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  1. My idea was there'd be three couples, a mxf, a mxm and a fxf couple. What would happen is they all end up going to a privatecollege and are next door roommates (meaning three couples are all by each other). Then the plot is open.
    But I am heavy on sex and sorry if that bothers people.
    So I need five other people unless people double up.
    Anyone? Anyone at all?
  2. I'd be interested, although it doesn't look like anyone else has seen this yet. I'm fine doubling up, though!
  3. I'd be interested in taking one of the roles in the m/m couples ^^
  4. Cool! Now it's at least more well-rounded.
  5. I'm good with taking up a female role for FxF or MxF.
  6. Hopefully the OP gets back online soon...
  7. Yeah this would be cool! Seems good for character development.
  8. I know, right? I'm hoping to get in the FxF or MxM one.
  9. I'm only good with playing female so I hope I can just do good in general
  10. Ah, well I'm not so good with the straight crowd. It can be done, it just takes a lot of work on my part.
  11. o v o
    Hai ^^

    Ill be willing to do one of the m/f or m/m roles
  12. Welp, looks like we'e almost got a full party! Yaaaay!
  13. For the sake of helping you guys out, I'll play the f in fxm or part of the fxf :3
  14. I'm online! Sorry for leaving everyone handing for 20 days, I seriously unwatched htis thread because no one ever replied at first!
    Basically we need at least 3 people. I have me, Cyn, and possibly M. Anyone esle?
  15. I'm interested in playing a role in the M/M couple ^^
  16. Hey there, is this RP still going? I would be interested in a MxF.
  17. Pming you
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.