Anyone up for some Spideypool?

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  1. I've been on a Marvel Kick lately, so if anyone is interested in rping as Peter or Wade, please leave a comment! I've got a mangle of a plot, based off Ultimate Spiderman 'Verse.

    Here's a sample of me in a old Spideypool RP in the Ultimate Spiderman animated verse

    “Well, Spideycakes, you didn’t tell me you went out and got more adorable.” So, Wade was cooing at him from across the rooftop. But, c’mon, itty bitty Petey running the wee!Avengers? It was the normal reaction from any quality hero, anti or otherwise.
    It didn’t hurt that the middle of his mask scrunched up, and he could just imagine how his nose was crinkling in distaste. He tended to get that look a lot from Peter, now that he thought about it.

    [Maybe ‘cause he thinks you’re an prick, hm?]

    Wade waved the yellow box aside for now, instead taking a step closer. “And I’m happy to see that ass in spandex and all, but I am hurt. You don’t call, you don’t write, you don’t drop enchiladas on my doorstep.” Pouting through the Deadpool mask was definitely a skill. Olympic level. “But now that we’ve got the chance, I’d love to hear the story on all this.”

    [I think he’s going to sick his Superpets at you]

    (No, it looks like he’s going to punch you out all on his own.)

    [And then wait for him to heal up to do it all over?]


    New Rule 31: Never listen to the boxes when they agree.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.