Anyone want tp rp?

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  1. I'm new to this site, but not new to rping. And I wanted to know if anyone would like to rp with me? I have some ideas, I'll give the ideas down below, then once someone wants to rp I'll dish out the details.

    Here are the ideas I had in mind:

    • An Rp based off the Movie Reign of Fire
    • A Supernatural Being Academy Rp
    • Werewolves and Vampires at War with the human race rp
    • A miss matched assigned royalty marriage rp
    • A tp like the Maximum Ride book series
  2. Im new to this. Rp and this site. but if your willing to help me and be patient with me I would be interested.
  3. I like the idea of supernaturals in war with the humans. PM me!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.