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  1. I'm just looking for a oneXone. I have another being set up. But of course, my thirst must be satisfied. So, guys, bring in the ideas. I love goth, fantasy, horror, insanity. Lend me some ideas, send me a message, anything. And we can go from there.
  2. Let's give this a go, and tell me if you're interested! This is just a bit of premise I'm pulling out of my derierre so it's more than alright to change any part of it. Probably needs a fair bit of building beyond this, honestly.

    How about this: My character has traveled from a horrifically war-torn alternate world that exists on just the other side of this one. There is something that your character possesses that mine must retrieve come hell or high water in order to take back to their commander in order to ensure victory and finally end the war. Perhaps the item could be something that your character knows nothing about, it may even be inside them, grown into their body if you like. Either way, my character finds it difficult to kill yours in order to take the item and so either convinces or kidnaps yours back through to the other world. Things are different there, and they have to somehow make it back through enemy territory without being discovered to get back to my character's forces.

    I plan for a lot of moral twists, horrific scenery and beasts, as well as action and just plain crazy stuff. If you're interested, PM me and we'll plot further or jump right in!