Anyone Want To RP?

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  1. I want to try out a Libertine Roleplay. Any, I don't have any ideas. You can post here or shoot me a PM.

    One post a day is fine. Or even one a week. Just let me know.

    Also, I don't mind if you have a dirty/twisted mind. I don't judge.

    Personally, I'd like to play a female. FxF or FxM but I don't mind a MxM.

    They don't have to be human. Like they could be werewolves or vampires. But something with the human shape would be appreciated. I don't mind tails or anything like that.

    I'd like to try a vampire x vampire slave one (when I find out what a vampire slave does)
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  2. Hey I'm up for roping with you. Pm me to discuss ideas?
  3. Ok
  4. Anyone else?
  5. Hi :) Do you want to Roleplay?
  6. Why yes I do! (How did you guess Eheheh)

    What's your stance on like, monsters..? Like, mostly humanoid ones.
  7. (I'm a great guesser :) just joking)

    Um. I've never met one. (Sorry one minute, just laughing at my own joke...bare with...bare with...back) but I like them. I think. It depends. Do they eat people?
  8. (Eheheh)

    Well, maybe? Isolated trolls who are much more charming than their name suggests, Werewolves trapped partially transformed and outcast in forests, dark creatures that live under the bed in an old house, wishing for the girl sleeping above him to keep him company.... Stuff like that ^^
  9. Then yes, I like them :) why?
  10. I propose a rp involving a monster like that as I love writing them! What do you say?
  11. Sure, PM me?
  12. i'd like to rp with you, send me a pm please, if it's ok with you...
  13. Ok
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