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  1. Rules
    Rule 1 no god moding (insta killing,insta hitting,imortality,able to destroy a unniverse in 1 hit unless otherwise stated or just being over powered at all
    rule 2 killing is indeed aloud whenever you want as long as your not breaking rule 1
    rule 3 if anybody breaks any of these rules for any reson the will not roleplay on this thread and could find another one any questions my emal is
  2. In a cold night a man is walking around a dark house filled with other people waiting to find them to break ot this hell building "ANYBODY THERE" he yells hoping for a reply
  3. A young womans head lifts up when she heard his screams, she was beautiful, wearing a tank top and cargo pants with combat boots, she stared at him as he yelled and without saying a world she jumped down right in front of him
  4. A second female sat silently on an unlit stairwell, her grey clothing blending in well with the darkness as she watched the two from between the bars beneath the railing. She'd be nearly undetectable had her skin not been a porcelain white; face and hands exposed in the shadows. She was unaware how she had gotten to this place, or what and where it was. For now she would observe.
  5. A young boy appearing to be in his preteens passes the room. He carries a dagger on his side and is clad in violet and black trench coat with a black tank top underneath. As well as tan cargo shorts and black high-tops.
  6. "Who are you?" The woman asked the pre-teen
  7. "Me i'm just a passer-by how about you?" replied the kid.
  8. "Then let me help you, there are a lot of things that could hurt you out here" she held out a hand to him which was recently scratched up a little. She gave the pre-teen a warm smile.
  9. "I like you. You seem fun!" staring at the scratched up hand.
  10. The woman's head tilted. They seemed nice enough, or perhaps it was a facade? Standing, she leaned against the railing an even whiter grin on her pale face.
  11. The boy lay down next to the woman. tossing his dagger.
    "You can call me Rogue..." the boy mumbled " I dont even know how i got here. Where is here? What is here? That is all that has roamed my mind as i roamed these halls."
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.