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  1. Roleplays I normally do are Schoolbased Romances, or Fantasy based Romances. (i like a little romance! what can I say? doesnt everyone? :3 ) Anywho. I also like a good plot to the story.
    Unfortunately I am kind of out of ideas...
    So if anyone has any, reply to this or send my a private message c:
  2. Yahh, I be dry on the idea pool too......shall we work one out?
  3. Well, I am known by my friend as the god of drama but I adore romance, I always have ideas but is there something in particular you'd like to do? However... I only do male x male unless I REALLY like your character (if yours is, in this case, a girl?) Nothing agaisn't women, I just don't roleplay very well around female charis, guess i got used to the other one? *shrug*