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  1. I had this really cool idea, but I'm not sure where to go with it. But basically it goes something like this. You and a small group of others have this ability where, if their body was found and taken to a "rebirth chamber", they could come back from the dead. I'ts less of an ability really than it is a technology. The basis of this technology was stolen from a race called the "deathless". These sort of immortal beings of great power. That's basically the idea I had but I really need to work out details before I make a separate thread for the story. I'm open to any suggestions on the story line and such. Either PM me or just post below!
  2. I'm not sure I understand... So there's a machine, probably an ancient relic left by "the deathless", and theres say 15 people who can be resurrected with it due to something in their genetic makeup / some item they had...?
  3. Well my thinking is that it would be less of the fact that they an item rather than they were "compatible" I was thinking maybe each character would have their own personal "retriever". This sort of person or robot that would retrieve the characters bodies when they died and take them to be reborn. I'm pretty awful at explaining things so questions were very much expected. And I probably missed quite a few details on this. But anyways, I was also thinking about a sort of war for this technology. So this "rebirth chamber" wasn't necessarily left by the deathless rather than it was stolen by them. I imagined the deathless as sort of a conqueror race, invading worlds and stealing their weapons and technology. The characters would have somehow come across an abandoned store of this technology which of course would include this said "rebirth chamber". The deathless race just so happens to be perfectly compatible with this technology but the characters have a method of determining who can use the technology and who cannot.
  4. Oh ok that makes more sense. I think that's a pretty good idea to base something on. I'm not sure the best way to use it in an RP though. I suppose I could see it working best if its their conscience that is preserved and restored into an empty body. That way, if the original body is decapitated, it can still be reborn, however they'd need to find a working condition body.
  5. Well, what if the device had a copy of their genetic makeup the first time they were reborn and could rebuild them from a single part of their body if need be.
    The only problem to that would be how it kept their memories intact without having to resort to microchips in their heads.
    If you think about it, Borderlands could be a bit of a help with that part, because if my former idea doesn't tickle your fancy, you could always have them moved into a clone of themselves with all of their past experiences.
    It's up to you how to do it, I just thought I'd throw out a couple ideas to try to help out an interesting idea.
  6. I think both should be possible. that way if for whatever reason someone needs to move undetected they can use a body that isn't theirs and therefore be able to walk around effectively appearing as someone else.
  7. Sounds like a plan.
    You'd have to figure out a way to explain what stores their "essence" while they're outside of their body though, and I think putting limitations on "possessed" bodies would make more sense, since they would have to take time to get used to the new form.
    Honestly, I think an idea that allows you to possess recently deceased bodies while your true form is being reconstructed would have the limitation of it still being a corpse, in which you have full control over it, yet you should only be allowed a limited amout of time inside of it before it falls apart and you need a certain amount of time in your own body to recooperate from the shock.
    Or you could have it be like TF2 where you technically are the same person, just in a different body, but in this case, that body was someone else's, yet has been made fully functional again.
  8. Who says the body needs to be dead? Could just use a peasant and move that peasant's usual conscience into a usb stick or something :D
  9. So, body hijacking?
    So, in essence, the person will have moral dilemmas with certain things they have to do to survive.
    But what would happen if the "host body" died?
  10. hah I think we're going way off the "rebirth chamber" idea now :P
  11. I was honestly trying to incorporate that into my ideas, but I guess it came off as a bit hard to understand. XD
    I'll think on it a bit more when I can think more clearly.
  12. I understand the concept of the chamber itself may be challenging to understand. But remember this thread is to develop an idea that is practical for role playing. So don't get stuck on specific things I said, this is just to have fun creating an awesome role play. Here is a little bit on what I thought would be a cool setting for this RP. First off, this would take place in the future. For that particular reason it wouldn't be wrong to assume some futuristic tech has been invented. But I would still consider it fantasy for the fact that most weapons that would be used in this particular role play would be swords and such. But new sword techniques would have been invented and mastered. Feel free to share your ideas if you think an alternate setting would be more practical.
  13. Nope i'm all up for future with swords. If it was future where the main weapons were guns though it'd be a different story.
  14. Well, I think it'd have to either be preference, or where swords are most common, due to things such as, I don't know, EMPs frying "ancient" laser weapons, and very few people are able to get them to work now, or something happening to conventional firearms that disallows, or downright prevents, their use for one reason or other, such as data curruption or hard copies of the data being damaged or destroyed.

    Honestly, I prefer the 'sword primary' idea, but there are probably gonna be plenty of people that decide to play that want guns, so we'd have to find a way that makes the use of them rare, as well as having someone attempt to re-create or even upgrade existing and surviving schematics for guns.

    Heck, you could even make an actual gunblade, resembling either Lionheart from FF8, where the sword is vibrated from "bullets" bouncing around inside the blade to make it vibrate, Blazefire Saber from FF13, where the sword changes into a gun on the fly, or even the Lancer from Gears of War, where you literally have a rifle with a chainsaw built in.

    Anything's possible when you've got ideas, as long as you know how to properly implement them, so even weapon ideas that seem too far fetched can be explained like any other futuristic inconsistencies in films set in either the near or far future by using the simple phrase: "It's the future."

    Truthfully, I'd rather enjoy making schematics just for that purpose, with more being available as more are found within the RP, or when more ideas are brought up in OOC.
    My art may be sub-par, but at least I can figure out how to mesh different ideas together and try to make them actually be able to work, so I sure wouldn't mind trying my hand at the futuristic weaponry.
  15. The Lancer WAS pretty cool... But guns are kinda generic and boring. And if they're allowed I guarantee that 50% of the people will make police/military people.
  16. Which is why I suggested the FF variants, making it be primarily a melee weapon, just with long-range capabilities, and the thing with the enforcers having guns wouldn't really be as easy as you think, as they would have to be obtained illegally in order to be able to even aquire them due to the rarity of people able to make them, but yeah, I get your point.

    I prefer a good blade myself, I was just stating that there could be a way to strictly monitor the use of firearms for the people who'd prefer them for some reason, so as to appeal to more people, but I do understand how irritating it'd be to have a person using a sword pull out a gun while they're parrying your last attack and insta-kill you with a point-blank shot to the head.

    Anyway, the types of swords would have to be unique yet all share similar features, such as a blade, optional handguard, and hilt, as well as what the weapons are made of so you know how the metal swords can stand up to the plasma/laser/etc. ones.
    It should also be noted as to what the type of society it is, which would affect the different cultures, hence determining what weapons are used by each culture, as well as the styles taught to use said weapons effectively.

    Wouldn't it also make more sense that it's more than just swords, but other types of melee weapons as well, from the unique to the bizarre, each individual from the last, as they were built with parts found by the individuals, and either made by them or someone else who understands how to combine the items properly, such as a smith, and pay him using certain things in order to acquire a new weapon, the ones you bring parts for being cheaper and more unique, but the ones pre-made would more likely be more durable, yet quite a lot more expensive.
    Honestly, I wouldn't mind coming up with ideas for how the parts fit together, making each weapon appear both unique and, in some cases, comical as well as being practical.

    I understand that most people would prefer making their own weapons in such cases, yet I do enjoy when others combine different items in bizarre, comical, or awesome ways, so other people might enjoy a quirky smith-like character to add a bit of humor to the seemingly serious overtones of the story.
  17. How about something like the star wars lightsaber thing where there's no anti-weapon laws, but you have to have made your weapon yourself, be it out of parts or smithed from scrap metal. Naturally gun schematics would be incredibly hard to find.
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