Anyone want to do a furry RP? I need ideas for 1. No High School Though.

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    Hello! Please post any non-high school furry RP ideas here. And if you like it, please join if possible!
  2. ok hmmm.... oh i have a good one ok here it is you or your rp peatner have been have testing done on her/him that have there that have them get out of control powers they brack loss ad get away from them they hunt her down trying to get her back by any means nessicary you or your partnere stuble apon them mid escpe from them they were wounded and you disied to help..... i know my spelling is not the best but i really hope you like it its fun and it can be fur or no fur i have done both
  3. Here's one you are a deadly creature (any kind you choose ) and your partner is a human that discovers your secret then you plan to kill that person to keep your secret. But you are injured badly and get this the person that helps you is none other than that human you planned to kill. You both get to know each other and then have to work together to defeat an enemy (use ur imagination) it's not very original I'll admit but I hope it at least helps you to get an idea for your rp.
  4. Thanks!

    @BloodFang @Dakota J. Martens

    I'll try to set up a mix of both of yours and inform you both when it's finished. But, where's the high school part?:boggled:

    Wait...never mind. Sorry! But anyway, what about *NPC? Preferably Anthro.

    *NPC- Non Player Character
  5. well it can go any why some time
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