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  1. I really really have a craving for a fairytale roleplay, so I brainstormed some general ideas of what I would like to do - if anyone is interested, then please reply below and we can work out a proper plot:

    1. Rapunzel
    2. Cinderelle
    3. Sleeping Beauty
    4. Snow White
    5. A fairytale where the heroine actually becomes the bad guy, and the "villains" are not at fault
    6. Cinderella: One of the Ugly Stepsisters is actually nice, and she falls for a prince from another kingdom
  2. Are you looking for a male or female character?
  3. I don't really mind - if you know of anyone else who would like to do a fairytale roleplay, then please spread this thread!
  4. I'd like to play, maybe the Cinderella, but I'd like to be Cinderella.
  5. Oooh.. :)
    I would join! <3
  6. Fairy tale would be fun :)
  7. Ok - have you any plot ideas in mind possibly?
  8. For Cinderella did you want it with the original plot or were you looking for more modern?
  9. We could perhaps set it after the actual story happens? Like what happens after the wedding? And we'll need at least one other person