Anyone Up for Some One on One Fun?

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  1. Hello *smiles*

    This is me bored and just wanting someone to rp with. It can be romance or anything! I am up for all sorts of ideas. I usually like the darker sorts or rp going with horror, adventure or fantasy. I usually check two to three times a day for posts. I am not asking you to be a crazy poster like me. I just need something to keep my mind busy.

    - What gender characters you play: Female
    - Whether or not you want a romance or smutty times: I don't mind romance, but nothing smutty or too smutty.
    - Whether or not you want a straight/gay romance if you do romance: Straight.
    - What genre or things you LOVE to play: Scifi, modern, horror, fantasy, most things really. Just ask me about something.
    - What sort of things you HATE to play or WON'T play: A lot of smut!
    - How descriptive you expect posts to be, or grammar requirements: I don't mind typonese but I do not want just one line responses. A paragraph or two would be nice.
    - How OFTEN you expect replies and will reply yourself: I don't expect responses to be a hundred times a day but at least once a day would be nice.
    - Plot/Character ideas you have, or if you're open to partner's bringing the ideas: I would like some sort of adventure, fantasy sort of thing.
    - How and WHERE you want to roleplay: The forums, or maybe PMs?
    - How people should contact you for the roleplay: This thread or PM is fine.

    Princexservant girl
    Mountain Climbing Adventure
    Lost in a forest

    more topics will be added as I think of them
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  2. Hi. Will u be up for a medieval fantasy rp? PM me if you want :)
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  3. You still looking for RP partners?
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  4. Yes, I am *smiles*
  5. I'd be up for the Therapistxclient, Masterxslave and KidnappedxRescuer ones. I'd rather make a MxF one, with a bit of romance developing between them along the storyline. I don't do smuts, and I'll reply once a day or maybe more, except for a few days that I get busy. PM me if you are interested :)
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  6. I haven't written Horror in awhile and I tend to get pretty twisted, still looking for a partner?
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  7. Looking and open for ideas
  8. I am new to this but im very interested we can talk themes and characters. if you would life
  9. Still looking! Open to ideas!
  10. I'd like to Roleplay with you. I can do practically anything so if you're interested please shoot me a PM :).
  11. Hi! I might be interested in either a MasterxSlave or MonsterxMonster story if you still need partners. I kind of like the PrincexPrincess idea as well.
  12. Hi there! I dont know if you're still looking, but I'd be interested in a therapistxclient, kidnappedxrescuer, or the lost in a forest roleplay. If you're still looking, PM me :)
  13. I could do PrincexServent girl, That one sound good :DD
  14. I would be interested in the mountain climbing adventure and I have something of a plot in mind.
  15. Hey are you still looking I wouldn't mind sci-fi horror fantasy I'm new to the site but not new to role play and all your ideas sound lovely do like the pool hall the Elfmanxelfwoman forest kidnapperxvictim princexservan girl masterxslave pretty kinky well sure hope you respond and we can get to talking more
  16. Always looking for new partners *smiles*
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