Anyone wanna 69?

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  1. A Nationstates friend of mine found that.. I felt it would be a sin if I didn't share this strange yet really awesome song!

    Also every time Gwazi posts in this topic I get to release a rather large spider in the house. (Diana hates spiders)

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  2. What kind of awesome person would send you that?
  3. I have no idea! Also the forum is different since the last time i was here.. weird.. *keeps clicking stuff and getting confused*
  4. The topic name mislead me. I am now frustrated.

  5. hhahaa! I am known for misleading folks!
  6. D:< -goes to ban gwazi immediately.-
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  7. Well, who am I to deny you of your fun? :3
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  8. [​IMG]
    That's 2 now Isabella.
  9. It's moments like these I wish I was more open to the idea of Staffie power abuse.
  10. 69? No thanks, you are not my wife.
  11. oh yea I forgot all about this topic.. so that's 3 spiders!
  12. Lol ewww spiders jk
  13. Why not 4? :P
  14. This song says wonders about how I feel in this thread (open)

    I'm assuming it's safe enough for posting but if not I'll take it down.
  15. >Goes to thread

    >Not traditional 69

    Well there's at least someone in here who was relieved that it wasn't THAT 69. Would've spooped them--

    -----One song listen later-----
    A-At least it's....catchy...?
  16. Why you not accept Skype contact? Are you trying to hide from me or something.. *stares*

  17. And another thing to attract more spiders..

  18. I just added you. :P
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