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  1. Hello! As you can see i'm new to this site but that doesn't mean i'm new in role playing.
    I love doing romance, fantasy and high school type of role plays since i'm much more comfortable with those.
    Although i have to say i'm not very much great when it comes to horror.
    Well, i'm not picky when it comes to role playing. My only rule is for you to be comfortable with our role plays.

    I'm searching for someone who wouldn't leave me behind.
    Meaning i'm searching for someone who's not gonna quit in the middle of the roleplay.
    I don't mind waiting for a week for you to reply but when it comes to months i'll be quite pissed.
    But if you will be inactive at least warn me if you're gonna leave.

    Be warned :

    [~] I mostly role play as a girl
    [~] I don't mind role playing with one liners
    [~] The maximum paragraphs i could do is about 6, depending on the role player.
    [~] I want you, whoever i'm role playing with, would be comfortable
    [~] If you wanna do a fandom role play it's okay with me.

    I have a few role plays in mind, but most of them are filled with romance. Sorry 'bout that.

    [~] New beginnings

    Sekai High was a normal average high school where they get the highest grades and most awards of sports complex competitions. A place where most students get a new start. Now a new girl/guy who used to be the strongest delinquent around decided to have a new start as a normal regular student. He/She avoided every request of a fight or ambush from different students and schools and remained as a responsible class representative. Until a certain student recognized him/her from their old school, will this student maybe keep the guys/girls secret or actually spread it around.

    [~] Apartment next door

    A new girl/guy just came by to be your apartment neighbor, there were some rumors that he/she was supposed to be distant from people because of their psychosomatic problems. He/She had physical problems, mental problems and emotional problems, but that's all rumors, would you believe in all of that? He/She was quite and rarely even goes outside of their apartment, what if the rumors weren't true, and if it was true would you take the risk?

    [~] The line between us

    A couple of students were already celebrating, it was summer. They had the freedom to do whatever they wanted, musical activities , sports activities , academic activities , or actually go to the beach! Most likely all of the tourist places were full of people, but there was one place there wasn't Kinigami Resort, a high class looking resort yet cheep pricing, it had a relaxing view of the beach and mountains, the workers there were quite in their age but really respectful. Why was it almost empty you ask? because that was the most rumored place of all tourist spots. It was said that that place was mostly known for ' paranormal experience ' or mostly known as a place of non existence creatures. What if you found out there was an item hidden there but being protected by a creature, the problem is that creature was really a normal everyday person like you.

    [~] Not an ordinary Rival

    In every lifetime there would be a family, friends, classmates and childhood friends. And something else called ' enemies '. Most people would fight over others, maybe increasing jealousy of themselves, spreading around rumors about them or actually just compete with each other to know who's better. Clearly some competitions would end up with a draw, a win, a lose or actually something much more. A realization. Something that you felt that should never had happen, or maybe something that you'd regret telling anyone. After all, you are nothing but enemies. Right?

    [~] Just listen!

    He/she is a high school delinquent who just wants to be left alone. However, class president (name) is planning to make him/her take his classes and attend every school activities there is. What are (name) true motives beside helping the school delinquent who happens to almost fail in class, but there was something else, the class president also used to be the highest delinquent? Man, that's just a crazy life.

    [~] Just a Promise?

    " Promise! " Childhood would always have a promise, may it be to promise to meet each other again, pass each others ways or to be friends forever. Some believed Promises were meant to be broken, well at least only some says it. What if you're promise was actually meant to be kept. You can be nothing more but close friends and almost everyone knew that. Until a small feeling inside had grew much stronger. Of course they couldn't tell the person they kept promise with since it would either end their promise of being friends, well if you're lucky they would accept it. Hardships was coming to this person's way. Will they be able to say their true feelings? Or actually run away and let them be with someone else?

    [~] Not my time

    Ohsaka a normal high school academy in where students live to learn and learn to live. Everything that ' he ' did was fight, life was nothing to he until she enrolled on that school. It was different , no one knew who he really was, no one got into his dark side until he undergo into a fight, once again and change his reputation, but he was used to it. That's when everything change. Everyone now thought of him as a delinquent, some even judge him by looks but he didn't mind, sometimes he'd skip classes and didn't care. Maybe this time things would change. Well that's what he hoped.

    A new student was transferred and rumors spread, it was a girl. She was very formal and helpful with others, never did she believe in rumors. Like others she had high grades and never skipped a class until it was necessary. Until she heard about a student who mostly skips the entire class. Her interest grew more and wanted to talk to this person. Will this go as planned? Or will it end up badly?

    [~] Paradise ; Lost in Worlds

    A guy lived on a place where it was full of trees, rivers and peace. There was only a wooden house that consisted many people inside, it was paradise. In where he lived there was no names, no government, no war, nothing goes wrong. Until a sudden earthquake had happen, the plants were falling apart, the house was breaking and all of them were panicking, lolduh. The guy looked around seeing everything destroyed, he wondered around looking if there was anyone there, he didn't cry of course since emotions doesn't really exist there except for eternal happiness. When he was walking around she stumbled upon a large rock wall, and a wooden door on the middle, with his curiosity he opened it and ended up in the city. ( When he looked back the wall was gone, the people around him were of course confused on where he comes from and what he was wearing because ' fashion statement ' wasn't really there, but you could pick any clothes if you want to.. )
  2. Hey! Listen!

    I may be able to help you with that. ^^ I liked that new beginnings plot. Must warn you though, I tend to be a little bit... Cynical, and a little bit shady when it comes to make that kind of lonely / troublesome characters. Of course, we can discuss it further if you want.
  3. *raises hand* Yeah, I'm interested like the guy above me.

    But, I'm more interested in the Just Listen plot, sounds like fun

  4. Ah, i don't really mind! So which character would you want to be? You wanted to try ' New Begginings ' right? Do you want to be the new guy/girl or the one who recognize that person was.

    * Claps hand together * Yay! Found two already. Which character do you prefer then? The person who wanted to be left alone or the student president who was secretly a delinquent.
  5. I'll do the delinquent if you don't mind
  6. Damn, I'm awfuly sorry. Was kind of in a hurry and didn't read ir propertly. I meant the apartment next door one. Playing the shady new guy in town.
  7. Hello there!
    I quite like a few of your ideas c: (I'm mostly impressed that you could come up with so many. I suck at thinking of plots....) I'm really interested in Just Listen!, Just a promise?, and The Line Between Us.
    I typically roleplay as guys and could probably maintain a paragraph, posting a one liner from time to time. One of my own personal rules is that everybody should be comfortable so that rule is fine by me!
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