Anyone up for Warrior Cats?

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  1. Warrior cats are cats that fight for their clan, hunt, and all that. Clan names are based off nature (Ex. Thunderclan, Roseclan, Moonclan, ect.). Warrior cats names are based off nature or important things to the cats (ex. Rowantail, Brambleclaw, Leafpool, Crowfeather (sorry named off some of my favs)). Only leaders have Star at their end of their names (Firestar, Wolfstar, Moonstar, ect.). Medcince cats take care of the clan and prepare herbs, they are forbidden to fall in love. Apprentices train to become a med. cat or a warrior, all apprentices have Paw at the end of their name and when the leader desides they can become a warrior they can get their full name (ex. Mosspaw(Later Mosstail), Firepaw(later Fireheart0, ect.). Kits are kittens and they have Kit at the end of their name (Blackkit, Rosekit, ect.)

    (Sorry if I didn't explain it very well but if you have questions please come ask me)
  2. This is a very basic bare-bones write up, and unless someone already knows of the books, its unlikely they're going to be brought into the world. I understand what you're talking about, because I've read the books and have role-played in this particular world before.

    But you need to do a proper write up, so people understand what they're going to be playing. There are many political aspects and social hierarchies in these books. Its a very in-depth world, with important lore.

    Are you going to follow the main clans? Or will you be making your own fan clan?

    If you're attempting the later, then you don't need quite as much detail. But we still need to know how the clans run. Their mentality towards the other clans (if there are any), the duties of the Deputies and Warriors, Mentors, and how the cats are all connected to Starclan.

    There's a great deal of information people need to know to truly immerse themselves into the world if they haven't already read the books.

    That being said, I'm interested in what kind of plot you have. I'm always up for playing a warrior or two.
  3. Ok I'll fix it, sorry I'm new to all this and I'll try to explain it better. Thank you
  4. I'm interested as well, I have been trying to find a Warriors RP on here forever, there just aren't any. So, I would definitely join, and I'd help out as much as possible with the plot and what not if you would like some help.
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    Mittens is signing the HELL up out of this! :D
  6. Iwould be interested as well, especialy since I have a lot of free time now.
  7. Yay! I didn't think anyone would be interested, Ichigo thanks, I'm going to need some help:) and I was going to try to start up a clan.