Anyone up for Gay Romance between Murderers? ^^

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  1. Well, hello there, friend!
    It seems like you've stumbled upon my humble little thread and I hope you stay for a while and read what I have to say.

    Before I even think about describing the plot, there are some simple rules I would like my roleplay partner to follow;

    ♦ There will be NO one-liners. None at all. Unless you want a angered Moxie on your tail and nobody wants to see me annoyed. ^^ I expect at least two moderate paragraphs from you guys.
    ♦ At least one post every three days. I know that life happens and people get busy, so just inform me if anything comes up and you can't post. I understand those situations.
    NO god-modding or bunnying or whatever you call it.

    Now that's over and done with, here is the basic plot!

    My idea for this little roleplay is that there are two killers roaming a single city. They both work independently and have equally as fearful reputations as each other. They're on the Polices' Most Wanted list and every moment they spend outside their bases are risky. Entering dark alleys or walking alone are the most dangerous things an innocent citizen could do. What happens when those infamous murderers bump into each other during the most inconvenient time?

    Leave a message below if you're interested and we can discuss the plot further. ^.^​
  2. I love this idea! Let's do it.
  3. ^ Beat me to it! ;A; But I'd love to do this is if you don't mind playing the same plot with more than one person.
  4. @HollowEastWord Great! Just PM me and we can discuss the plot further! ^.^

    @Jessica2477 Hello again! I don't mind, I was actually looking for one more person. ◕ヮ◕ PM me and we can discuss the rest of the plot!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.