Anyone up for Hetalia???

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  1. Hello, wonderful people of Iwaku! I am here once again to search for a partner. :3 At my friends suggestion, I decided to give this one more try and put up a request solely for Hetalia. I'll be honest, I don't expect much to come from it (as I've put up a few other's requesting an rp for this) but I figured one more try couldn't hurt, right?

    Anyway, I'll keep this short and sweet. :] I do have a few rules, so here we go:

    1. Please be 18+. It's a preference of mine to roleplay with those within my own age group.

    2. When we plan together, please plan with me and let me know important details instead of springing it on me later down the road (had this happen recently...not a fan of it and I don't want it happening again).

    3. If you have triggers let me know, I have my own listed in my information but feel free to ask for them over pm.

    4. I rp over PM, the only budge I'll do on this is roleplaying over email. Apologies to everyone else, but I just can't seem to do threads well. :/

    5. I write large paragraphs. But in no way do I expect you to match me every time. I write a lot when I love the rp, it's as simple as that. :3 But I don't like getting single liners. >.<

    6. Be respectful and kind please! :3

    Alright...those are all I have. :] Now on to the other important things!

    I do have a few ideas for a Hetalia rp. One is with the BTT and their significant others (whether this be something like Spamano, or a CanonxOC is fine). I also have a few others we can come up with!

    But mostly I want it known that I'm fine with doing an OCxCanon rp or a CanonxCanon rp. MxM, and FxM is totally fine with me too!

    Well...that's all I have so far. You can send me a PM or message me on here! Thanks for reading this over. :3 I hope to hear from you guys!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.