and pm you the link