Anyone want to be a Tech-based char created in an original superhero universe?

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  1. This is a call to see if anyone would be fancied into playing a billionare/tech-superhero in an original superhero universe created entirely of OC's and original villains. The name of the rp is called Ultiverse and is a private group rp that has 11 members so far and's pretty epic. Characters are capable of crossing over in story arcs and forming team ups like a comics universe, but this IS NOT Marvel or DC. It's completely new. Created by the members who are in it. If you think you want to play the character below, please PM swiftly! :]

    Name: Thomas Edison Kowalski

    Superhero Name: Tech

    Age: 36

    Blood Type: O+

    Height: 6 feet even

    Weight: 205 lbs

    Occupation: CEO of National Nanodrive Industries

    Sexuality: Straight

    Appearance: [you choose - must be real/realistic/concept art pic]

    Super Appearance: [same as above]

    Traits: intelligent/scientific [you can add more]

    Flaws: Rigid/uncompromising [you can add more]

    Interests: Physics, martial arts [you can add more]


    Technopathy- can control computers and robots with his mind

    Adaptive Nanite Armor- Thomas has a fleet of nanobots that are normally set up in a utility fog configuration. When danger calls, they snap into an armor that seems to materialize around him. In his armored form, he is extremely durable, can lift five tons, and fly at 200 mph.

    Medical Miracle: Thomas has developed medical nanobots that are constantly fixing damage from the aging process inside him.

    Supercomputer: The adaptive armor has a link to the Supercomputer Minerva in the basement of his headquarters. Minerva is fully sentient, and quite frankly, a bit of a bitch, but she's always willing to give him advice.

    Bio: (you can add more)
    When you're named after the greatest inventor of all time, a career in technology is inevitable, but nobody could have foreseen Thomas Kowalski's rise. Born with the ability to control computers, he parlayed this power into a massive nanotech empire currently worth $12 billion. But he always wanted to do more, and currently takes to the streets as Tech, not bothering to hide his identity.
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  2. I'm highly interested in this RP.
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  3. PM me please :}
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