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  1. Ahh.. hello there! I'm back after a hiatus, I got extremely busy and so much happened. Also, pretty much every single one of my rps died. (RIP Life) But I'm back and I'm seriously wanting to get back into the whole shabang. I want to keep this kinda short and simple so I don't bore you guys from the git go.

    I also would like to know any ideas for plots or pairings we can do, please just mention them! :D

    I don't have any rules besides the normal ones anyone has. At least a paragraph or more. I write at least 2-8. Depending on how much my partner gives me.

    I have barely anything I'm truly not against. The only things I don't like is Gore (A lot of it) And Scat.
    I don't mind vampires or werewolves. But only if you have a good plot in mind!!
    I'm also okay with FxF MxM MxF

    Plots: (Genders can be switched if you wish)
    1.Character A is a roaming man in a high fantasy world. He is very skilled in combat and anything else. But he simply wants to find a home that he may call his own. His own... castle. But he seems to be drawn into numerous conflicts along his way in his quest for a home. When he is drawn into helping a town being attacked, he meets a young sorceress (Character B) Who wants to tag along with him, much to his ire.

    2. Character A is a bounty hunter who is known across the galaxy. He has been hired by a mysterious man to investigate a vanished colony. The money is so good he can't refuse, but the only problem is that his partner is the woman he hates. (Character B) They have hunted each other multiple times to no avail. But they can't end each other without losing the contract. So they decide to investigate the planning, uncovering a deadly plot that could end the lives of billions.

    3. Character A is a slave, for the past 10 years of her life. She has virtually given up on freedom when she was stolen from her tribe in the next kingdom over. When things are the bleakest and when her magic collar kept her from helping herself as her master laid dead beside her, she thought she was going to die. She was accepting of it, embracing it. But when she was about to die, she was saved, and made the slave of a new man. Who only kept her a slave in name, this traveler begins to show her a new life as they leave for her home country. This is a story about breaking what you've known and trained to do for your entire life and grasping a new life when it seems so daunting.

    *4. The Zombie apocalypse has begun. A solider. Character A has been trying to cross the united states for weeks. He is trying to find his daughter in California. He was sent to the east coast to keep order. But when everything fell apart, he decided to leave quickly and make his way to his daughter. But when he stumbles upon a house in the mid west, he finds a teen girl locked away in her storm shelter.

    5. 200 years in the future, humanity has finally become a full fledged space faring race. Just now reaching into the stars. But when a planet is invaded by a new alien race, first contact, two Colonial Marines are stranded among an army of soldiers. These two people, who probably never expected rto see actual combat, are now thrust into the heat of the war. A deadly war.

    6. In the midst of the Zombie apocalypse. A group of survivors and simply trying to survive. They are traveling from one place to the next, running or trying to hunker down. Faced with many obstacles in their way. They hope to find salvation in a brutal, now dead world. But the only Salvation seems to come in the form of a bullet.

    7. Character A is a special ops unit in the distant future. When he is killed and forced into another world, brought upon a device he has acquired for his country. He is greeted by a magic wielding warrior, Character B. Character B is a monster hunter, roaming the land. When B is greeted by A in the forest. They have a blowout. When they come too, they realize what has happened. Knowing their now intertwined, they go off, looking for a way to right the worlds. Against the odds. (Have an entire plot)

    My favorite Genres:

    * Means I really want to do this.

    Mass Effect*
    Elder Scroll
    Red Dead
    Saints Row
    Monster Girls*
    Rainbow Six
    Mad Max

    Mage x Knight
    Master x Slave
    Furry x Human*
    Knight x Peasant
    Rich boy x poor girl
    Assassin x Hunted
    Assassin x Assassin*
    Alien x Human
    Bullied/Shy girl x Popular guy
    Monster x Monster Hunter*
    Mage x Mage
    Bounty hunter x Pirate (Space)
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  2. Any anime or cartoons?
  3. Can you name any? I might know some
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  4. Avatar: The Last Air Bender, Death Note, RWBY, Steven Universe, Psycho-Pass, Attack on Titan?
  5. I know The Last Air Bender, but its been years since I last saw it. I stopped watching AoT and I don't know the others

    I have just recently gotten into Manga and anime so please spare me 0-0

    Umm... Ones I know pretty well is Twin-Star Exorcists, Monster Musume, and a couple other smaller ones lol like The Gamer
  6. Well, would you be okay with doing something for Avatar? I've got semi-canon plots for Zuko and Sokka.

    Or have you seen Steven Universe?
  7. I rather not disappoint you with my lack of knowledge of the TLAB universe. And I have not seen Steven Universe.
  8. Aww, alright. :< Well, good luck then.
  9. Sorry I'm a bit new to the site. In your examples, would you be playing character A or B?
    I'm really interested in your first example, of the roaming man x sorceress. If I can be A, I don't think it's exactly what you were looking for but I do have this character that could work:
  10. Im interested in your first two plots.
  11. Except for a few modifications to him, he could fit the role haha :)
  12. Pm me the one you'd like to do more :)
    Also, drop me a pm :D
  13. Interested. 1, 3, or 4?
  14. I have a inkling for 1 :D We can talk more if you wish to drop a pm?
  15. I'd be interested in plot #1.
  16. Drop me a PM and you can collect your prize!
  17. Still looking!! Would like some fandoms haha
  18. Still looking :D
  19. Still looking, babies~!
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