Anyone want to RP with me?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Esthalia, May 29, 2012.

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  1. I was thinking about doing a resident evil sort of thing, Two people trying to escape a chemical plant full of mutants and abominations.

    I was thinking one of them can be a news reporter and the other the camera man/woman.

    I'm up for bouncing ideas around and coming up with ideas together :) Pm me! or post here, either or :bananaman:
  2. I haven't played Resident evil, but I love this concept (and it is on my to-play list)

    I am down for whatever you have in mind, but would have one question; would you be okay with the possibility that no romantic relationship will develop between characters? Cause I find it reads as kinda forced if that shit is planned instead of left to chance.

    Looking forward to hearing back!
  3. Lol! That is perfectly fine with me! I like free-flowing Rp, were everything is left to chance and bouncing off one another. I am new to this so i'm not sure how to start it up though. Do i just make the thread in the onexone section?
  4. Pretty much yeah xD Its good to mark the thread as like (EsthaliaxMinibit) or something so people know you're not still looking for a partner,

    also just a couple things before we dive right in

    1) how did our people get into said building full of mutants and scary shit, you mentioned they coudl be reporters; were they digging too deep and got captured to be used as experiments themselves? Or did they sneak in to investigate and get trapped? Or somethign completely different?

    Also do we have to play both reporters? Cause I thought it might be fun to play someone who was captured but hasnt been experimented on yet or on whom the chemicals have not yet taken full effect, but I'm fine with not doing that if you had specific character types in mind
  5. Well if you want to be the experiment, i can be the sneaky reporter who finds you and frees you from your restraints.

    I was thinking that the monsters are all being held back, but we do something to release them, thus getting stuck in the hell; lol
  6. Sounds good! Maybe we accidentally unlocked everything when we entered a code or hit a switch or something searching for answers.

    I'd love to play an experiment; I have a thing for putting my characters in rough situations O.O I'll go ahead and wait for your post in the IC forum! =D
  7. yay! It's up :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.