Anyone willing to roleplay? :B

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  1. Well, I'm pretty new to this site, and after venturing around for quite some time (more like a day or two) I'm ready to actually start a few roleplays~ >:D Ehm let's see... When it comes to quantity, I'm not those people who are able write multiple lengthy paragraphs with ease but I certainly don't write one liners. So let's say I'm somewhere inbetween, depending on how interested and motivated I am. I can play both genders equally, so if you have a perfered gender, don't be afraid to tell me! o uo If you have any ideas that you have in mind, I'm open to all~ I have a couple of plot bunnies of my own too. :B I guess that's all I can say for the moment. If interested and want details, just send me a visitor message (seeing how I am not able to sent PMs at the current moment).
  2. What plot bunnies might you have in mind?
  3. - A boy hears his friend scream and finds that she has fallen down an abandoned well. Soon he discovers that the well was built over a doorway to another world. He is too large to climb down to rescue her, and strange beings are approaching… (This idea was left unfinished for some reason. If you have any suggestions, feel free to say them)

    - A physicist builds a portal to parallel worlds but is afraid to test the new technology on himself. Days later, he discovers that someone has used the machine: an alternate version of himself. This doppelganger has been sleeping with his wife and spending time with his kids. The physicist discovers that his family likes the “new him” a little bit better than the original.

    - After the invention of robots called Perfect Mates, people begin to prefer the beautiful machines to flawed humans, and stop reproducing. As the years fly by, this causes a decrease in world population and a huge risk of human extinction.

    - In the distant future, pollution and natural disasters destroy all of earth’s trees. The last remaining vampires celebrate because no wood = no wooden stakes. As the vampire menace spreads, archeologists search for the last of the world’s wood.

    These are just some of the ideas I have stored. :B
  4. I would be interested in role-playing with you, whether it be one of the plots you noted or a new one. I'm fine with male or female, depending on both the plot and other things...And my amount I write will vary depending on what you give me to work off of, what's going on at the time, and a few other things- but I work hard on not giving one-liners also. Of the plots you already noted, I'd say the noes I find most interesting are the one with the well, the Perfect Mates one (I'd like to hear more about what you wanted to do in terms of it) and the one involving the archaeologists searching for the last of the world's wood. It'd depend on your personal preference what we do, of course, and any extra details we need to work out. But anyway...I'm interested too.
  5. For the Perfect Mates idea, I was thinking maybe our characters would be the few in the world who actually realizes the decreasing numbers and ventures out on a journey to stop the manufacturing of the robots. Something on the lines of that. I haven't thoroughly planned out all of it yet. If you think it needs anything feel free to say it. As with the archaeologists searching for the last wood, would you like it to be romantically based where a vampire pairs up with a human archaeologist or adventure based with both our charcters being humans?

    Well, it is your choice, I'm fine with doing either idea. c:
  6. I myself would prefer the more romantic approach for the archaeologist/vampire one, but I can see doing a mixture in actuality, where the characters (whether one's a vampire or not wouldn't matter to me) are traveling together to find wood, and slowly begin feeling a romantic interest. For example, if one were a vampire, it could be that the character was bored and decided to follow the archaeologist, knowing he/she wouldn't find anything. And maybe even at some point the archaeologist finds a piece of wood, but decides not to use it, because they've realized vampires aren't as bad as they always felt. Of course, that's a random example of mixing the ideas. I'm fine with not mixing it either. But generally, I do prefer some romance in my RPs.

    As for Perfect Mates...I can see how that could work, but at the same time, I'm trying to figure out how one would go about trying to stop the manufacturing, and also what would happen there to keep the story going...
  7. Yeah...that's where I got stuck with the Perfect Mates idea. :T Would they kill the boss? Destroy the manufacturing factory alltogether?

    With the vampire story, I'm always open to mix the ideas. Infact, I find it more interesting~ Romance comes easily to me, so it's no problem. If we were to choose this idea, what character would you like to play? I can play both genders equally.
  8. Sorry I took so long to respond. I need to start following every single thing I post in so I don't get confused ><;

    Hrm...Maybe the Perfect Mates one needs some more time to develop for us, but we can keep working on it no matter what. Might be helpful and interesting in the future. Somehow I can see that as an awesome group RP- though I don't do those myself ^^;

    For the vampire story....I think considering the story, I'd actually prefer to play the archaeologist, if that's alright- and based on that, I'd prefer playing male, because...I have a character who happens to love archaeology and would somehow fit well I think. Also, I'm the same with romance- it feels more natural to me to do it. So I like having at least a bit in my roleplays.