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GROUP RP PLOTTING Anyone up for this? Angels and Demons roleplay.

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Wolves-Rule1, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. Story
    High in the skies within Heavan's Gates beaufiful, and sweet creatures are hand crafted by the Maker himself. But every once in a while, the Maker will pleace these creatures on Eaeth to correspond with the humans. The other's wait to be given a human to watch over. These creatures are knows as Angels, they have amazing white wings, and a bright personality. Lying on the other side of the kindom's is a much darker and sinister place. Deep in the depths of the earth, just past the Gates of Hell. Another group of creatures is being made, these are much darker, much meaner, and much much more dangures. Satan his-self is constructing his own creatures and sending them to live on earth with the Agels, and Humans. These creatures have dark black wings, and nasty personalities.
    Like said before angels are sweet and careing creatures, they can't stand to see a thing harmed and often times are followed by many animals. An angel looks just like a human other then their wings that they hide very well. Angel's don't like to see humans fighting and will often cry or become every sad when they do. All angels have the power to shift into animals inclueding:
    White wolf

    Red or White Fox
    Dogs and cats
    And snow owls.
    Angels can shift in to these thing when needing to follow a human at any time. Angels are forbidden to fall in love with a Demon, but many times once put on earth Angel's can not help, but fall in love with the other creatures. They are also told not to fall in love with a human, but again this often times happens, the Angels imprint, meaning after they fall in love with some one it is very hard for them to stay away from the other, and often because very depressed if the other is taken away or killed. Angel's have snow white wings that can take them to the Gate of Heaven, but not with in, Angel's can not come back to Heaven until the Maker allows them to, this is most times after they have saved more then ten human's from death,, but rarely do angel's make it back, because they end up falling in love with a demon or a human, but every once in a while one will get lucky and make it back to their birth place, and their souls will be placed with in a human, ending their life as an angel.
    Demons like said before are nasty, rude, and crul creatures. They try to cause pain and hurt into humans, and can ever take over a human's body if they try hard enough. Demon's are often very good looking and have voices that make your knees shake. These dark creatures have a way with words and are very easy to fall in love with, but watch yourself they will drag you down to hell if they get the chance. Like Angels, Demons can shift into many animals such as:
    Black Wolf
    Black Fox
    Ravens and Crows
    Dogs and Cats
    Hell Hounds
    And Shadows

    Demon's can shift into these aniamls at any given point if they are tracking a human are an angel. Demons are forbidden to fall in love with a Demon, but many times once put on earth Demon's can't help, but fall in love with the other creatures. They are also told not to fall in love with a human, but again this often times happens. Like Angels Demon's imprint meaning when they fall in love with some one they can not leave it alone, but unlike an Angel, Demons do not become sorrowful if something happens to them.Demons have dark black wings that often have small spikes on them, they are very very good looking, humans may use the words sexy, or hot to discride these creatures. Unlike the Angels, Demons are free to come and go from Hell bringing their father the human souls they have found. Once a Demon has brought their master 1,000 souls they are given the power to harm humans with just s thought. Demons often time kill millon's of humans with out a trace. ​