Anyone want a slavexmaster rp?

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  1. I want someone who can post often- multiple times a day- after 4pm EST, and/or at night, as in like 8 pm-2 am EST. If you can't do both day and night, night is preferable

    The only fetishes I don't do are rape, infantilism, race/ethnicity, age difference (over 5 years apart) and body size fetishes..

    I highly enjoy bdsm, S&M, bondage, and ESPECIALLY orgasm denial and TOYS. I can't stress how much my main fetish is TOYS.
    S&M/BDSM are tied for my second favorite fetish(es).
    Denial/teasing and humiliation are tied for my third favorite fetishes.
    I have other fetishes, these are just the main ones! (For example, Forniphilia (objectification) is something I would love to try rping). But I definitely want at least these fetishes in the rp!
    Feel free to add your own fetishes too!

    We can incorporate fantasy aspects in too if you want!

    The slave (who I play) will be willing. Though the master (who you play) will legally own my character, they

    Your character can be whatever gender and have whatever genitalia you want.

    As for me, I want to try an rp with a character that can shapeshift to have any genitalia they want (any size and kind! Vagina, penis, balls, both, whatever! Hell, even tentacles, if you're into that!) They won't have a particular gender and doesn't mind their master calling them by whatever pronouns their master wishes.

    We can start with your character buying mine at a slave shop.

    I only have four rules:
    1. Don't try to make me do fetishes that I have specifically listed as a no-go earlier in this post.
    2. No slurs (especially not sexist ones. Need a non-slur alternative to "bitch" and "slur"? I find "fucktoy" or just "toy" more fun to use!
    3. Don't get all pissy if I call you out for slurs or something. As someone who is in multiple oppressed groups myself, I just don't want oppressive slurs in my rps.
    4. Tell me if you're leaving for over a week. I'd prefer if you told me if you were leaving for over three days, but definitely do if you'll be gone for more than a week.

    I hope we have fun!
  2. wow i really want to rp with you now :)
  3. Got anything questions or anything? And you're cool with all the rules? Should we have CS, or just introduce and describe our characters as we go?
  4. nope your rules are acceptable and for character sheets i think we should post them through private message also for a question i have who will start the rp?
  5. Well I'll make the thread but either of us can start. You could if you want, once I make the thread.

    CS's over PM is fine :). Send me yours first, then I'll send mine to you? (Cause I still need to put together mine real quick)
  6. alright ill get on to that then
  7. (No more people will be accepted. Those that have messaged me / replied to this post already are accepted. But no new people will be. Sorry, if I have too many rps I might get confused)
  8. Quick question: got any ideas for a title?
  9. umm since your character will be shapeshifting how about something revolving around that
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