Anything Can Happen....Point is, what?

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It was the time of year again. Time for Summer Vacation. Anyone who is anyone, would be down in Miami on the beach and filling up the Hotels/Motels. The perfect time for guys and girls to get laid, maybe spark a relationship. This would be Leigh's' first time going. The last time to go wild and crazy before College started. She was going down with a few friends, who were wild and crazy. Made it a mission to sleep with as many guys as they could during the time they were there. Leigh had more respect for herself then that.

"Leigh! Come on Bish! Lets go! We need to get on the road, before traffic starts!" A friend yells from her red BMW. Leigh waves from her front door. "Here is my card. Use it if you need it, there is no limit." Leigh Nods to her Father. "Yes Sir and I will." Picking up her duffel bag full of her things, she runs and hops into the car. All four girls look at each other and scream in excitement. Leigh was still not sure if this was a good idea. But YOLO, as her friends say.

** Feel free to add what you wish. I am just going to let this go where ever it goes. I am going to wing this story :) **
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