Anyone want to start a plot-driven bi-trio RP?

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  1. Hey, so yeah, I never thought in a million years I'd be posting in this section of the forum, but here I am, I guess I can't trust even my own word, my brain works in mysterious ways.

    But in any case, I'm not here for any p0rn purposes, I'm merely here to explore writing in different genres, especially since I decided that one of the novels in my upcoming series will have a sex scene, I want to be able to be more comfortable and I don't know -- "trained" -- like I am when it comes to writing gory death scenes and other more explicit things.

    So here's the plot I have planned for this story so far, the lead character played by me -- Jake, is a young drug-dealer located in Olympia, a modern-day city in the northwest United States. Things have been rough in his life, as he has to deal with absent parents, a wild and out-of-control younger sister, and emotional stress at school, however -- to relieve stress Jake supplies drugs to others to boost his image to others, and often engages in other illegal activities such as breaking and entering, stealing, and vandalism.

    However, one day he learns that his area has become dry and he can no longer supply more drugs to his buyers other than the amount he has now, this leads to him finally digressing that those wanting to buy from him are going to need to give more than just their money. That weekend, two of his most well-known buyers and friends call him up: John and Sarah, it looks like they both accept his proposal, which puts Jake in the most uncomfortable he's ever been in as he engages in a bisexual threesome with the two.

    So yeah, I'm pretty loose about things, just as long as it fits in the realistic category, if anyone is interested in joining this role play as John or Sarah -- probz not -- just let me know. I think it'd be helpful, thanks in advance.

  2. I could take John, if you wanted!
  3. That would be awesome! I wasn't honestly expecting a response so soon :o
  4. - Currently watching the Libertine section! -

    You know how it is, man. I've been meaning to jump at a chance for a roleplay that isn't one/one at the libertine section for a while!
  5. Sweet! (Are there character descriptions for these three that I should know of/follow?)
  6. Nah, I've left it open for people to do with them as they wish.
  7. P.S. (and apologies for double posting)

    I just wanted to apologize for my really slow response, busy day, and I have school starting up in less than four days so :P
  8. You're fine!
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