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  1. I've tried this before and it went down in a flaming pile of cow dung...hopefully this one will not.

    As the title says...ANYTHING GOES... this is going to be complete and total BS with no rhyme or reason to anything.

    EXAMPLE: There once was a blue and pink cow living in a bright orange pasture grazing contently when it saw a brown toad heading in it's direction...


    1) I would prefer there be more than one sentence, even for this. I know crazy right? but there it is. :)
    2) Be nice!
    3) HAVE AS MUCH FUN AS YOU LIKE (though that is a given. :D )

    And now for something completely different. (Monty Python)

    Faculty Rules

    I just want to remind you of the faculty rules

    Rule One!...No Poofters!
    Rule Two, no member of the faculty is to maltreat the Abbos in any way at all -- if there's anybody watching.
    Rule Three, No Poofters!!
    Rule Four, now this term, I don't want to catch anybody not drinking.
    Rule Five, No Poofters!
    Rule Six, there is NO ... Rule Six.
    Rule Seven, No Poofters!!

    Right, that concludes the readin' of the rules, Bruce.

    From Monty Python's Bruce skit... [video=youtube;qgKUHtcZEXc][/video]

    (Monty Python makes me smile every time I hear/watch/read their stuff)

    And finally I leave you with this...honest this is it...

  2. "Zombies, Zombies Everwhere!" A man would shout, naked running down the street. He has a total of 5 police officers chasing him as he skips from place to place, his man berries bouncing about from every which way from him skipping. One of the police officers pulls out a tazer gun and shoots him in the arse, stopping him with a painful screem, "G-ahhhhhh!" He stands for a moment, then falls to the road limp, flitching and twitching naked as the police enclose on his posision. They cover him up with a blanket then suddenly he jumps back up, taking the blanked ant tieing one end of it around his neck, It would appear to be a cape, "I am Captin Nudist!" he would shout before running away from the cops, as if he were flying with his hands streached out infront of him like superman would in the air. He ran entill he couldn't and still continued entill he was red in the face and arse.
  3. I love it!!! Would you like to try this RP? I've been hoping for a hit. :)
  4. I would love to Do this Rp, but you have to give me more details for what the topic is about ^w ^
  5. That's just it..there is no specific topic...none whatsoever...anything is complete and utter randomness!!
  6. Anyone up for something random? Don't be afraid. :)
  7. Anyone interested at all? This is going to be kept clean if anyone is worried about that...
  8. *Dives into the pigs slop* So much for the staying clean part:wink: ​I'm interested in a completely random and wacky RP, but as Ming mentioned, there needs to be some sort of topic. With out that, we all just post anything and everything, never relating to each the RP will not progress, and characters will not be explored.

    To keep the illusion of random, It could be that all participants are trapped in some sort of vortex, and at random times, we all get transported to a different time and place. This will allow us to engage the RP, and not just our own random thoughts...and it prevents people from having their own setting.

    Now.... I can see a random RP being completely random, but I'm not sure if it would last.

    And most importantly....always dunk your shoes in jello. Then you're really gellin'.

    I'm probably completely missing the point of a random RP.
  9. Not necessarily, what would have to happen is have the characters meet somehow. it could be a dinosaur running through town and someone gets eaten by killer gummy bears or soemthing like that, there doesn't have to be a plot for things to get interesting. That's what BSing is for. :) Instead of having a plot to tell you what to do the point of this is to just do it.

    Here is something everyone should know; your characters can be killed off O_O. If that happens don't get upset, just make a new one!!

    I would like the characters to meet somehow, otherwise it wouldn't be a very effective RP if they didn't. It doesn't matter how it happens, i don't have any plot in mind, nor do i plan to, I just want this to go...wherever it goes.

    The idea came to me because of something called notebook roleplaying. I've never done that myself but it piqued my interests after I was told about it.


    Here is an example of the RP that went before... (Other people's replies will be in different colors.)

    “Of all the things to be done why did whoever it was destroy the mountains, they were so pretty.” Tree said looking at the ruins of the mountains as lava flowed nearby. Adis at one point sort of wondered how it was they weren’t dying but then again she was traveling with strange company.

    Adis rolled her eyes at Tree and looked to Aramil. “Well I have no clue to be honest, I was just dragged along for the ride.” She said pointing to tree. It was at that point where she saw and felt dark energy and there was a poster on trees side.

    “What is this?” Tree wondered feeling it attach. “I will not have any propaganda on me.” He practically shouted swinging till the poster feel off.

    “Hang on a minute.” Adis said climbing down. “This came from the top of the mountain.” She glanced up and saw someone sitting on a throne. Glancing to Aramil she said, “Would you care to join us for a while?”

    “Would you two like to join us?” Tree asked the other two he had practically kidnapped.

    Just as Tree and Adis had asked the question they had just noticed the nicely dressed man before them. Adis’s mouth dropped. “Well hello.” She said stunned to see such a stunning man. “Would you care to join us?” she said almost like an idiot and mentally kicked herself for it.
    Nagiriad beamed at Tree's question. "I am truly glad that you would request that of me. I am, of course, happy to oblige, though I would like to know as to what exactly we are going to do and where we are going. Though, either way, it would most likely be best to record this." She put her hand in her pack and swiftly took out a small, plain notebook.
    The man looked at the girl bemusedly. "let me see that paper first" He asked. he moved over and picked up the paper, and read it swiftly. "a competition" he said intrigued. he fixed the girl with a piercing gaze. "I Will join you" he said calmly.
    Aramil and Dusty shared a quick glance with each other. turning to the others Aramil nodded and Dusty smiled. "sure we'll tag along. we didn't have any plans for this weekend anyway." said Aramil. "not to be nose-y" said Dusty "but why are we all hanging out atop a lava flooded mountain top?"
    “Thanks for this.” Adis said to Nagiriad, “I think everything should be alright…I hope.” She gave an unsure shrug as she climbed back up Tree’s trunk and took her seat on his main branch. She had also wanted to get away from the man’s intense gaze. The way he had said he was coming with made her a little uncomfortable and thus she escaped to Tree.

    When it came to Aramil and Dusty Adis looked at them and said, “I think the reason why is up there on the top of this mountain that we are one, and has something to do with that poster there.” She said pointing to the paper in the man’s hands.
  10. I'm Auzzie and...that's about right.
  11. So, a Ramdomization thread.
  12. Alright! So when can we start this thing?

    ...or....its already begun!