Anyone who RPs on kakao talk /line?(phone texting apps)

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  1. anyone '^' ?
  2. what's kakao?
  3. OUTSIDERS! *shrieks and points like a body snatcher*
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  4. Fun fact: Kakao in Swedish means Cocoa or cacao, which made me really confused when I read the title. For a moment I thought you wanted to talk about chocolate.

    But no, never heard of it. But that's not too weird, after a google search I found out it were for phones and I don't chat on my phone xD I don't even like to text people with it. It hurts my thumb.
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  5. Telling people what Kakao is would be helpful.

    I know everything is a click away on the internet, but I HAVE THINGS TO DO.

    Link it here and they will come.

  6. I want free chocolate
  7. lool~ I love chocolate but no am not talking about chocolate XD
  8. 'kakao talk' is a phone app for texting and stuff, like instant messenger
  9. haha i think i will turn this thread into a chocolate discussion thread XD

    -while were on the i ate this delicious chocolate ice cream dessert that has pieces of fruits inside of it and a super yummy
    chocolate sauce- yummmmy it was dreamy
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  10. lol.. good point
  11. I have attempted to, but after putting everything together my partner just never responded which I find to be utterly rude, bullshit, and downright fucked up. (obviously glares at a certain someone who may or may not still be on Iwaku)
  12. -ouch!! happened to me as will ,why do humans do that huh? and we were getting along so well -_-
    Cant believe I wasted life time with someone like that.
  13. Humans are flawed, we are not perfect in any kind of way. Rudeness is a big flaw that many suffer from, we can't help how some people wish to act.
  14. Kakaotalk is Korean Whatsapp. Hugely popular. I guess you can use it for anything if you want ...
  15. Tried with Telegram. If my schedule wasn't so bad, I would continue my two ongoing games without stop.
  16. excuse me,i would like to delete this thread if possible
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